Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning

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Amtico Floor Cleaning


Amtico floors are very fancy and very popular. Amtico was very popular in 1960s and 1970s but then it lost its appeal in the 90s & 2000s. Many people fell in love with carpets and laminate floors, a much cheaper flooring solution. But carpeted floors and laminate floors are not as durable as Amtico floors and require much more maintenance and cleaning. For this reason, Amtico has made a great comeback. Now, most big retail shops, beauty salons, surgeries, clinics, etc, have amtico floors fitted. Alot of domestic customers have also come to see the benefits of having amtico floors.


Amtico Floor Cleaning – What is Amtico?


Amtico floors are a type of hard plastic floor that can imitate any type of floor. Amtico floors can look so much like the real thing that you might never know the difference, in some cases people with “real wood” amtico have been pretty sure that they own hardwood floors. Amtico floors can imitate marble, tiles, laminate, wood, ceramic, porcelain, etc. Amtico floors are very durable, require very little maintenance and are great insulators.


Amtico Floor Cleaning – How do we clean Amtico floors?


Amtico floors come ready sealed from the factory but over time the sealant will wear off and the dirt will start depositing inside the floor. This dirt will create patchy surfaces and the floor will lose its original look. Here is what Dublin Floor Cleaning can do for you:


  • We will deep clean the floor with special Amtico products

  • We will neutralise the floor with special primers

  • We will apply 3 coats of high traffic Amtico Dressing

  • We will buff the sealant to create a unique satin finish

  • We will explain to you in detail how to maintain the floor


Amtico Floor Cleaning – How to maintain Amtico floors?


If you just had your amtico floor restored & polished, you need to start changing your cleaning routine. First of all, you do not apply more sealant each week. By doing so, you will trap dirt under the sealant and you will dullen the floor. Deep clean your floor once per month with a stronger floor cleaner (PH7-8) and maintain your floor daily with a neutral floor cleaner. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Spray Mop is the ideal tool for cleaning and maintaining Amtico floors.Use flat mops to avoid over wetting the floor. Keep 1 flat mop just for the amtico floor.


Amtico Floor Cleaning – Prices

Amtico floor cleaning and polishing is not a major operation. If you own a wet vac, a low speed buffer and all the tools to polish the floor, you can probably do it yourself. A floor cleaning company will charge you from around 150 euro per room for deep cleaning and sealing. If you have a few rooms to be sealed, you could avail of a package deal. Amtico floor dressing and the floor cleaners are pretty expensive. If you want your floor to look apart, seal the floor with quality satin high traffic floor polishes and sealants.


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Amtico Floor Cleaning & Polishing