Maintaining Floors In High Traffic Areas

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Maintaining Floors In High Traffic Areas

Maintaining Floors In High Traffic Areas

Commercial establishments and public spaces witness high levels of footfall. People walking onto the premises from outdoor areas bring with them dirt, mud, and other residue under the soles of their shoes, tracking them all over the space. Gritty particles wear down the surface of the floor, over time making it appear old and worn out. Scuff marks and scratches all over the installation drag down the aesthetic appeal of the space, in turn affecting the image of the business. In addition to tarnishing the company’s image, the continued assault of the floor weakens its structural integrity, and when not brought under control it can lead to the deterioration of the installation – forcing you to spend loads of money to have repairs carried out. The floor cleaning and maintenance should be thorough to protect the installation. Here, we will go over different measures that should be put in place to protect the floor. 

  • Routine floor cleaning

Dirt remains the main threat to the floor. Simply observing high traffic areas of the budling – like the entrances, lobbies, and hallways, there will be a higher rate of dirt build-up – especially when there is inclement weather. For instance, during the winter, the roads and sidewalks usually get salted to give people better traction while walking around, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. However, plenty of this salt ends up being carried on the shoes and boots, and transferred into the building when people get in. 

The kind of flooring will affect how frequent the cleaning is being carried out. For instance, if it is bare hard surface floors – such as for the case of hardwood or vinyl installations, then these should be swept every couple of hours to remove the debris that has accumulated on them. After the business closes off at the end of day, extra floor cleaning will be required – this time mopping and sanitising the area. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a carpeted area, then the vacuuming can be carried out once a day, in order to control the rate of dirt build-up within the fibres of the material. Remember that the carpet’s material causes them to lock in more dirt within their structure compared to vinyl, wood or tile floors. 

  • Invest in mats and rugs

These are not just for the aesthetics. Setting up mats in high traffic areas means that large amounts of dirt and grime will be trapped by them before they get tracked all over the interior space. For instance, those at the entrance of the building allow customers and employees to wipe their shoes before getting in. In addition to protecting the underlying floor, it reduces the workload during the routine floor cleaning. 

As you set the mats and rugs, ensure that they are securely in place, and have laid flat. Having a loose mat can easily lead to trip accidents. Specifically for the mats being paced at the entryways into the building, you can get units that can be fastened to the floor, making them more secure. Note that the mats or rugs should be thoroughly cleaned regularly in order to remove the gunk that will have accumulated in them. 

  • Schedule occasional deep cleaning

The regular floor cleaning is necessary for the maintenance of the installation – but you should also have a deep clean carried out every few months. Here, the set-in stains are removed, dull surfaces freshened, and it contributes to extending the longevity of the installation. 


Bring In The Pros For Your Floor Cleaning

Want a comprehensive floor cleaning program that relies on advanced technologies to bring back the shine to your installation? Dial up the pros to get the task done. This has various benefits, including:

  • Leave a stunning impression

Prospective clients accessing your premises will judge your business based on the state they find it in. Dirt sports and stains don’t inspire confidence. Odours from organic gunk on the different surfaces is an instant turn-off. You can’t simply expect them to understand that ‘some kids of dirt are difficult to remove’. Regardless of the type of surfaces in question, they need thorough cleaning to portray them in their best possible light – and you can get that by bringing the professionals on board to handle it. 

Sure, the daily vacuuming and mopping is important, but there are bound to be stubborn dirt spots and stains that accumulate over time – defying the conventional floor cleaning measures that are carried out. Professional teams have access to a wider range of chemicals – even those that are not readily sold over the counter due to regulatory limits, and these are only available to licensed operators due to their sensitivity during application. This, coupled with the industrial-grade autoscrubbers, buffers, and drying systems that are used for the floor cleaning, enable the professionals to carry out the task to quality standards, restoring the lost attributes of your floor. 

Having high cleanliness standards has the welcome bonus of increasing the productivity in your workplace by improving staff morale. After all, they want to see that the area in which they spend most of the hour of their day in has been well taken care of. In addition to the positive psychological impact, the floor cleaning also aids in improving the health and hygiene standards of the workplace, translating into fewer sick-days being taken by the staff. 

  • Safer cleaning

Wet floors – especially in high traffic areas, are prime ground for slip and fall accidents. However, following strict safety protocols, including crowd control and setting up warning signage, goes a long way in preventing such issues from occurring. Additional measures such as deploying drying systems to even the types of chemicals used matters, and the requirements when applying them on the floor. Working with potent agents doesn’t mean that the indoor airspace needs to end up being a toxic environment for the rest of the occupants. There are situations that will call for particular sections of the building to be sealed off from traffic until the process is complete due to the kinds of solutions that are being used. All this comes into focus when ensuring that the floor cleaning has been done appropriately. 

Maintaining Floors In High Traffic Areas

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