Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine Floor Cleaning

Service Overview

Travertine flooring is the most natural type of flooring. If done by quality tradesmen it should look like one slate of stone in your house. The main problem with travertine flooring is that it has pores and it can absorb dirt.  If not properly maintained and treated with the right products it will lose its good look.

Dublin floor cleaning is one of the few travertine floor cleaning specialists. Our aim is to make travertine floor cleaning affordable to everybody. There are a couple of ways of doing this type of floor cleaning:

  • Travertine floor washing – most of the time travertine flooring does not require any sealants and a good deep wash is all that is required to restore it. The pores of the stone can accumulate dirt over time and it will not look like travertine anymore. We can simply remove all the dirt accumulated over the years and bring the stone back to its natural look again. Using high speed buffers (2500 rpm) we can give the stone a nice matte shine.
  • Travertine floor sealing – if the travertine flooring is sealed after it was fitted it should look nice and clean for at least 5 years. If the floor is sealed properly, the sealant will close all the pores and it will not allow any dirt to penetrate.

We have years of experience and expertise in floor cleaning, we have invested time and money in training our travertine floor cleaning specialists so you can be guaranteed an excellent service. We will assess your job, we will provide a written quotation and a copy of our insurance. All travertine cleaning services will take at least 4 hours to complete so do not expect a speedy job. The travertine sealants we use are the best on the market, we have tried and tested all products and selected only the best for our customers, a data sheet can be provided upon request. Our prices for travertine cleaningcan vary a lot and it all depends on the type of travertine. Cheaper travertine will have bigger pores and will attract more dirt. It will also take more time to clean. Better quality travertine has very little pores so it will be easier to clean. Our sealants, which are specially designed for travertine flooring, are not cheap but are durable, have long lasting results and will look brilliant. We will provide free estimates for all travertine cleaning services.

Travertine cleaning prices:

5€ to 25€ per square meter (it all depends on the quality of your floor)

If interested in travertine floor cleaning or travertine floor sealing please contact us at 1800 848 700


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