Floor Anti Slip Treatments

Floor Anti Slip Treatments

Service Overview

Floor Anti Slip Treatments

  • Top quality long lasting anti slip treatments for all types of floors
  • Non glazing, invisible, easy to apply, very durable and breathable
  • We can treat any type of indoor and outdoor floor or patio area
  • Our work is fully guaranteed and the results will impress anyone
  • We work with some of the best anti slip treatments ever
  • The process will include deep cleaning and applying the anti slip

Floor Anti Slip Treatments | Why Use It

A slippery floor is bad news for everyone. If you are a domestic floor owner you can easily fall and hurt yourself or one of your family members could slip and hurt themselves. If you are a commercial trader and there are slippery floors around, then you can be exposed to very high risks of accidental falls and insurance claims. So whatever way you put it, slippery floors are always bad news. But this issue is not permanent and if you call Floor Cleaning Dublin right now, we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate for treating your floors and making them safe to walk on, even when wet. Having safe floors is not an option but a legal obligation.

Floor Anti Slip Treatments | Why Are My Floors Slippery

Many people do not think of the level of slippiness when they buy new floors. Most people will select their new floors based on colour, brand or some unique design. The issue will only appear after the floor is washed or someone with wet shoes walks on the floor. The main reason for your floor being so slippery when wet is its low porosity. Your floor has very little porosity so there is no grip on it. There is a bit of porosity but not enough to create some grip when you walk on it. It is like walking on ice.

There is not one type of floor that becomes slippery when wet but there is a wide range. Some floors like polished porcelain floors are naturally slippery while other types of floors can be made slippery if the wrong sealer is used on it or if it is over-polished.

Floor Anti Slip Treatments | Treatments

Floor Cleaning Dublin uses a number of anti slip sealers from Faber. Depending on the type of floor that you own, we will assess your floor and we will decide what type of sealer to use. We have universal types of anti slip protectors and then we have more specific anti slip protectors that are only suitable for particular types of floors. Some anti slip treatments have to be applied and then extracted while others have to be applied and allowed to dry. The way we do it depends on the type of floor that you own, the level of exposure to humidity and the traffic.

Floor Anti Slip Treatments | How Does It Work?

Your floor, regardless of type or level of gloss, has some porosity. Our anti slip treatments will fill up the pores with a special rubbery | acrylic component that will create grip when walking on it. There is a fine process until the treatment is applied but to make the process understandable to most people, we will basically fill up the tiny pores inside your floors with a rubbery based component that creates grip. The floor will transform 100% within a matter of hours. The same floor that used to be like an skating ring before becomes 100% safe.

Floor Anti Slip Treatments | Durability

We recommend a new treatment every year. While some floors with lower traffic will maintain their anti-slip qualities for many years after the initial treatment, others will wear off much sooner. It all depends on the level of traffic, elements exposure or the type of cleaning routine. If you are the owner of a commercial unit with very high traffic and you have very slippery floors, you should book our services at least once per year to protect yourself against accidental falls and insurance claims.

Floor Anti Slip Treatments | Prices

We do not have a fixed price per square meter. The final price will depend on the type of floor, the size of the floor, the amount of work required and the condition of it. Call Floor Cleaning Dublin right now and book a site survey. We are happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate.

Floor Anti Slip Treatments