Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning


Many places in Ireland still have vinyl floors. These type of floors were designed to last forever. With a bit of maintenance, a bit of polishing once in a while, you can have 30-40 years old floors looking like new. If your vinyl floors are patchy, old looking, scratched and very dirty, contact Dublin Floor Cleaning right now and let us do our magic.


Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Removing the top coat


Your vinyl floors are likely to have been polished many times over the years. This polish is probably wearing off unevenly. Dirt from footfall and traffic has left alot of grease, fat, food stains, grime, etc. deep inside the floor. We will use special industrial strippers to remove all the glazing from the floor and expose the floor. Many people are very surprised to find out that under all that dirt there is actually a nice floor hiding. Depending on the thickness of the sealant, we might have to strip the floor twice or even more. After stripping, the floor will look clean and matt.


Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Priming


The next step is to prime the floor. The sealant we use will level up the floor and will cover up all the small imperfections, scratches and discolorations that have happened over the years. The sealant will create one smooth perfect surface. A perfect base for the floor polish. A quality water based floor sealant will reduce the polish absorbancy by up to 50%.


Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Polishing


The quality of the floor polish used to seal the vinyl floor will be a decisive factor in its durability. Cheaper low traffic floor polishes will wear off within months while good quality water based floor polishes will last for a few years. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic. The sealant will glaze the floor with a clear protective coat. The floor polish will facilitate easy maintenance and will create a protective barrier between the floor and the traffic. We will apply at least 2 coats of high traffic floor polish, the number of coats applied will vary from floor to floor. Very damaged floors with high porosity will take up to 10 coats of floor polish to look smooth.


Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Maintenance


The vinyl floor was just sealed and it looks like new again. Now, the maintenance is the most important part. You will need to use proper vinyl or lino floor cleaning products with low to medium PH. Cleanfast Floor Cleaner is the ideal floor cleaner. Wash your floor at least once per day and buff the floor at least once per week with a red pad. Use a high speed buffer.


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Vinyl Floor Cleaning