Faber Enhancer Plus Review

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Faber Enhancer Plus Review

Faber Enhancer Plus Review

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After taking your time to pick the ideal natural stone, agglomerate, or other kind of hard surface installation for your home or business premises, you want its beauty and structural integrity protected. Stains and dirt are an ever-present threat, and can easily result in the premature deterioration of the installations involved. Finishes come in to provide a barrier of protection against these threats. However, the choice of finish product to use will be determined by even more factors. For instance, do you want a product that forms a layer on the surface, or actually penetrates into the material, retaining the breathability of the installation? How will it affect the existing aesthetics of the surface, be it the colour, or the sheen from any polishing that was carried out? Brand also matters, where you want to engage with a company that has proven itself to be a leader in delivering quality products. Enhancer Plus is a popular product from Faber, a brand that has been around for decades since its launch in 1986. Over the years, the company had developed a wide range of formulations, from stain removers and protective finishes to waxes and epoxy systems. In this review, we will focus on what makes the Enhancer Plus tick, and the value it brings to the installations it is applied on. 

Benefits Of The Faber Enhancer Plus

  • Accentuates your surfaces

This solvent-based formulation works to enhance the natural aesthetic attributes of your surfaces, making them pop. It makes the tone and colour more prominent, while setting a matt wet-look finish to the floor bringing a whole new look to the areas being treated – from the countertops to the walls and surrounding surfaces and even objects like sculptures. It maintains the resultant look for long, without the dreaded yellow hue that is common for conventional solvent-based projects. The Faber Enhancer Plus achieves all this without leaving behind a film on the surface. 

  • Stain protection

The Faber Enhancer Plus is an impregnating agent, penetrating the surface to bond with it. It does this while delivering stain-proofing features, warding off liquids and dirt from getting into the surface and adhering to it. This makes routine building cleaning tasks much easier. The water-repellent properties of the Faber Enhancer Plus actually make it ideal for areas like showers, washbasins, fountains and the like – which come into lots of contact with water. This allows you to deliver that aesthetic charm while protecting the installation from water damage. 

  • Wide range of applications 

You can use the Faber Enhancer Plus to bring its aesthetic and protective attributes to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Since it has superior resistance to weather elements and UV radiation. It’s ideal for compact materials and non-absorbent surfaces including marble-resin and quartz-resin agglomerates, molten basalt, travertine, porphyry, all through to natural stone installation like marble, limestone and granite. The emphasis is on the surfaces having a low absorbency, or being polished. You should not use the Faber Enhancer Plus on absorbent surfaces or installations that have a rough finish. Before applying the product on your particular installation, it is recommended that you undertake a preliminary test to see its performance and compatibility with the structure. 

  • Safe for food-contact surfaces

This specific feature of the Faber Enhancer Plus enables it to be used on installations like kitchen countertops, from homes to commercial restaurants. Coupled with the water- and stain-repellent properties, it allows you to protect these surfaces which are particularly prone to spills – while still providing that aesthetic appeal that spruces up the decor. 

  • Quick surface treatment 

The application process of the Faber Enhancer Plus is straightforward, where you simply clean the area, allow it to dry, and then spread a thick, uniform layer of the formulation over the surface. Cleaning the surface before the treatment is key to avoid a situation where dust and dirt get trapped under the finish, as these will compromise the results. Note that if a water-repellent primer has been applied onto the surface, before adding the Faber Enhancer Plus onto the area first allow the primer to completely cure. 

The Faber Enhancer Plus is also a fast-drying product. In fact, within 1-2 hours from the application, it will have already dried sufficiently. Normal traffic on the other hand can be allowed back to the treated area after 6 hours. Keep off from the usual washing though, for at least 24 to 48 hours to ensure that the treatment will have fully bonded with the surface. 

You can work with conventional tools like a roller, brush or lambswool applicator to spread the Faber Enhancer Plus onto the target surface. After you’re done, this equipment can be cleaned with white spirit. 

Subsequent care and maintenance are a breeze as well. Here, Faber has provided different products that you can use, like the popular Floor Cleaner or Neutral Cleaner. Here, the choice of the product used will largely be determined by its compatibility with the surface in question. 

The Faber Enhancer Plus comes with a budget-friendly price tag. Its protective attributes – especially dirt and stain resistance, further aid in reducing the expenses that go into the routine cleaning and maintenance tasks in the premises. Add this to factors such as the wide coverage rate, where each litre of product gets to be used on 10-15m² of surface, then you get optimal value for funds you’ve spent on it. The Faber Enhancer Plus is available in 1L bottles (12 per box) or 5L cans (4 per box), that way you can get the ideal amount that suits your needs. 

Extra Tips For Using The Faber Enhancer Plus

  • After the initial cleaning, first allow the surface to fully dry before applying this colour enhancing formulation on it. 
  • For the recently laid tiles, allow the adhesives used to cure before this treatment. 
  • During the application a thick layer on the surface. Give it 10 minutes, then assess the treatment, to ensure that there aren’t uneven sections or areas with residue. If there are, the product on these sections can be redistributed as seen fit. 
  • As is the case for any surface care regimen, a pretest is recommended before application to ascertain the compatibility of the formulation with the particular installation being worked on. This test can be done on an inconspicuous area, or an unused tile. 

Faber Enhancer Plus Review


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