Enhanced Hygiene With The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner

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Enhanced Hygiene With The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner

Enhanced Hygiene With The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner

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Cleaning is not just about the visible soiling. Ensuring that the surfaces that we come into contact with on a daily basis are sanitized is key. These are vital measures when it comes to the protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is especially with high-touch surfaces around homes and the workplace, to areas where fresh meats and products are handled. In establishments like hospitals and food service businesses, the risks are higher, hence the need to work with cleaning products that enable you to get rid of the grime, while also combating the plethora of pathogens and fungi that are riddled all over the surfaces. This can be achieved with formulations such as the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner. 

When in the market for surface cleaning and sanitation products. There are a couple of factors that are considered. First is the effectiveness of the product in its particular mandate. From stain removers and degreasers, to daily cleaners and sanitizing agents – how does the particular formulation act to deliver on its mandate? Next is the compatibility of the product with the particular surfaces in question. After all, you don’t want a case where harsh cleaners selected which are tough on the dirt and grime, but end up corroding the underlying surface in the process. It’s an intricate balance that needs to be achieved, where the product has the power needed to perform its role, while still being safe for the target surface. What about the brand? This looks at the reliability of the company that manufactures the product, especially with its track record when it comes to the quality of the products that it avails to the market. What do other clients have to say about the brand? Also dig into what goes into the application process – which kind of equipment will be needed when using the formulation? Here is a look at what you can expect from the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner:

Value Of The SAN-X Floor Cleaner

  • Leverage the power of quaternary ammonium salts

Looking to create a healthier environment? Focused on bringing the rates of infection in your workplace down? Or perhaps there are high-risk persons in the premises, such as for the case of households with kids. With the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner, cleaning is taken a notch higher by sanitizing the surfaces. THs formulation contains quaternary ammonium salts, that are effective in killing off the bacteria, viruses and even mould that are on the areas being worked on. This is key in creating a healthier indoor environment, which is also why the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner is a popular choice for establishments like restaurants, daycare centres, and high traffic commercial spaces where there is a need to ensure that the areas being worked on are both clean and sanitary to protect the occupants from contracting diseases. 

  • Versatile formulation

You can use the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner for the daily cleaning of a wide range of surfaces, including natural stone installations like marble and granite, all through to porcelain and ceramic tile surfaces. It delivers its cleaning action without putting the structural integrity of these surfaces at risk. With the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner, there will be no film or residue left on the surfaces that have been worked on.

  • Brand you can trust

The company behind this formulation – SAN-X Floor Cleaner – has been around for decades. It was established in 1986, in Fabriano, Italy, and has over its lifetime grown into an industrial heavyweight, providing products used in the treatment and maintenance of a vast range of building surfaces, from marble, granite, and other kinds of natural stone installations, to manmade materials like ceramics and agglomerates. The formulations from the brand have found markets all over the globe – from within Europe including England, Spain and Greece, to the UAE and other Gulf nations, and even Asia where the Faber products are a favourite in Singapore, China and Thailand. The feats that the company has achieved are due to its commitment to professionalism, delivering quality products for home and business owners, to the professional surface care contractors – from installation to repair crews. This is the kind of reliability that you get when you turn to the SAN-X Floor Cleaner.

  • Concentrated Cleaner

With the SAN-X Floor Cleaner, a liter of product goes a long way – being able to be used on up to 900-1100m² of surfaces depending on how you dilute it. This gives you more bang for your buck – and coupled with the budget-friendly pricing of the packaging, you get to reduce the amount of expenses that go into the routine care and maintenance of the different surfaces in your establishment. 

The following ratios are used for the dilution:

  • Absorbent surfaces (e.g., natural stone and cotto): 4 or 5 capfuls of the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner mixed with 5L of water
  • Compact and low-absorbent surfaces (e.g. porcelain or ceramic tiles): 1 or 2 capfuls of the product with 5L of water 

Working With The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner

The product has been developed to provide a hassle-free application. Here, simply dilute it with water and proceed to wash that target surface. Application tools range from cloth sand sponges, all through to conventional mops, meaning that you won’t have to incur extra costs getting specialized gear to use with the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner. 

  • Remember to dust or vacuum the surface before using the cleaner. This is to avoid situations where loose residue on the areas being worked on gets damp and becomes all muddied, as this would only serve to increase your workload.
  • Carrying out a spot test on an inconspicuous area is recommended for those cases where you’re uncertain about the compatibility of the product for your particular situation. 
  • If you use the recommended dilution ratios for the particular surface you’re working on, you won’t need to rinse the surface after you’re done. This reduces the amount of time spent on the process, as well as the resources that go into surface care.

Enhanced Hygiene With The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner

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