Floor Cleaning Lucan

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Floor Cleaning Lucan

Floor Cleaning Lucan


  • 100% eco deep floor cleaning and floor restoration services
  • Premium quality water based and solvent based sealers
  • Heavy duty commercial & domestic floor cleaning services
  • Deep cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, floor polishing & sealing
  • Fully trained floor cleaning specialists with years of experience
  • We are happy to contract all types of floor cleaning projects
  • Same day or next day bookings available, free estimates


Floor Cleaning Lucan


– What We Do

Floor Cleaning Dublin is a well established floor cleaning and floor restoration company with over 15 years experience. We deal with thousands of domestic, commercial and industrial floor cleaning customers. We specialise in deep floor cleaning services, tile & grout cleaning, floor polishing and natural stone restoration services. We are happy to help you out with laminate floor cleaning & polishing, wood floor cleaning & polishing, amtico floor cleaning & polishing, lino floor cleaning & polishing, vinyl floor cleaning & polishing, marmoleum floor cleaning & polishing, ceramic floor cleaning & polishing, oiled floor refreshing services, marble floor cleaning & polishing, travertine floor cleaning & polishing, terracotta floor cleaning & polishing, victorian tiles cleaning & polishing & quarry stone cleaning & polishing.


Floor Cleaning Lucan – What We Use

Floor Cleaning Dublin uses premium quality Faber floor cleaning products & Faber floor sealers. We use a number of heavy duty floor cleaning products, tile & grout cleaning products, impregnators, colour enhancers, sealers, water based & solvent based sealers, etc. Your floor will be fully restored with some of the best and most efficient floor cleaning products ever invented. For natural stone polishing we use Faber polishing powders and Faber polishing creams.


Floor Cleaning Lucan – Types Of Projects We Do

No job is too small or too big for us but we have a minimum charge per project, depending on location, size and job complexity. We are happy to contract large commercial marmoleum floor polishing projects, lino & vinyl floor polishing projects and large terrazzo floor cleaning projects but we are also happy to quote for domestic marble polishing projects, wood floor polishing projects, amtico floor polishing projects & laminate floor cleaning and polishing.


Floor Cleaning Lucan – Types Of Projects We Undertake

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Polishing – we have been offering marmoleum floor cleaning & marmoleum floor polishing services for over 15 years, our experience and expertise in this field is unrivalled. We deal with many local schools, gyms, pubs, offices, state buildings, shops, etc. We restore marmoleum floors to a new condition. We remove all types of pre-existing sealers and polishes, we neutralise the floor and then we seal the floor with 3 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic. The results are just amazing. We can guarantee reasonable prices for commercial & domestic marmoleum floor cleaning services.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Wood Floor Polishing – we deal with varnished wood floor cleaning and polishing and with oiled floor cleaning and oiled floor refreshing. We will deep clean the wood floor with Bona or Tover heavy duty wood floor cleaners to remove impregnated dirt and residue. We will polish all varnished wooden floors with Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic while on the oiled floors we will use Carver Carsol Oiled Floor Refresher. Your wooden floors will look like new again.

Amtico Floor Cleaning & Amtico Floor Polishing – we are by far the most in demand and highly recommended amtico floor cleaning and amtico floor polishing companies in Ireland. We deal with small & large amtico floor cleaning projects all over Ireland. We understand amtico floors, we know how to clean them and what to use to achieve that unique sheen that is glossy enough to look cool but not too glossy to look artificial. Our prices are very reasonable while our work quality will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Laminate Floor Cleaning – If you have laminate flooring, you will be aware how sensitive it is and how easy it is to stain and cause permanent damage. It is for this reason that our laminate floor cleaning specialists use waterless floor cleaning products and microfiber deep cleaning pads to remove dirt and restore the sheen. We seal laminate floors with Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic or Faber Hidrofab. Your floors will look like new and will not absorb dirt any longer. Ask us for a free no obligation estimate for laminate floor cleaning & laminate floor polishing.

