Faber Terracotta Impregnator Review

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Faber Terracotta Impregnator Review

Faber Terracotta Impregnator Review

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With the numerous threats that terracotta installations face, it is prudent to take measures to protect them. The material is susceptible to water damage, whether it is from accidental spills, or it’s a case of moisture being absorbed from the surrounding environment and seeping up through the walls and floors. Since these typically don’t have a glaze, they can also pick up dust quickly. With more dirt being trapped in the scriptures, it increases the risk of premature wear. Turn to the Faber Terracotta Impregnator to protect your surfaces, maintaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. 

With Faber, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-performance solutions. This is a brand that was established in 1986, and is now a leading company in the surface care industry. Professional installers, cleaners, as well as everyday DIY enthusiasts all rely on the formulations that the brand provides. It has strict quality control systems, adhering to ISO:9001:2015 standards. Its broad market that spans Europe, Asia and the Middle East is further proof of the popularity of its products, as well as the strong reputation that it has made for itself over the years. You get these levels of quality when using the Faber Terracotta Impregnator. Here, we will take a look at what makes this product tick, as well as how you can apply it to get optimal value for your surfaces. 

Benefits Of The Faber Terracotta Impregnator

  • Water-repellent properties

This water based formulation has been developed to protect the cotto and terracotta tiles from water damage and rising damp. The Faber Terracotta Impregnator keeps those spills from being readily soaked into the material. This prevents issues like efflorescence, surface detachments, all through to mould and algae growths that result from water damage, thus preserving the structural integrity of the installation. 

This attribute of the attribute Faber Terracotta Impregnator makes it a key asset during grout release treatment. Here it is applied onto the target installation before washing and grouting. This keeps the structure from absorbing loads of water, and also protects it against grout stains. It enhances the effectiveness of the treatment process, while also reducing the amount of resources that go into the task. 

In addition, you can use the Faber Terracotta Impregnator as a water-repellent primer. Here it’s applied to the surface before treating it with a stain-proofing agent. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of the latter, for an all-round protection of the installation. 

  • Deep penetrating treatment

The Faber Terracotta Impregnator works by getting deep into the tiles and bonding with the material – instead of simply forming a layer on the surface. This is particularly beneficial for increasing the formulation’s effectiveness against the moisture that would otherwise get absorbed from the environment and rise through the walls and floors. Getting deep into the material makes the treatment become part of the core structure of the tiles, and retains aspects like their breathability. It also makes the formulation basically invisible, and it doesn’t interfere with the colour and tone of the installation. The product also doesn’t yellow over time. That way, you get to maintain the aesthetics of the installation while providing the required levels of protection.

  • Multipurpose

In addition to the cotto and terracotta installation, you can also use the formulation on façade bricks and other kinds of brick surfaces. It is also suitable for different kinds of absorbent materials, including porous stones, concrete, cementine, and cement-marble agglomerates. Since the Faber Terracotta Impregnator is also resistant to bad weather as well as UV radiation, it can be used for treating outdoor surfaces. 

To apply the Faber Terracotta Impregnator, start by thoroughly cleaning the surface, getting rid of the dirt and grime that would have otherwise ruined the quality of the results. Let the surface dry before treatment, then proceed with the application. Here, simply dilute formulation with a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio (1 part product, 2 or 3 parts water). Spread a thick layer of this solution onto the surface, and wait for it to dry. Its high penetration effect causes the surface to appear visibly dry within a short time after the application. However, allow for at least 24 hours to pass for it to be fully dry. After this, you can open up the area to foot traffic, or proceed with subsequent treatments, such as for the cases where the Faber Terracotta Impregnator is used as a water-repellent primer, or it is used to prepare the surface for the grouting process that is to follow. 

Here are some issues that should be noted during application of this formulation:

  • The surface being worked on should not be overly heated. 
  • It’s recommended to carry out a test on a hidden section of the installation to confirm the compatibility of the Faber Terracotta Impregnator with that particular material. 
  • It’s advisable to protect adjacent surfaces that are not being treated with the product.

With dirt being an everyday threat that one needs to contend with, having a formulation that prevents it from getting tapped within the surface will go long way in making maintenance easier. The Faber Terracotta Impregnator fits the bill in this as well. The product limits the surface’s ability to trap limits dirt and grime, preventing these substances from penetrating into the tiles. That way, they will be easier to clean off, and it also means less resources will be required for the routine cleaning and maintenance. Speaking of savings, the affordable price of the Faber Terracotta Impregnator, as well as the 10-15m²/L coverage rate, also translates into less costs being incurred as part of the building’s surface care and maintenance program. 

It’s important to handle the future cleaning tasks with products that are suitable for the material. In this case, you can work with solutions like Faber Neutral Cleaner or Floor Cleaner, as they will deliver the desired cleaning action without putting the water-repellent treatment or underlying surface at risk. Here, choose the product that matches the particular type of surface that you’re working on. 

Faber Terracotta Impregnator Review

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