A Look At The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

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A Look At The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

A Look At The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

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Keeping your surfaces in optimal condition requires you to invest in products that will bring out their aesthetic attributes, while still increasing the installation’s resistance to dirt and stains. From countertops and walls, to the floors you walk on, you want the premises to be stylish, and definitely you took your time in picking the ideal stone installation that meets your décor preferences. Formulations like the Stone Colour Enhancer come in to add to the aesthetic charm of the surface, while still bringing on board protective attributes to make your installation last for the long haul.

The Faber formulation is true to its name. It enhances the décor and tone of the surface being worked on, setting a wet-look finish effect. It adds to the depth and character of existing surface features, including the veining that is particular to your specific installation. It leaves a semi-polished look on the stone. This accentuates the aesthetics of the surface, with a positive ripple effect on the rest of the space – and you can use it for both indoor and outdoor installations. With the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer, yellowing won’t be an issue. This is a typical concern when dealing with conventional solvent-based products, but this formulation has been developed to resist these effects. This enables the surface to maintain the appearance that has been attained for longer. 

Here, you’re dealing with a brand you can trust. Having been established in the heart of Italy in 1986, Faber has been a consistent brand name in the surface care industry, providing products used in installation projects, everyday care and even repair tasks. The quality of its formulation has seen it establish a solid footprint across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where professional installers, cleaning contractors and homeowners all rely on the products from the brand. The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer under review maintains the strict quality standards expected, to give you value for your money. 

  • Stain-Roofing Treatment

In addition to the aesthetic attributes, the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer also comes with water- and oil-repellent characteristics, which are particularly handy in making day-to-day care and maintenance of the surfaces a breeze. The formulation penetrates into the surface, and increases the installation’s ability to ward off stains, by preventing spills from bonding with the structure. This gives you adequate time to easily remove liquids and greasy residue that wind up on the surface, preventing them from forming stubborn stains. This reduces the amount of time and resources that go into the cleaning process. Speaking of which, formulations like the Faber Neutral Cleaner and Floor cleaner are suitable agents for the routine maintenance of surfaces. Here, the ideal product to work with will depend on the particular characteristics of the material in question.

The solvent-based Faber Stone Colour Enhancer has been developed for use on all medium to high-absorbency surfaces – those with a non-polished finish. This includes natural stones like limestone, marble and granite, to manmade materials like cotto and cement-marble agglomerates. 

How To Use The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

Note that the product should not be applied on wet surfaces. Temperatures also matter, with the main issue being ensuring that the surface in question is not overly heated. In addition, should there have been recently laid tiles or grouted surfaces, then the adhesive or grout needs to first be allowed to cure before applying the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer onto the area. 

Before using any surface care treatment, it is always recommended that you test it out on a hidden section or an unused tile. That way you will be able to assess its impact and final result for your particular situation. 

Follow these steps for the application:

  1. Prepare and clean the surface. The presence of dirt and dust will impede the proper functioning of the product. After all, you don’t want a situation where the soiling gets trapped under the treatment and becomes part of the finish. This would ruin the results. Carefully clean the installation, and allow it to dry completely before treating it with the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer.

Some points to note here:

  • Those adjacent surfaces that are not to be worked on should be protected. 
  • For new installations – such as the case of tiles that have been installed, or grout that has just recently been applied, first allow the treatments used to cure. This is also the case for when a water-repellent primer has been used before the Faber Stone Colour Enhancer. 
  • The formulation should not be applied on overly heated surfaces. 
  1. Spread a thick layer of the Stone Colour Enhancer onto the surface. Ensure that you apply it evenly. Different tools can be used for the task, with the popular options being brushes, rollers, cloths or a lambswool applicator.

The main goal is to ensure that you ensure sufficient product is used, and is as uniformly applied as possible. Give the treatments at least 10 minutes to settle before redistributing it from sections of the surface that have build-up. 

  1. Allow the treatment to dry. This will take 1-2 hours after the application. 
  • For the very absorbent surfaces, a second coat of the formulation can be applied. This can be done after the 2-hour drying period has elapsed. 

You can open up the area to normal traffic 6 hours after the application. 

After the treatment process, you can use white spirit to clean the tools used for the task. 

With a coverage rate of 10-15m² per litre, you get to use each unit product purchased on a wide surface area. The Stone Colour Enhancer is available in 1L bottles or 5L cans, for you to go with the option that suits your surface care needs. When it’s in your premises and accidentally gets spilt, simply soak up the contents with an absorbent material like sawdust or paper towels. Note that this is a flammable substance and should not be stored close to heat sources whether they are hot surfaces or open flames. In addition, it is recommended that as you work with this solvent-based solution, ensure that the area is well ventilated.

A Look At The Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

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