Vinyl Floor Cleaning

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Dublin Floor Cleaning provides professional vinyl floor cleaning services in Dublin and the surrounding area.  All our vinyl floor cleaning services are fully insured and highly recommended.  We aim to provide quality vinyl floor cleaning services at affordable prices. No point providing a good service if no one can afford it. So how do we do it?

-we have invested in some of the most professional vinyl floor cleaning machines

-we have trained our vinyl floor cleaning specialists to a very high level

-we use only the most efficient vinyl floor cleaning products

-all our vinyl sealants & polishes are top of the range

-we are punctual, friendly and very professional

With more and more commercial customers using our vinyl floor cleaning services we have reduced our pricing to a level that our competition cannot do. By hiring Dublin Floor Cleaning to do your vinyl floor cleaning you will be assured of fair and professional advice, 24 hours/7 days per week opening times and flexibility. Our vinyl cleaning specialists will adapt to your requirements and we will try to work within any budget if it can be done. Our main market is the pharmaceutical market and the educational. We clean and polish many vinyl floors for pharmacies and schools. All our vinyl floor cleaning estimates are provided free of charge and without obligation.

Vinyl floors are very hard and can last for a very long period of time if they are properly maintained. Depending on traffic, all vinyl floors need to be polished once in a while. The floors of a school will require 1-2 years between polishing. The floors of a kitchen will require 2-4 years gap between polishes. The floors of a nursing home will require 5+ years gap between polishes. More traffic less time the floor will stay clean.

Many people believe that polishing vinyl floors is very easy and that is why 50% of our business is repair work, repairing damage done to floors polished by amateurs. To achieve the mirror like finish on your vinyl flooring requires good tools, good strippers, good polish and highly experienced floor cleaners.  Use too much stripper to remove the old polish from your vinyl floors and you will change the colour of your floors for good.  Use dirty mops, dirty water or too much polish on the floors and you will hate your floors.

Vinyl floor cleaning :

After the polishing your vinyl floors will look nice and clean. How long it will stay like that depends on you. Only non acidic floor cleaning products should be used and red pads for polishing. Many people use green pads for polishing vinyl floors and this can damage the floors. Each time you clean your floors you will remove a bit of it. Red pads only. Darker colour pads are only for scrubbing. Daily cleaning is required on high traffic areas. Do not use blades or wire brushes on your vinyl floors. Avoid using high heels. Never wash your vinyl floors with bleach. It will make your floors white and it will burn the polish.

Vinyl floors comes in many varieties but all of it will requires more or less the same cleaning techniques. There are do and don`t s that apply to all plastic floors.

If you are interested in any of our vinyl floor cleaning services please contact us at 014440146.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

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