Tips & advices


  1. If you are not sure what you are doing please dont do it! Using acid based cleaning products on wood floors will cause irreparable damage and cost you alot more money in replacement costs. Hire a good cleaning company and get the job done properly.
  2. Do not buff marmoleum floors after heavy snows! The salt put on the roads by the council will attach to your shoes and go on your floor. Using the buffer and water with salt will destroy your marmoleum floors.
  3. Do not use sharp tools to clean your tiles & marble floors.
  4. Do not use a mop to wash wood floors. Use a soft wet pad.
  5. Hoover the floors before washing. Not doing so you will only move the dirt from one side to the other one
  6. Not all the floors can be sanded and re-varnished so before doing so make sure your floor is solid wood.
  7. Dont pull furniture or anything else on wood floors, one pull and the floor is destroyed. Use special pads under legs of furniture.
  8. If you steam wash your tiles dont keep the steamer to close to the grout
  9. Replace your mop head once per month and do not use the same mop for all the floors
  10. Bleach is ok for tiles floor but it will burn other types of floors
  11. Only use ” neutral ” cleaning products for wood floor cleaning
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