Surface Care With The Faber Neutral Cleaner 1L

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Surface Care With The Faber Neutral Cleaner 1L

Surface Care With The Faber Neutral Cleaner 1L

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Protecting the different surface in your premises entails carrying out the routine cleaning, where the goal is to get rid of the dirt that keeps accumulating on a daily basis. When looking for detergents to use for this, different factors come into play. For starters, how potent is the cleaner, especially with its effect on the dirt and grime? Can it effectively get rid of the dirt and grime that is caked onto the surfaces? Next is the compatibility of the formulation with the particular surface in question, since you don’t want to damage the different structures in the course of cleaning them. What about the brand? How reliable is the company that manufactures the cleaning agent that you’re considering? Here, we will take a dive into a leading product in surface care – the Faber Neutral Cleaner 1L.

Daily Cleaning Made Easier

Here you have a natural detergent that has been formulated for the routine maintenance and natural stone surfaces, their agglomerates, as well as materials like cotto. The Faber Neutral Cleaner acts effectively against the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the surfaces, right through to the grout widths, enabling you to get rid of the contents and restore the charm to your installations. The formulation delivers the two-level cleaning without putting the structural integrity of the installation at risk.

One key worry about conventional detergents is how they commonly leave behind patina or residue on the surface. Not only does this dull the installation, but it also acts as a dirt agent, causing the affected area to be soiled much more quickly. Since the Faber Neutral Cleaner does not contain any wax or similar agents, it does not form a patina on the surface, and there also won’t be any residue to worry about.

You want to walk into a space and feel all vibrant and invigorated. Scent plays a role in this. This formulation sets a pleasant fragrance to the space. This gives you the all-round effect of clean surfaces and a freshly-scented interior space, enhancing the ambience. 

The Faber Neutral Cleaner is ideal for both outdoor and indoor surfaces – even nourishing the material that it has been applied on. You can use it for the day-to-day cleaning of limestone, granite, marble and other natural stone installations, the likes of concrete, cementina and molten basalt, all through to agglomerates such as marble-resin surfaces. It’s a tough-acting cleaner that remains gentle on the underlying surface. 

Costs are underlying also a key factor, especially for cleaning, where the formulations need to be economical to keep up with the building maintenance requirements. With the Faber Neutral Cleaner, you get to reduce the strain on your cleaning budget. For starters, it has a pocket-friendly price tag, where you benefit from the economies of scale of the company that has pumped loads of capital into its production lines that serve clients across the different contents. You can get the cleaner in 1L bottles or 5L cans, depending on the particular needs of the residential or commercial premises – and each litre of product gets to be used on 900 to 1100m² of surface. Add this to the value you get from maintaining clean surfaces, warding off the wear effects caused by the dirt and grime, to keep the installations in optimal condition for longer. This enables you to avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road, contributing to the savings that you make by incorporating the Faber Neutral Cleaner into the building maintenance program. 

Fast Application

For those surfaces that require frequent cleaning, time is of the essence. You want to work with products that will reduce the amount of time needed during application and drying, to minimise the disruption to your premises. The quick and easy application of the Faber Neutral Cleaner makes this a reality. 

Vacuuming, dusting or sweeping surfaces before you proceed to clean them is advised. This clears away the loose residue that is on the different areas, enabling the action of the Faber Neutral Cleaner to be fully applied on the stubborn grime that clings to the surface. 

The formulation comes ready to use, and won’t need to be mixed with other chemicals. However, since it is concentrated, you will need to dilute it with clean water. 

For the dilution:

  • Use 2-3 capfuls of the product with 5 litres of water when you’re dealing with natural stone or cotto installations as well as other surfaces that are more absorbent.
  • 1 capful of the Faber Neutral Cleaner is mixed with 5L of water for cases where you’re handling less absorbent surfaces. 

Proceed to apply this solution on the target surface, using your preferred cleaning equipment. For instance, when working on kitchen countertops, you can use a cloth, while for the floors in homes a mop will suffice. In commercial spaces that call for more advanced equipment, units like single disc machines or wet & dry cleaning systems can be used. Here the choice will depend on your particular situation. Any tools that are used for the process can be washed with water afterwards. 

With the Faber Neutral Cleaner, you will not need to rinse the surface. This is because a properly diluted solution doesn’t leave behind any residue, so remember to stick to the recommended dilution ratios. Avoiding using the cleaner when it is in high concentrations since this brings about the risk of build-up.

The surface will be ready to use after it dries. The quick application of the Faber Neutral Cleaner is particularly handy in minimising disruptions to the home or business space, which is a key element when dealing with surfaces that need to be cleaned on a frequent basis. 

Recommendation: Test out the product in a small inconspicuous area before proceeding to use it on the whole surface. This is especially if you’re not sure whether it will be safe for your particular installation. Assess the requirements, and when satisfied with the outcome, you can proceed to use the Faber Neutral Cleaner to wash the rest of the area. 

Surface Care With The Faber Neutral Cleaner 1L

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