Marble Floor Cleaner

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Marble Floor Cleaner

Marble Floor Cleaner


A marble floor is a floor for life. It looks naturally beautiful, is durable and long lasting and it requires very little care and maintenance. The only important thing about marble floors is the regular maintenance. No fancy tools are required, no fancy chemicals are required and very little time is needed. The secret is to use marble cleaning products and maintainers designed specifically for marble floors.


Most types of marble floors, including travertine tiles are sealed or polished when fitted. Special diamond pads are used to remove imperfections and to enhance the natural gloss of the stone. This beautiful shine will last for very long periods of time if cleaned right. So what marble cleaning products are the best?


Faber Neugel is the ideal marble and natural stone cleaner. Faber Neugel is highly concentrated and it does not contain strong chemicals that can burn or damage the polished surface of the floor. Faber Neugel is one of the most popular marble cleaners and maintainers in the world. 1 L of Faber Neugel should last for up to 6 months in a home with 50-100 sq meters of marble. After each clean, the floor will look cleaner, shinier and more elegant. You can just add the product to a spray mop or a standard mopping solution and you can wash your floors as usual. Flat mops are much better than cotton mops.


Faber 30 Marble Floor Cleaner & Degreaser – outstanding cleaning power, outstanding durability and magic results guaranteed. Many people who have marble floors use Faber 30 to deep clean the marble floor once per month and then they maintain the surface with Faber Neugel. Faber 30 is powerful degreaser and grout cleaner. It will break dirt instantly and will lift up dirt deposits from natural stone floors. To be diluted in warm water 1 to 100 before use. Very dirty marble floors will require pre-soaking before cleaning.


There are other brands of universal floor cleaners that are recommended for marble and natural stone floors but you need to be very careful. Some universal floor cleaners will leave residue on the floor and this residue will cover the grout and will trap grout dirt under it. Over time, your beautiful marble floor will look dull, patchy and cheap. Always use a well established marble cleaning product that has a good of reputation and proven results. We all know that most of the beautiful marble is coming from Italy so it is not hard to assume that Italian marble cleaning products are top class.


Never ever use acidic floor cleaners or bleach based cleaning agents on marble. Keep a flat mop for marble only and a flat mop for all other types of floors. Many types of flat mops have colour coded mop heads for exactly this reason. To avoid confusion and accidents.


Start your marble care and marble maintenance from today. Extend the life expectancy of your marble floor. Have beautiful glossy floors for longer


Marble Floor Cleaner

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