Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Service Overview

Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the leading companies in Ireland offering marmoleum floor cleaning  and marmoleum polishing. We deal with domestic customers but 90% of our business comes from commercial marmoleum floor cleaning and polishing. So what is marmoleum flooring?

Marmoleum flooring is the new eco-friendly vinyl like flooring. Marmoleum is 100% eco-friendly and is made using only bio degradable materials and products. The best advantage of this type of flooring is that it can be kept clean with minimal maintenance and it can be stripped and re-sealed as many times as you wish. Marmoleum flooring is very popular with hospitals, schools, canteens etc.

  • Marmoleum floor cleaning – depending on traffic, marmoleum floors should be washed on a daily basis and buffed at least once per week using a red pad. If maintained like this it should not need stripping & polishing for up to 5 years. If not washed & buffed regularly it may require 1 deep clean per year. Using only the best cleaning products we will remove all the dirt from your floors and then we will buff them with a very high speed buffer (2000 rpm). If a deep marmoleum floor cleaning does not work or the floor is too damaged we will have to strip the floor to its original level and then re-seal with 3 coats of polish.
  • Marmoleum floor stripping – if the polish has worn off and the scratches are just too deep to cover the damaged area then we will need to strip the whole floor to its original level. Three to 5 coats of the best polish will be applied and then buffed at a very high speed. The results will be magic. The floors will look like new!

Our cleaning company has invested a lot of time and money in training our floor cleaning technicians and ensuring we have the best technology available so our marmoleum cleaning services surpass all our competitors. Our marmoleum floor cleaning specialist will advise you, inform you and do their best to offer value for money. Our marmoleum floor cleaning jobs are fully insured and guaranteed. We will provide you with a list of customers who have used us for marmoleum floor cleaning or marmoleum polishing. Dublin Floor Cleaning can take on any size marmoleum cleaning job.

DONT: if you have marmoleum floors in your property please do not do these things:

  • do not use acid floor cleaning chemicals on your marmoleum floors
  • do not wash your marmoleum floors with very hot water
  • do not polish your floors with black, brown or green pads
  • do not brush it off with hard brushes
  • do not drag heavy things on the floors

DO: If you have marmoleum floors in your property please do this things:

  • do your marmoleum cleaning regularly
  • do polish your floors once per week or at least once per month with a red pad
  • do try to protect your floors by using the right cleaning products
  • do check your floor pads to make sure there is no dirt stuck to them (great damages can be done)
  • do re-seal your floors if you see signs of wear off

If you do not have a buffer or the time to take care of your floors why not just hire us for a regular floor cleaning service? It Is cheap, efficient and will save money in the long run. By hiring us to do your marmoleum floor cleaning or maintenance it will save you the hassle of sorting out cleaning products, machinery and a lot of hard work. Marmoleum floor cleaning and marmoleum floor polishing is our speciality so if you want the best results please hire us and we will impress you!

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