Marble Floor Cleaning

Service Overview

Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the best known and appreciated marble cleaning companies in Dublin. Our way of doing things differ from most other marble cleaning contractors. We believe in quality, efficiency and affordability. Here is what we do different:

  • We assess – the most important thing in marble cleaning or marble polishing is to make sure you know the type of marble, the technique needed to get results without damaging the floor and to provide the best price and value for money. Cleaning marble the wrong way can prove very costly.
  • We use qualified workers – only the best of our workers, after years of training, work on your floors. Marble flooring is the most expensive type of flooring available and even if is a hard stone it can stain very easily and it can also crack if the wrong chemicals and wrong machinery are used on it.
  • We use the best technology – our company will only use top of the range marble polishing machines and the best pads which have been designed specifically for use on marble flooring. The right amount of pressure on the diamond pads can only be achieved using professional marble cleaning buffers.
  • We take our time – marble cleaning cannot be done in 1 hour. It is a slow process and it can take up to 8 hours for a standard sized kitchen. To get the best results in marble cleaning you need to do it right and the marble will “speak to you” when is ready for the next step. Marble cleaning is not cheap but if you have marble on your floors you already know how much it has cost to have it fitted. If the marble cleaning is done properly it should last 5 year maintenance free.
  • We advise – not all marble floors need to be polished with diamond pads (costly way). Some floors can get the same effect if we use standard marble polish. But we will advise you on the spot what is the best option before any marble cleaning or polishing is done. Some marble floors only need a deep clean to look like new again and no other type of polishing is needed.
  • We guarantee – all our marble cleaning in Dublin city and the greater Dublin area will be fully guaranteed. Depending on the type of marble cleaning done the guarantee can last from 6 months to 5 years. A copy of our insurance will be provided to all our customers.

Marble floors were used in the Roman emporium since the beginning of it. Marble floors can give prestige to any building and if kept up to standards and properly maintained it will last forever. We do not know how the Romans cleaned their marble flooring but we do know how to use the latest technology to have YOUR floors looking like a mirror. Deep marble floor cleaning will involve a deep chemical grime removal as a first stage. If this cleaning system does not give results then we will have to do a diamond polishing. 0.01 mm of your floor will be polished off using just warm water and specially designed diamond pads. Then, after hours of polishing we will deep wash your floors and then we will polish it with a high speed buffer and another specially designed pad to give your floors a glossy look. All markings and scratches will be removed in this process and your floor will look even better than before.


Marble Cleaning Pricing:

It is difficult for us to price a marble cleaning job without a site inspection. It all depends on the type of marble floors, the condition of the floors i.e. how badly scratched they are and how narrow/wide the space is. But as an idea it can cost from 10€ to 50€ per square meter. All marble cleaning prices will be supplied in writing prior to commencement of the work. Free estimates are provided for all our marble cleaning services.