Porcelain Floor Cleaning

Porcelain Floor Cleaning

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Porcelain Floor Cleaning


Porcelain floors are very popular because of their low maintenance and great gloss. A clean porcelain floor will lift up the whole place and it will create a clean feeling. Many commercial units and houses have had porcelain floors fitted for precisely this reason. The only issue with very glossy porcelain floors is the regular maintenance required. A porcelain floor is like glass. It will mark easily and all the dirt is visible on it but after a quick clean, the floor will look like new again.


Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in deep porcelain cleaning services and porcelain restoration services. We can deep clean any type of porcelain tiles and we can remove most types of small imperfections. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream to enhance the gloss and remove all types of staining and small imperfections from porcelain floors. We are very happy to quote for commercial porcelain floor cleaning and domestic porcelain floor cleaning services. All our work is fully insured


Porcelain Floor Cleaning – Grout Cleaning


Most universal floor cleaning products leave residue behind. Even if the porcelain floor looks nice and shiny, over time, the small amounts of residue will trap dirt under it and will create patchy areas. The same thing will happen on grout. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses heavy duty commercial floor cleaners and degreasers to break the dirt. Faber 30 Floor Degreaser is one of the most efficient cleaning products. After a deep clean, the grout between the tiles will be restored to a new like condition. In many cases people can`t believe that the grout is in such great condition.


Porcelain Floor Cleaning – Scratch Removal


Due to traffic, due to things being dragged on the floor or even from acidic cleaning products, the surface of your porcelain can become porous or scratched. These small imperfections can be fully restored with our magic Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream. The cream will penetrate the tile, it will fill up the imperfection and it will even up the floor. Only small to medium scratches can be removed. If the floor is very damaged, some tiles might require replacing.


Porcelain Floor Cleaning – Polishing


Due to its compact low absorbancy surface, chemical polishing of porcelain floors is not recommended. Dublin Floor Cleaning will polish your porcelain floor to a mirror like effect with Faber Universal Gloss. Beside the fact that the porcelain floor will look like new, it will also be fully protected against spillages and traffic. All Faber products enhance the natural beauty of the floor without creating artificial looking surfaces.


Why book our services?


  • We use Faber porcelain cleaners and creams

  • We can restore imperfections & damage

  • We are fully insured & highly recommended

  • We have been deep cleaning floors for over 12 years

  • We use only eco friendly cleaning products

  • We provide free no obligation estimates

  • We provide very affordable floor cleaning services

If your porcelain floor has lost its natural beauty or if areas with more traffic are looking duller than areas with less traffic, you need to call us fast. We can restore and refresh the floor in no time. A clean and glossy floor will be a great reflection on your business/home.


Porcelain Floor Cleaning