Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing

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Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing

Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing


Amtico floors are some of the fanciest and most durable floors ever manufactured. Amtico floors look great, are practical and very easy to maintain. Years back having amtico floors was synonymous with being rich, but times have changed and the new range of amtico floors are not as expensive as they used to be and some people would argue that the quality is not the same any longer. Amtico floors are a type of plastic floors that usually imitate other types of floors like laminate floors, natural stone floors, terrazzo floors, terracotta floors, etc. An amtico floor maintained regularly with proper products is guaranteed to outlast the property owner. One of the most cost effective and durable floors ever manufactured.


Amtico floors are perfect for high traffic areas and areas with high risk of spills and leaks. Many people have installed amtico floors in kitchens, halls & playrooms for this reason. But amtico floors also look amazing when installed in living rooms, dining rooms & entrance halls. There is an amtico floor for any type of traffic or personal preference. An amtico floor can be any color and any shape. Many property owners that have bought a second hand house with amtico floors already installed are not even aware that their “wooden” or “marble” floor is actually an amtico floor.


The most important thing to know about amtico floors is that it needs to be maintained with proper products and sealed with top quality sealers to enhance the look of the floor without actually making the floor look silly. We will detail below.


Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing | How do you polish amtico floors?


Polishing amtico floors is not hard. Anyone with a bit of common sense can do it. But polishing amtico properly with proper tools and durable water based floor sealers is not that easy. An amtico floor that imitates parquet floors (example only) is likely to imitate the floor to such perfection that even the gaps between the parquet pieces look real. All those imperfections (purposely done) can accumulate dirt and water. To prevent your amtico floor dulling up, you should have your amtico floors sealed and polished.


The Amtico brand has its own range of products that includes a heavy duty floor stripper, a floor dressing (floor polish) and a maintainer. These products are the ideal products for maintaining your amtico floor in top notch condition.


Amtico Floor Stripper | A heavy duty amtico dressing stripper and general water based floor polish remover. The product is highly active and with the recommended dilution rate, it can remove up to 3 coats of amtico dressing at once. This heavy duty floor stripper and sealer remover is the ideal product for removing old layers of water based floor sealer from all types of floors. It is essential that the product is diluted 1 to 20 before use. It can be used for residential and light commercial amtico floor stripping & polish removal projects.


Amtico Dressing | A water based satin sealer for all amtico floors. The product will restore the sheen and it will provide superior protection against traffic and spills. The new Amtico Dressing is a ready to use water based floor polish that requires no dilution. The product is fume free, it does not yellow and it is pretty easy to use. To be applied over a clean and dry amtico floor. It can also be used as an overcoat over a dull but in good shape coat of amtico dressing. A beautiful and natural looking water based floor polish compatible with all residential and commercial amtico floors. It is estimated that 1 L of Amtico Dressing will cover up to 40 sq meters of floor.


Amtico Maintainer | A low PH daily amtico floor cleaning and amtico floor maintainer. The new Amtico Maintainer is a top quality floor cleaner that requires dilution. It can be used in conjunction with any normal mop head or a flat mopping system. The product is gentle, safe and effective. It will help repair dull patches and imperfections. Use the new Amtico Maintainer for day to day cleaning of commercial amtico floors and residential amtico floors. The maintainer will level up small scratches that could otherwise attract dirt. Amtico products are not cheap but used with the recommended dilution, will last for very long periods of time.


Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing | Maintenance Issues


Maintaining and caring for your amtico floors is not hard at all. Wash it with Amtico Maintainer, seal it with Amtico Dressing & remove all the coating with Amtico Stripper. 3 basic products designed to make your life nice and easy. So what can go wrong?


  1. Over polishing – the new amtico dressing has no color. That means that the floor has to be spotless under the dressing. Whatever imperfection is on the floor now, it will be much more visible after the floor is polished. So before applying a new coat of amtico dressing, you need to make sure that the floor is in top notch condition or that the old sealers were removed in full before a new coat of dressing is applied. What most people do is to apply another coat of floor dressing over the old one without cleaning or stripping the floor. By doing so they trap dirt between the layers of amtico dressing and the floor ends up with a mixed cloudy coat polish. The floor might look glossy but the color dies and no one knows what type of floor it is.

  2. Very thick coats of dressing – two thin coats of amtico dressing is more than enough for your amtico floor. Building up 1 inch of floor polish on the floor will only create a number of never ending issues. The floor will scratch easily, it will look bad and it will look patchy. No need for that. Apply 2 coats of Amtico Dressing over a dry and clean surface. More than two coats is too much.

  3. Mats – many people love their amtico floors so much that they are in constant fear of them getting damaged. So to prevent any risk, they put mats all over the floor. By doing so it means that the floor sealer will wear off unevenly and it will look patchy. Areas under the mats will stay as new while the other areas will get damaged.

  4. Poor quality sealant removal job – removing an old layer of Amtico Dressing is not hard. But a bit of common sense is required. Dilute the Amtico Stripper as recommended, allow direct contact with the floor for 5-7 minutes, scrub the whole floor and extract the waste. Some areas might require a second stripping operation to have all old sealers removed. Assess the floor and only prepare for sealing it when the floor looks spotless, dry & sealant free.

  5. Harsh Chemicals – Amtico Maintainer is a great product but it is not the only cleaning product on the market that can clean and maintain amtico floors. But whatever product you decide to use, make sure that the product is PH neutral and is a maintainer. Using acidic or alkaline floor cleaning products can permanently damage your amtico floors.


Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing | Floor Cleaning Dublin


After 15 years of polishing and maintaining amtico floors, Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the most highly recommended and most in demand amtico floor polishing companies in Ireland. We specialize in full amtico floor restorations, deep cleaning, amtico floor stripping & amtico floor polishing. We deal with thousands of commercial amtico floor owners and thousands of residential amtico floor owners. We are very detailed, we are trustworthy and we know how to restore the original look of your floor without making it too shiny or too matt.


Floor Cleaning Dublin provides free no obligation estimates. We use some of the most durable and the most natural looking sealers. Our amtico floor cleaning & amtico floor polishing specialists are fully trained, highly skilled and covered by our insurance. So what can we do for you?


Over the years you have refreshed and repolished your amtico floors so many times. What used to be a beautiful elegant floor is now a dull and tired amtico floor. It looks hopeless and whatever you do, it is never as it used to be. Don`t worry, we are here to help you out.


Floor Cleaning Dublin will use heavy duty floor strippers to remove years of dirt, sealers & scratches. After we have finished with stripping, your amtico floor will look as new but a bit dull. After the surface is neutralized with professional floor cleaning products, we will prepare for polishing. An amtico floor without protection will scratch fast, it will stain easily and it will look dull and tired. Two coats of high traffic floor polish will restore the soft sheen and it will guarantee full protection against the elements.


While most people can remove a few coats of floor polish and re-polish an amtico floor, there are situations where DIY tools are not strong enough and a project that looks easy peasy, can end up making the floor worse. For this kind of complex situation contact Floor Cleaning Dublin.


Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing | Maintenance


A newly polished amtico floor is pretty much a new floor. If you are washing your floors daily with neutral PH floor maintainers and if you are not making any of the common mistakes listed above, you should not have to re-polish your amtico floors for about 5 years. Of course, there are a number of factors that can increase or decrease the periods between the polishing. Commercial floors with very high traffic will require more work. Residential units with more than average traffic. People that own excited pets will also need to have their floors cleaned more often.


Book a free no obligation estimate with Floor Cleaning Dublin. Deal with the masters of Amtico Floor Cleaning in Dublin


Amtico Floor Cleaning | Amtico Floor Polishing 

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