Ceramic Floor Cleaning

Ceramic Floor Cleaning

Service Overview

Ceramic Floor Cleaning


Ceramic floors must be the most popular type of floor tiles in Ireland by far. Easy to maintain, cheap, durable and not bad looking at all. Many homes and business have ceramic floors in the bathrooms and kitchens. There is a wide variety available to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.


Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in deep ceramic floor cleaning services, tile and grout cleaning and polishing. We can restore all types of ceramic floors. Our premium ceramic floor cleaning products and our premium floor cleaning equipment will ensure magic results for much less than you think. Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in commercial ceramic floor cleaning services & domestic ceramic floor cleaning services.


Here is what we can do for you:


  • We can remove dirt and grime build ups from ceramic floors

  • We can deep clean and restore the grout between the tiles

  • We can apply high traffic floor sealants to facilitate easy maintenance

  • We can apply anti slip treatments to make your ceramic floor safer

  • We can show you how to properly maintain your ceramic floor

Ceramic Floor Cleaning – Deep Cleaning


Even if you maintain your ceramic tiles properly with the right cleaning products, once or twice per year you should use the services of a professional ceramic floor cleaning company. We will use high PH floor cleaning products to remove all the dirt impregnated inside the tile. This dirt requires powerful chemicals and proper floor cleaning tools. The grout between the tiles will be deep cleaned and all the dirt deposits will be fully removed.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning – Polishing


Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in sealing, buffing & polishing ceramic tiles. Your ceramic tile can be sealed with a water based floor polish, a solvent floor polish or a special polishing cream from Faber. Your old and dull ceramic floor will turn out to be a shiny and beautiful. A polished floor looks healthier, it does not stain and it does not absorb dirt. All our sealants and polishing creams are suitable for low or high traffic floors.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning – Maintaining


After you had your ceramic floor sealed or polished you need to stay away from bleach based cleaning products, very high PH cleaning products and strong degreasers. Use a low PH or a neutral floor cleaner to maintain the floor. Flat mops are highly recommended for cleaning and maintaining ceramic tiles.


Have your ceramic floor restored & polished by Dublin Floor Cleaning. Enjoy top of the range results for very reasonable prices. All our work is fully guaranteed.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning Services