Marble Floor Cleaning

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Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble Floor Cleaning


Marble is one of the most beautiful and durable stones you can buy. Most of the Roman and Greek temples had marble floors. This type of floor was made to last and even today, after thousands of years the old marble floors in some of the most important buildings in Rome and Athens, look like new.

Marble tiles are available in hundreds of colours and types. The most famous and some of the most beautiful marble floor tiles come from Italy. Even Italian marble is divided per areas with the south of Italy producing some of the most amazing marble. Marble floors used to be a product designed for the rich market only or for public buildings. Times have changed and marble floors have become much more available to a wider market. More and more people are using quality marble floors that can make an average house look brilliant. Also, the techniques for maintenance and the marble floor cleaning technology has dramatically changed. The times when floors were being polished by the shoes of the prayers are long gone and the days of diamond pad polishing are here to stay.


In order to prolong the natural beauty of marble it needs to be properly maintained. Some homeowners are not even aware that they own very expensive marble floors and they use bleach or other very corrosive chemicals to clean it. Many times we were asked to quote for the cleaning of cheap floor tiles only to discover that the tiles were actually marble and the owner of the house had not known of the quality of their floors. Also, the marble floor cleaning process is very slow and very costly. But the most important thing to know is that this is a process, it can take a few visits and hours of buffing before the results will appear.

Our company provides two types of marble floor cleaning & polishing.

Chemical polishing – this type of marble floor cleaning will require a deep clean to remove all the dirt and build up of lime and grease. The next operation is the scratch removal operation. We will use special diamond pads to remove most of the scratches from the marble surface. The last operation is marble sealing & polishing. A very strong sealant will be applied to your floors. This sealant will protect against spillages and high traffic wear off. How long this polish will last is dependent upon usage and traffic. More traffic means the polish will wear off faster.


Diamond polishing – this type of marble floor cleaning and polishing system will do what the prayers used to do with their shoes in the old roman/greek temples, but at faster speeds. Using different pad grits we will basically remove all the scratches from the floors and then using some of the finest polishing pads and high speed buffers we will get the natural shine out of the stone. This is a slow process and after achieving the natural look it also has to be maintained. Marble floors require periodic buffing and we would highly recommend that all customers buy their own buffer. A once per month buff is a must.


I know that will sound like a company looking for business but my advice for any marble floor owner is not to attempt to polish their own floors. Unless you have a slow speed buffer, a high speed buffer, a wet vac, a set of diamond pads and the knowledge required.

Here is a list of “do nots” with your marble floors:

-do not use bleach, hard acids or wire brushes on your floors

-do not drop sharp things on your marble floor

-do not polish the floor with the wrong pad

-do not allow anyone to work on your floors

-do not keep dogs on marble floors

-do not steam wash chemically polished marble floors


Here is a list of “do” with your marble floors:

-do wash your floors once per week using soft neutral floor cleaners

-do buff your floors once per month (cheap used buffers can be found online 400 rpm)

-do use covers on chairs legs

-do use specialists and ask for insurance


With hundreds of marble floors completed each year we can truly say that we know what we are talking about. The process is slow and as we said earlier it could take few visits before the magic results can be visible.

Marble floor cleaning – Pricing:

Depending on what kind of finish is required the price can vary. Chemical marble floor cleaning & sealing will work out cheaper because the stone will be as shiny as the sealant. This process will be completed much faster and much cheaper. Diamond marble floor cleaning & polishing : this type of cleaning will require very expensive buffer pads (90€ each – few required per 50 m2 floor), very slow speed buffers and huge amounts of workmanship. 1 sq meter of tile will require about 1 hour to get the good results. If you have 40 sq meter – do the maths.

Our company is fully insured and highly recommended. We work with domestic and commercial customers. Our marble floor cleaning techniques have proven to be the most efficient. All our fully trained marble specialists are at your service and thousands of hours work experience is only one click away. We have reduced all our marble polishing prices to a more affordable level due to huge investment in some of the best technologies and tools. No job is too small or too big. We do not clean or polish marble walls. On our website ( you will find a list of our latest marble cleaning projects. You can contact any of them for a good review.


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