Terracotta Floor Cleaning

Terracotta Floor Cleaning

Service Overview

We pride ourselves in being one of the top floor cleaning companies in Ireland and one of the few experts in terracotta floor cleaning. We have cleaned terracotta floors in many churches, Georgian buildings, schools and private houses. Terracotta floor cleaning is not for everybody. It takes a lot of knowledge and time to do it perfectly. Our terracotta floor cleaning staff are fully trained in this field and all terracotta cleaning jobs are fully guaranteed.

Terracotta flooring is a very “thirsty” type off floor. If not sealed with the right cleaning products it can suck a lot of dirt and lose its good look in a very short period. If terracotta floors are sealed with the right amount of sealant it should last up to 10 years.

Terracotta floor cleaning – washing – the main thing when cleaning terracotta flooring is to use as little water as possible. Soaking the floors will result in days and days waiting for the floor to dry to be able to apply the polish. Another very important thing when doing terracotta floor cleaning is to use powerful wet vacs to make sure that all the dirt is removed from the floor prior to applying the sealant. If there is still dirt left on the floor prior to polishing the polish will not attach to the floor and it will look pretty bad.


Terracotta floor cleaning – waxing – there are few types of waxes/sealants for terracotta flooring. If a general floor sealant is used it will require up to 20 coats to seal the floor. If a terracotta wax will be used it will require about 2 to 3 coats. The results will be just magic.

If interested in terracotta floor cleaning or terracotta floor polishing we are the people you need. We will only charge if you are happy.

Terracotta Floor Cleaning – Pricing

Terracotta floor cleaning – deep clean – will cost approx. 100€ per standard sized living room.

Terracotta floor cleaning – waxing – will cost approx. 350€ per standard sized living room.

***terracotta wax is pretty expensive***

Prices will vary. The size, condition and the finish required will affect the pricing.


Terracotta floor cleaning is better with Dublin Floor Cleaning!