Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

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Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning


What is marmoleum flooring?

Marmoleum is a new revolutionary type of flooring , similar with the vinyl but much more eco friendly. It comes in hundreds of colours and types and it is highly recommended for hospitals , schools , old folks houses, etc. If all the marmoleum floor cleaning technology is respected this type of floor will last you forever. Marmoleum floors are very expensive to buy and fit but its long lasting life will pay back in time. There are few types of marmoleum floors and looks like every few years a new type of it is becoming “the thing you must have”. Marmoleum flooring use to come in big sheets that could be cut it down to the size required but this has created a big problem , a full roll of marmoleum flooring can cost thousands of euro and is only sold in a full roll. Most of the marmoleum flooring contractors use to be left out pocket buy buying a full roll of a un commune colour just to use half of it and then having to keep the other half in storage for years. So marmoleum tiles were invented. Marmoleum tiles come in boxes of 1-5 square meters and beside being cheaper to buy it is also cheaper to fit.Also , you are left with few left over and whatever is extra can be returned to the shop. The next type of marmoleum flooring was the click on marmoleum tiles. This type of marmoleum flooring can be fitted even by people with no DIY  experience.

How is marmoleum floor fitted?

Marmoleum flooring can be fitted on any type of hard base. A very important thing that most of the people ignore is the under floor preparation that can cost as much as the floor itself or even more. The base of the floor has to be levelled up with special self levelling products and only the floor is 100% flat the marmoleum flooring installation can start. Any imperfection on the floor will be very visible after the floor was installed. This type of flooring is working out very expensive for a private person and I belive there are better option put there. A living room 5m by 5m it can cost up to 2000€ to have it prepared and fitted with marmoleum flooring. For this kind of money there are so many other options. Marmoleum flooring will look nice and clean for a long time only if is sealed and buffed on a regular basis.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Marmoleum floor cleaning and sealing is the most important thing to know and do after the floor was fitted.  A shortage of marmoleum contractors has helped many cowboys to get in to this trade. Having people aimed at one thing , the fast profit , has helped many schools , hospitals , etc lose big money. Unlike other solid floors , the marmoleum flooring has to be sealed after installation. At least 3 coats of marmoleum sealant has to be applied to your floors and then the floor will need at least one buff per week. People are not advised about marmoleum floor cleaning and within only few months after the installation the floor will start wearing off and looking old and dull. If 3 coats of polish is done and buffed this will build up a protective surface on your floor and whatever spillage happens it won`t damage the floor. Acidic foods and bleach are the biggest danger for marmoleum.  After a food spillage the floor need to be deep cleaned fast. Most of the people don’t know this. The cleaners in this places are washing the floors with acidic chemicals thinking this is the most efficient way but instead of cleaning the floor they damage the floor glazing. Marmoleum floor cleaning needs to be done daily using a non acidic chemical (neutral). It can be done with a wet mop or using a machine with a red pad or very soft brush. Weekly buffing sessions need to take place to remove all the marking from the floor. There is not point spending  100€ per square meter of marmoleum flooring if you don’t plan to treated with respect.

Our company is contacted , on a daily basis , by places where marmoleum flooring was fitted years ago and because the floor wasn’t sealed it has changed colour . This places are in big trouble now because re-painting marmoleum floors can cost big money and the state is not providing  the finance. The blaming game starts between the contractors and the clients. Some places don’t even have a buffer on site.


Things to do to protect your marmoleum flooring:

-seal the floor next day after the installation or ask the contractor to do it for you

-buy a buffer (second hand ones are cheap)

-buff the floor with red pads only (black,brown,green pads are not for polishing)

-avoid using shoes with sharp hills

-put protective rubber shoes on your chairs & tables

-do not use acidic chemicals when marmoleum floor cleaning is done

-do not drag things on the floors

-do not put rubbish bins on the floor (spillage can stain the floors)

-have professional doing a deep marmoleum floor cleaning once per year


Things to don’t do when you have marmoleum floors:

-polish the floors with wood or other waxes

-apply polish in the top of a dirty surface

-over polish the floors

-buff the floors with the wrong pads

-wash the floors with bleach

-use the wrong stripper to remove the polish (or leave the stripper on the floor for too long)


It is very important to check out your marmoleum fitter or marmoleum floor cleaning company. Have a look to see if they have any references or if they post a list of their customers / latest projects in their website. Also don’t be afraid to call and have a chat with their customers. A phone call can save you thousands in damages. Our company , is doing all this. A long list of our marmoleum floor cleaning customers is posted on our website. We also post a long list of our customers , for your peace of mind. Our marmoleum floor cleaning services are fully insured and guaranteed.  We have written down this article to make people aware of the risk of doing or not doing some jobs to protect your floors.


For more information regarding marmoleum floor cleaning or marmoleum floor stripping & polishing please contact us at 014440146

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