Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminate Floor Cleaning

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Laminate Floor Cleaning


Laminate floors are always a popular choice. Much cheaper than hardwood floors and if you pay a bit extra, very durable. What you need to understand is the fact that a laminate floor is not manufactured from wood. It is manufactured from pressed paper with a glazing on the top. For this particular reason you need to pay attention to maintenance and you need to be very careful not to drag heavy items on the floor.


Laminate floors are suitable for medium and high traffic. From time to time it will require a deep clean to remove dirt. There are specific tools to be used and laminate floor cleaning products.


Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in deep laminate floor cleaning services & laminate floor polishing. We complete hundreds of laminate floor cleaning projects each year and the results are amazing.


Laminate Floor Deep Cleaning – our top of the range laminate floor cleaning detergents and our quality flat mopping systems will remove all types of dirt from laminate floors without soaking or water damaging the surface. Our products are tough on dirt but soft on the floor itself. We can remove oil stains, grease stains, food stains, rust stains, etc.


Laminate Floor Polishing – the best way of protecting your laminate floors against traffic and the risk of scratching is to apply 2-3 coats of high traffic floor polish. The sealant will create a thin protective coat between the floor and the traffic itself. The floor polish will facilitate easy maintenance and will enhance the look of the floor. The flat mop will slide easily on the floor and the dirt will not be able to build up. Not all the universal floor sealants and floor polishes are suitable for laminate floors. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic. This amazing water based floor polish will provide up to 24 months of full protection even under daily traffic


Laminate Floor Maintenance – maintain your laminate floors with proper laminate floor cleaners and flat mops. Do not wet the floor too much and do not use highly active, high PH or acidic floor cleaners. A neutral floor cleaner will do the job.


Have your laminate floors deep cleaned or sealed by Dublin Floor Cleaning. We are a well established floor cleaning company with over 12 years experience and thousands of great reviews. Ask us for a free no obligation estimate.


Laminate Floor Cleaning & Polishing