Faber Coloured Stain Remover Review

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Faber Coloured Stain Remover Review

Faber Coloured Stain Remover Review

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Stains are the bane of any surface. From countertops to floors, stains ruin the beauty of the structure. These unsightly spots, whether they are from food and drink spills, cases of nail polish dripping on the floor, or even ink blots from faulty pens, can be frustrating. They cling onto the surface, and if the structure is absorbent, will have been soaked deep into the stone. You took your time and spent lots of resources to have the installation that matches your décor and style preferences. You don’t want this being watered down by the presence of stains. Covering the affected areas with area rugs is only a temporary solution. You want a fix that will act directly on the stains, and get rid of them. You can get that with the Faber Coloured Stain Remover. Coming from a world-leader in surface care, a company whose track record goes way back to 1986, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reliable formulation. Let’s get into what the product offers:

Benefits Of The Faber Coloured Stain Remover

  • Clears stubborn spots

This water-based formulation has been specially developed for dealing with the coloured stains that are on natural stone and man made surfaces. These are the likes of wine, spilled beverages like tea and coffee, all through to ink blots and stains caused by other kinds of markers. It chemically breaks down the spots, after which the residues are simply cleaned off the areas. The powerful action of the Faber Coloured Stain Remover does the heavy lifting for you, enabling you to achieve a thorough clean on the area being worked on. Its potency also extends to the stains that are caused by growths like mould and algae that are in the area. Once applied onto the target stains, it works alone. You won’t need to mix it with other agents. 

  • Suitable for numerous surfaces

The installations that can be worked on with the Faber Coloured Stain Remover are diverse. These range from clinker and cotto, glazed and craquelé ceramics, and porcelain stoneware – be it lapped, polished or natural, all through to sensitive structures like marble and granite. It penetrates through the material, breaking down even those old and stubborn stains, without affecting the original appearance of the surface being worked on. Since the Faber Coloured Stain Remover comes with a dense and viscous consistency, you can use it on vertical surfaces. 

Extra tip: While the Faber Coloured Stain Remover is effective in getting rid of those unsightly spots, wouldn’t it also be great if you could prevent the stains from forming in the first place? While one can put in place the most stringent measures to avoid spills, they will inevitably occur. The next logical step is putting in place deterrents that will prevent the liquids from these spill accidents from bonding with the surface. For this, Faber has provided stain-proofing agents like the Marble & Granite Protector and Aqua Treatment, which will enable you to ward off incidents of staining. The choice of stain-proofing agent will depend on your particular installation. For the rest of the general cleaning, you can work with formulations like the Faber Neutral Cleaner or Floor Cleaner, depending on the specific surface characteristics of your installation. 

  • Affordable stain removal

With the Faber Coloured Stain Remover, you get to deal effectively with those frustrating spots without breaking the bank. The formulation comes in 500 ml bottles, with each box having 12 of the bottles, for efficient application and storage. The pricing itself is budget-friendly, where, as a user of Faber products, you get to benefit from the company’s economies of scale. Here, heavy investments in the product lines of the brand have enabled it to reduce the final retail cost of their products. Moreover, the powerful action of the Faber Coloured Stain Remover, such that it doesn’t need to be mixed with other chemicals, and by dealing firmly with the stains and reducing the resources that go into the task, enables you to save on costs that are incurred during the routine building maintenance program. 

The Application Process

Using the Faber Coloured Stain Remover is quick and simple. Start by cleaning the surface to clear away any dirt or loose debris, then apply the stain remover onto the target spot. Tools used for the application vary. For small sections, a spatula or brush will do, while for large floor expenses then you can work with a mechanical polisher or broom. There are also those who choose to simply pour the Faber Coloured Stain Remover directly on the spot. You can go with whichever mode you find suitable for you. Ensure that you have applied a thick layer of the formulation on that target area. 

After this, give the product some time to break down and extract the stain. The waiting period here will depend on the particular stain in question since they each have their varying stubbornness and depth with which they will have soaked in the surface. Here are the durations for the common stain problems:

  • Food and drink stains – between 30 minutes and 2 hours (e.g., for Beverage – tea/coffee – stains, wine and ketchup)
  • Stains from plant growths and residue – between 15 minutes and 1 hour (e.g., for the case of mould and algae stains) 
  • Ink blots and marker pens – between 30 minutes and 3 hours

Once the waiting period elapses, remove the contents from the surface. You can soak it up with cloths, absorbent paper, or even use rags and mops. The next thing will be wiping the area with a damp cloth/mop, and assessing the results. If some stain residue remains, the process can be repeated. 

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Faber Coloured Stain Remover

  • DO use the product alone. It doesn’t need dilution or mixing with other chemicals. 
  • DO wait for the coolest periods of the day to treat the surface with the product. 
  • DO strip away any existing wax layer on the installation being worked on. You can use solutions like the Faber Solvent Stripper or Wax Remover for this. 
  • DON’T apply the formulation onto an overly heated surface.

Faber Coloured Stain Remover Review

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