Terracotta Floor Cleaning & Sealing – a properly maintained terracotta floor sealed with quality terracotta sealers will be the standout feature in any building. A terracotta floor is for life. We specialise in terracotta deep cleaning projects, tile & grout cleaning and reglazing with the amazing Faber AS 930. Our sealers will impregnate the tile while allowing it to breathe. Beautiful semi gloss wet look impregnators for your beautiful terracotta floor. A terracotta floor sealed by us looks natural, it does not absorb dirt and it can be easily cleaned with flat mopping systems. Book a free no obligation estimate for terracotta floor cleaning & terracotta floor sealing.

Marble Floor Cleaning & Marble Floor Polishing – a marble floor is designed to enhance the look of your home or your business. A marble floor polished or sealed by Floor Cleaning Dublin will look amazing and it will enrich your ambiance. Deep cleaning marble floors is not a job for amateurs, this is why you need to call us and book our amazing marble polishing service. We will deep clean your marble floor with Faber Cottosolv, we will deep clean the grout with Faber Deterfug & we will polish your marble floor with Faber A3 Yellow Marble Polishing Powder. The gloss achieved through the crystallization process is the most durable & natural looking gloss. The surface will be sealed and waterproofed. We are happy to contract commercial and domestic marble floor cleaning and marble floor polishing services.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Terrazzo Floor Polishing Services – Terrazzo floors are not as popular as they used to be due to high costs. But the properties that still have terrazzo floors can really benefit from our amazing terrazzo floor cleaning & terrazzo floor polishing service. We can restore any type of terrazzo floor. We will deep clean the floor with premium quality Faber natural stone cleaners, we will buff the floor with diamond polishing pads and we will polish the terrazzo floor with high quality terrazzo floor polishing powders. Outstanding results guaranteed. Check out our amazing photos & our latest projects.

Travertine Floor Cleaning & Travertine Floor Polishing Services – Most middle class to upper class houses in Ireland have travertine floors fitted. A beautiful natural stone floor that will last for many years. Our company deep cleans and polishes all types of travertine floors with Faber A3 Yellow or chemical impregnators. We have a solution for any issue and we can guarantee spectacular results even on badly worn travertine floors. Our standard travertine floor cleaning & polishing includes : deep cleaning, grout cleaning, powder polishing & sealing. Your floor will look as glossy as you want it to look. We can also use matt sealers to keep gloss levels low. Free no obligation estimates for all our travertine cleaning & travertine polishing services.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Vinyl Floor Polishing Service – even if tgv vinyl floors were replaced with more eco friendly types of floors, many homes & businesses still have vinyl floors. If maintained right, a vinyl floor can last for many years. Our company restores many types of vinyl floors in all kinds of conditions. Our standard vinyl floor cleaning & vinyl floor polishing service will include deep cleaning, sealant removal, priming & 3 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic. Our floor polish responds well to burnishing. We can restore old and patchy looking vinyl floors without any problem. Book a free no obligation estimate.

Tile & Grout Cleaning – of course you can clean your grout but you will never achieve the same results as a professional floor cleaning contractor. Why? Because we use top quality alkaline tile & grout cleaning products plus heavy duty industrial tile & grout cleaning equipment. We can remove dirt and years of residue from your grout. We deal with many domestic and commercial tile & grout cleaning projects. We will restore your grout lines to a new condition and our prices are very affordable.

Ceramic Floor Cleaning & Ceramic Floor Polishing – ceramic floors must be by far the most popular type of floors in Ireland. Affordable, durable and available in thousands of designs and colours. There is no good reason not to buy a ceramic floor. But ceramic floors can get very dirty over time and without proper tools & products, you will not achieve great results. Book your free no obligation ceramic floor cleaning and ceramic floor restoration service. We will deep clean your ceramic floor with Faber Deterfug, we will remove all types of impregnated dirt & residue and we will seal your ceramic tiles with Faber Gres Lux. Your floor will look like new and it will be fully sealed and protected.


Floor Cleaning Lucan – Online Booking

Fill up our online booking form. Provide as much detail as you can and we will work out an estimate for you. Deal with the most well established and highly recommended floor cleaning company in Dublin.


Floor Cleaning Lucan


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