Floor Cleaning Dublin 9

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Floor Cleaning Dublin 9

Floor Cleaning Dublin 9


A dirty floor will leave a bad impression on your customers. A dirty floor can make a home or a business look old, dated and untidy. A dirty floor is bad news all the way. You do not need to put up with that. Call Floor Cleaning Dublin now and let us assess your floors. We have a solution for any type of floor cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, floor restoration or natural stone polishing. We specialize in domestic floor cleaning services and commercial floor cleaning services. We have been deep cleaning & polishing floors since 2007. Free no obligation estimates guaranteed.


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Types of floors we clean


Floor Cleaning Dublin is happy to provide free no obligation estimates for all kinds of floor cleaning services. We are happy to quote for tile & grout cleaning, general tile floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning & restoring, porcelain floor cleaning & polishing, ceramic floor cleaning & polishing, terrazzo floor cleaning & polishing, laminate floor cleaning and laminate floor polishing, marmoleum floor cleaning & marmoleum floor polishing, lino floor cleaning & lino floor polishing, vinyl floor cleaning & vinyl floor polishing. We can restore old and worn floors to a new condition.


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Floor Cleaning


Not all hard floors require the same level of care and not all floors require polishing and restoring. Many natural stone floors or artificial tile floors are likely to get dirty from the day to day traffic.There is no need for serious floor renovation. A deep floor cleaning service with our amazing heavy duty floor cleaners from Faber and our innovative floor cleaning technology will restore the floor nicely. We can remove all kinds of dirt deposits, impregnated grease & food residue, oils, all types of stains, grout dirt & other types of residue. We have the right cleaning products and the right knowledge to deal with any type of floor. 


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Tile & Grout Cleaning


Because the grout is highly absorbent, it is likely to get dirty before the tile itself gets dirty. Most of the grout dirt is actually cleaning product residue that gets absorbed by the grout. Floor Cleaning Dublin can help you to restore your grout lines in no time and we can also help you out with advice about how to avoid repeating the same mistake. In most cases, we use heavy duty alkaline floor cleaning products to help exfoliate the dirt from the grout and prepare the surface for extraction. To be able to do so, we will be using fine quality Faber products and a number of brushes and grout brushes. Our success rate is unequaled and the results are just fantastic. We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates for commercial tile & grout cleaning jobs and residential tile & grout cleaning projects. We also provide free no obligation estimates for sealing your grout lines and preventing the dirt from building up again.


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


Anyone can clean a floor with highly toxic and very corrosive cleaning products, but very few people can achieve the same results with 100% eco-friendly cleaning products. This is the main reason you have contacted Floor Cleaning Dublin. We are not your average floor cleaning company and we are not here to waste your time. Over the past 17 years, our company has evolved and has developed new techniques to achieve outstanding results without using harsh chemicals. We mostly use Faber floor cleaning products & Cleanfast cleaning products. Your home or your business is very important to us so we will make sure that it will be left spotless and harsh chemical free after we leave. In 99% of the cases we can restore old and worn floors with a mixture of hot water, degreasers and our amazing cleaning equipment. Just tell us what you need done and let us show you how the masters of floor cleaning can do it for you.



Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Sealing


Deep cleaning a hard floor is just the start of the process. In most cases, the dirt is likely to reappear within days. To avoid having to wash your floors every week, you should consider having your floors sealed. A sealant will act as a barrier between the daily traffic and the floor. Even the glossiest and the fanciest floor has some level of porosity on it. This porosity will allow dirt residue to attach to the floor. Our sealants and impregnators will block those pores and will prevent the dirt from penetrating the surface. The floor will get dirty, but the dirt will be superficial surface dirt that can be easily removed. While an unsealed floor will require at least one deep clean per year, a sealed floor will only require a deep clean once every 2-3 years, depending on the traffic. 


Our floor sealers and impregators can look as glossy or as matt as you want it to be. We have 100% invisible floor sealers that provide full protection without glazing the surface. If you are a glossy person, we can make your floors “glass” like. It is a personal preference that does not affect the durability. 


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Natural Stone Polishing


If you are the fortunate owner of a marble floor, travertine floor, limestone floor, terrazzo floor or any other type of natural stone floor, you need us. Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the leading floor cleaning companies and natural stone floor polishing companies in Ireland. We are your local floor cleaning specialists in marble restoration services, marble scratch removal and marble sealing services. We can restore and polish all types of natural stone floors regardless of size, condition and job complexity. We deal with thousands of commercial and residential marble polishing customers. Our prices are affordable, we are flexible and the results speak for themself. Hopeless looking natural stone floors can be transformed by Floor Cleaning Dublin. Just ask for a free no obligation quote and have your natural stone floor fully restored within days.


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Prices


The ideal floor cleaning contractor should be able to provide you with a free no obligation estimate and a detailed step by step plan. This is why Floor Cleaning Dublin has developed so fast and over a very short period of time, has become one of the most sought after floor cleaning companies in Ireland. 


  1. We provide free no obligation estimates so the customer is fully aware about what we do and how it is done
  2. We present our customers with a wide range of options. The customer will be fully aware about how the floor will look when finished and what type of service they will receive
  3. We will present our customers with a number of options to include full cleaning packages, tile & grout cleaning or floor sealing services


Floor Cleaning Dublin understands that a fair price is essential for booking jobs and retaining existing customers. But also the customers have to understand that the final price depends 100% on the condition of the floor, the size of the floor, the location of the floor and of course, the finish required. Having the floor washed is one thing and having the floor washed, impregnated and buffed is another thing. More time and more products needed, higher the price. We do not have a standard floor cleaning price. We assess, we recommend, we show samples & the customers picks. The customer decides what level of service they need.


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Areas


Don`t worry, Floor Cleaning Dublin covers your area. We are called Floor Cleaning Dublin, but for the right floor cleaning projects, we travel the whole Ireland. A small job in Cork would not make any financial sense for us or the customer, but a large commercial or residential floor cleaning job would make sense. We cover the whole of Co Dublin and of course, if the job size is decent enough, the whole of Ireland. We are happy to book overnight floor cleaning jobs and we are happy to help out customers with our amazing emergency floor cleaning services. 


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | Why Us


While the market is packed with so-called “floor cleaning companies”, most of them are small, residential floor cleaning companies unable to sort out complex jobs or larger than average floor cleaning projects. If you are looking for a proper floor cleaning contractor with over 17 years experience and a proven track record, you should call Floor Cleaning Dubin. We are the masters of floor cleaning in Dublin and we are happy to deal with any type of floor cleaning project. Floor Cleaning Dublin is affordable, reliable, professional and always available. We are very communicative and we are very clear about what we can or can’t do for you. Hassle free local floor cleaning specialists.


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9 | How To Book


If you have decided to book a local floor cleaning company and our website lives up to your expectations, then contacting us could not be easier. You can call us, text us, email us or just send us an online booking form and we will be back to you within minutes. We will assess your project and if it is suitable for us, we will proceed with it. Some jobs cannot be done as the customer wants and some other jobs are too small or too big for us. 


Floor Cleaning Dublin 9

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