Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine Floor Cleaning

Service Overview

Travertine Floor Cleaning 


  • Professional travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor polishing services

  • Dirt extraction services, grout cleaning services & stain removing services

  • We are happy to provide free estimates for commercial and residential jobs

  • We use Diafil diamond polishing pads and Faber polishing powders

  • Floor Cleaning Dublin can restore any type of travertine floor in any shape

  • Our company can use 100% natural sealers, semi gloss or glossy sealers

  • We can guarantee outstanding results and very durable eco protectors

  • Floor Cleaning Dublin has provided travertine floor polishing services since 2007

  • We can restore your travertine floor with polishing powders or impregnators


Travertine Floor Cleaning  I Why Use Us


Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the most highly recommended and most in demand travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor polishing companies in Ireland. We are very flexible and we are happy to deal with small travertine floor polishing jobs and large commercial travertine floor polishing services. Our company uses the latest technology within the floor polishing industry and some of the most durable travertine floor sealers and impregnators available. By hiring Floor Cleaning Dublin you are guaranteed to deal with a team of highly skilled professionals that can undertake any type of travertine floor polishing contract and complete it hassle free.


Travertine Floor Cleaning I What We Do


If your beautiful travertine floor has lost its natural colour and the grout lines are covered in a thick layer of dirt, then you are ready for a deep clean and a fresh coat of polish. Floor Cleaning Dublin will remove all that impregnated dirt with the help of some of the best natural stone floor cleaners and heavy duty industrial scrubbers. The floor will be grinded down with Diafil diamond polishing pads to remove all scratches, dull patches and rough areas. The next process will create the final sheen either with top of the range marble polishing powders or with deep penetrating sealers. The very porous types of travertine or the travertine tiles with very large holes might not be suitable for powder polishing. The final process will be the sealing, waterproofing and stain proofing of the whole floor. Floor Cleaning Dublin deals with a number of protectors, some water based and some solvent based, that will be used as the final step in the process of polishing.


Travertine Floor Cleaning I Sheen Levels


A travertine floor has no sheen at all without a mechanical polishing or some type of sealer or impregnator. The level of sheen can be as high or as low as the customer prefers. Floor Cleaning Dublin can create a natural but protected finish on pretty much any type of travertine floor or travertine stairs, we can also create a soft sheen or satin finish on all types of travertine floors or stairs and finally, we can create a super high gloss finish on all types of travertine floors or stairs. The super gloss finish can be achieved through a combination of grinding, marble polishing powders and of course, sealers. As we understand that all our customers are different, we will show samples of work done with all levels of sheen to all our customers.


Travertine Floor Cleaning I The Sealer


The final sealer that is used to stain proof and waterproof protector is very important. A travertine floor without a sealer will look glossy but it will start absorbing dirt and stains within a matter of days. Floor Cleaning Dublin uses Faber Soap as the main sealer for all our travertine and marble floors. The soap will penetrate the surface and it will harden up to create an invisible non glazing protective coat that will stop the dirt from penetrating and staining the surface. The sealer will maintain its protection for a number of years subject to the most suitable maintenance and the level of usage. 


Travertine Floor Cleaning I Maintenance


A highly polished or newly sealed travertine floor will only remain like that for a limited period of time if not regularly cleaned with proper natural stone floor cleaners and maintainers. We recommend the use of flat mopping systems to avoid over soaking the floor and the use of Faber Neugel as the main cleaner and daily maintainer of all types of natural stone floors. 


Travertine Floor Cleaning I Recommendations


Do not wash your floors with highly corrosive or high PH floor cleaners. Do not use the same mop head used to wash bathroom floors or any other type of floor. Do not drag heavy furniture on the floor and do not attempt to apply universal water based sealers. Do not scrub individual areas and do not allow the stains to remain on the floor for longer than a few seconds. Once per year you should hire Floor Cleaning Dublin to buff your floors with a professional diamond polishing pad to restore the sheen and to close the pores. 


Travertine Floor Cleaning