Faber Solvent Stripper Review

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Faber Solvent Stripper Review

Faber Solvent Stripper Review

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Surface care routinely requires the removal of the existing treatment and having a new one applied. Over time, the wax finish applied on the surface loses its lustre, due to the gradual abrasion from day-to-day wear. This takes away the beauty of the surfaces, and also exposes it to more harm due to the weakening finish as the years go by. The more deteriorated the wax layer gets, the higher the risk of damage to the underlying surface. A strong protective layer is needed to minimise the chances of premature wear and tear, or issues like water damage. However, the new treatment cannot be applied with the old one still in place. A powerful solution is needed to clear the old wax and prepare the surface. Formulations like the Faber Solvent Stripper are used for this. Other practical applications of the product include removing the stubborn dirt and grime that has collected on the surface, especially the contents that defy the conventional cleaning agents. Here, we will take a look at what you can expect from this solvent-based wax stripper. 

Benefits Of The Faber Solvent Stripper 

Are you dealing with a case of stubborn grime that has strongly adhered to the surface? Is it a renovation project where you want to replace the old and dilapidated layers of wax with a new coat? Or perhaps it’s a building maintenance program that went wrong, where the inappropriate wax was used and you need it quickly overhauled and the necessary rectifications made. You don’t have to struggle scrubbing these materials off your different surfaces. The Faber Solvent Stripper comes in to deep clean the surfaces, remove old wax, lacquer and even clear existing treatments that need to be got rid of. The stripping and subsequent rewaxing can be carried out once or twice a year, depending on factors such as how much foot traffic is handled in the area. 

The formulation works by chemically acting on the contents that are on the surface and dissolving them, and it also works on the greasy or oily stains that are riddling the surface. For the old treatments that have been removed, fresh new wax finishes can be applied, restoring the lustre to the surface and bringing back that vibrant look and feel. 

For the application, start by washing the surface as usual, in order to clear away the coarse dirt and loose residue. Most of this can simply be swept or vacuumed off the area. Allow the surface to dry, then proceed to apply the Faber Solvent Stripper, pouring it undiluted onto the target area. Work it over the surface – such as by using a cloth or mop to rub/wipe it on the area. 

After applying the formulation onto the surface, give it 5 to 10 minutes to act on the area, though you can continue wiping it in to increase the penetration into the surface. You can then proceed to remove the residue from the area and rinse the surface. In case there is any residue remaining, the process can be repeated. 

  • Extra combinations for more cleaning power

When used together with the Faber Alkaline Cleaner or Wax Remove, this functionality is further enhanced. This is a process that is called “double wax stripping”, to provide a deeper clean if needed. For this, start by pouring the Faber Solvent Stripper on the surface, then work it over the area with your preferred set of equipment. Give it the 5-10 minutes dwell time, then – without removing any residue or rinsing the area, apply the Wax Remover or Alkaline Cleaner directly onto the area. Each product has its application instructions and timelines to follow, so ensure you stick to the required stipulation on the product label. Thereafter, the residues can be removed and the area given a thorough rinse with plenty of water. 

  • The brand you can count on 

One of the key considerations made when choosing surface care products is looking into the brand behind the product. Stone and tile installations were expensive to install, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re using products with questionable quality. When it comes to deep cleaning and wax stripping, the chemical makeup of the formulations also matters, where you want a product that will deliver on its mandate without compromising on the structural integrity of the surface being worked on. With Faber, you’re dealing with a brand that has established itself in the surface care industry. Since it was started in 1986 in Italy, and through the decades that followed, it steadily grew to become a globally renowned brand. It has pumped loads of capital into research and development, in order to provide a wide assortment of products to meet diverse surface care needs. Abrasives, polishes, stain removers, wax strippers, epoxy systems – there are numerous kinds of formulations delivered by the company, with over 250 currently in the market. 

A strict adherence to high quality standards has seen customers across different continents trusting the formulations from Faber, and the same applies when you turn to the Solvent Stripper. This is a product that is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, from natural stone installations like granite, limestone, marble and travertine, agglomerates including marble-cement and marble-resin materials, as well as concrete surfaces, ceramics and porcelain. As a standard best-practice, you should do a test on an unexposed area of the surface to check whether or not the product will be suitable for the particular material in question. 

  • Value for your money

The Faber Solvent Stripper is worth every penny. From the tough cleaning action, the clear application and ease of use, as well as the wide coverage rate where each litre of the wax stripper can be used on 10-15m² of surface – it all comes together to give you a product that delivers on its mandate. You also don’t have to use any complex tools for the application. Conventional equipment around the premises, like the usual cloths or mops will suffice, or even larger machinery like single disc machines for buildings with expansive floor areas to cover.

Faber Solvent Stripper Review

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