Faber Oil & Grease Remover Review

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Faber Oil & Grease Remover Review

Faber Oil & Grease Remover Review

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Stains, regardless of their source, clash directly with the aesthetics of the space. That cooking oil residue on the kitchen countertops or dining room floor messes with the beauty of the surfaces. Oil spills out on the concrete driveway ruin the curb appeal. Greasy smears on your garage floor are a nuisance that takes away from the loads of time and money you have invested in sprucing up the area. Whether these messes are a result of cooking incidents, food spills, or accidental spills that occur when changing the oil in your car or lawnmower, they need to be got rid of. They don’t have to be permanent blemishes on your indoor or outdoor surfaces. The Faber Oil & Grease Remover comes in to enable you to tackle the problem. 

Benefits Of The Faber Oil & Grease Remover 

  • Effective against stains from oily products

This formulation has been specially developed for dealing with oil and grease stains. From cooking oil on kitchen surfaces, greasy food residues, engine oil on garage floors, mineral oil, lubricants in workshops and even fuels and tarry residues- it extracts the stains from the surfaces, without affecting the underlying installation. The creamy and thick consistency of the formulation further aids in this, enabling the product to effectively deliver its stain removal action on those old and deep stains that have stubbornly stuck to the installation. 

With Faber, you can trust the quality of the product. This is a brand that has been producing floor care formulations since its founding in Italy in 1986. Over the decades, it has become a renowned leader in the care of natural stone structures like granite and marble, to manmade materials like ceramics. This has seen its market spread across the EU, Asia, and the Middle East. The brand’s commitment to quality has seen it achieve the ISO:9001:2015 certification from Certiquality. There is a wide range of products under the brand, from abrasives and polishes that are used to enhance the aesthetics of the surface, protective agents that ward off the daily threats from dirt and stains while retaining the breathability of the material, mastic and epoxy systems that come in to deal with cracks, chips and other kinds of surface damage, all through to cleaners for day-to-day cleaning and stain removal – which include the Faber Oil & Grease Remover that we’re looking at here.

  • Versatile agent

The high viscosity of this formulation gives it more grip even when working on vertical surfaces, allowing you to get rid of those pesky stains that are on walls. The Faber Oil & Grease Remover can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, being suitable for installations made of natural stone like marble, limestone, granite and travertine, porcelain stoneware including the lapped, polished, natural and textured variations, ceramics like craquelé and glazed ceramics, as well as cotto, concrete and cement grout. It extracts the oil and grease stains from these types of surfaces without negatively affecting the material itself. In case you’re not certain about the suitability of the Faber Oil & Grease Remover for your particular surfaces, then it is recommended that you conduct a preliminary test on a small and hidden section of the surface, or an unused tile. This will show you the impact of the product on the structure, before you proceed to work on the rest of the stained areas. 

Extra Tip: Given that stains are an ever-present threat, it is recommended that you take proactive steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. This calls for the use of stain-proofing agents. These are products that come with water- and oil-repellent properties. They are applied and bound to the surface, to prevent spills from being readily absorbed by the affected material. This does not mean that the spills should be left unattended. They should still be cleaned up as soon as possible. The treatments simply prevent spills from being a troublesome stain problem, making daily maintenance easier. The brand behind the Oil & Grease Remover under review also provides the Marble & Granite Protector or Aqua Treatment, which are effective stain proof primers. In this case, you will need to go with the agent that matches the characteristics of your unique installation. 

The Faber Oil & Grease Remover enables you to quickly deal with those troublesome stains. Here, ensure that the surface is completely dry (or just slightly damp), then spread a thick layer of the product onto the target section. You can use tools like a brush or spatula for the application or go ahead and pour it right out of the bottle onto the stained area. 

Thereafter, leave the product alone to work on the oily residue. It does the work itself, without needing to be mixed with other chemicals. Allow it to remain undisturbed as it dries, and it will form a white powdery residue. This duration takes around 1-2 hours, after which the residue is brushed or wiped off. 

You can then use a cloth or mop that is slightly damp to wipe the area and observe for residues, to determine if another round will be required. Once you’ve completed the application, assess the results. If some residual stain remains, the process can be repeated. 

Remember to:

  • Clean the area before pouring the Faber Oil & Grease Remover on the surface. This is simply to remove the loose dust and debris particles. 
  • Shake the product well in its container before proceeding to apply into onto the area. Since it is formulated to use undiluted, this further speeds up the application. 
  • Should there be wax on the surface to be worked on, this needs to first be removed. Faber has formulations that you can use for the task, such as the Solvent Stripper or Wax Remover.

The functionality of the Faber Oil & Grease Remover is affected by temperature. In this regard, here are some issues to note when treating the target area with this product:

  • The surface should not be overly heated as it will affect the reaction of the product on the material. It should have a temperature that’s between 5 and 40°C.
  • If it’s just about to rain or get frosty, postpone the application to when conditions are more favourable. 
  • Don’t apply the product when it is misty. 
  • The area being treated should not be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Faber Oil & Grease Remover Review


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