Clearing The Mess When Your Tenant Leaves

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Clearing The Mess When Your Tenant Leaves

Clearing The Mess When Your Tenant Leaves

As a landlord, your goal is to continue getting rental income from your property. This means that when the space is just sitting empty, you’re losing out on crucial revenue. When a tenant vacates the property, it needs to be revitalised and prepared for the new arrivals. The last thing you want is persons who are interested in the space coming over and finding stains all over, from the walls to the floors and bathrooms. As you conduct the open house and walk potential tenants through the premises, they will be picturing themselves living in the space, and you don’t want to discourage them with the odours and gunk covering the property. Every aspect of the premises should be covered, from countertops, windows, bathroom surfaces, all through to floor cleaning, removing the grime that had accumulated during the tenancy of the previous occupant.

Which Is Better – DIY or Hiring A Professional

The deep cleaning needed after a tenant leaves can be a laborious chore. No doubt you already have your diary packed with activities in your social and work life, that having to drop everything and give the house a top to bottom clean whenever it gets empty will be an inconvenience. What about what you’ll be walking into? Avoid the workload by getting a professional to handle cleaning.

  • Save your time and money

By outsourcing to the task to a team that has already invested in the equipment and personnel needed to handle the different aspects of the cleaning, you get to have the job completed in a fraction of the time that you would have taken originally the DIY route. You won’t have to spend loads of capital acquiring a wide range of equipment, from industrial-grade hot water extraction systems to automatic floor cleaning gear that covers expansive floor areas within a short time span. 

Moreover, when you get the cleaning done thoroughly from the word go, there will be less likelihood of complaints from tenants. After all, you don’t fancy having to put aspects of your life on hold to go and keep sorting out problems that arise. Keeping the property maintained to high standards ensures that the new occupants will have a smooth time, which in turn frees you to focus on other aspects of your life. 

  • Safe cleaning processes

The different surfaces and appliances have their unique cleaning measures. For instance, detergents used on the countertops are different from those required for the carpet and floor cleaning, especially with regards to the kinds of material being worked on. You want a cleaning program that gets rid of the dirt without putting the structural integrity of the surface being worked on at risk. This is with both the cleaning formulation involved, and the particular tools since some equipment can get abrasive and create scratches on the installations. For instance, natural stone floors like marble are durable, but can easily get scratched when abrasive floor cleaning tools are used. 

A common mistake done during the cleaning is using harsh chemicals, usually in a bid to combat the stubborn stains and dirt spots. That vinegar, ammonia-based solution or even lemon-based formulation that has been quickly whipped up can wreak havoc on the structures that are sensitive, like when it comes to hardwood and natural stone floor cleaning. Here, you need to work with formulations that are particularly suitable for the kind of surface in question, while still delivering the required power needed to extract those stubborn spots from the areas being worked on. This also extends to the equipment, such as during hardwood floor cleaning where the amount of water that gets to the surface needs to be controlled to avoid issues of water damage. The professionals are already well-versed with the different dirt and stain problems, and their experience when handling a large range of surfaces allows them to apply the most optimal approach while working in your premises. That way the interior space can be spruced up and ready for the new tenant that is to check into the property. 

Going for a highly-rated cleaning company that uses mild and eco-friendly solutions is also beneficial, reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting persons checking out the property during the open house, as well as new tenants, from chemical exposure and allergic reactions. These are companies that take intentional steps in ensuring that the products they use during the cleaning programs don’t pose a threat to the surrounding ecosystem – which is why you should ensure that you have asked the company representative that you are engaging about the kind of processes they used for the cleaning. 

  • Meet a high cleaning standard

A professional company wants to retain you as their client – so they ensure that they maintain standards when delivering their results. This includes taking you through the measures that will be implemented, answering queries that you may have, and following your instructions when working to achieve your goals in minimal time. Speaking of which, once you get satisfactory services from the cleaning company, having them on speed dial will enable you to get your space worked on quickly whenever you need it prepared for new tenants. 

Finally, by getting professional cleaning services for this task, you get to set the standard at which the new tenants will be needed to maintain the property. Showing them that you care about the premises, as well as including this in the tenancy agreements, will ensure that when they occupy the space, they will continue ensuring that it is well taken care of, thus protecting your property in the long haul. That way you get to avoid expensive repairs and renovations that would end up being required down the road, 

Get In Touch To Take Care Of Your Property

Do you want your residential space to receive a top-to-bottom clean? We’re here for you. Having been in the cleaning industry for years, we have dedicated teams working on the different aspects of the job – bringing the sparkle to windows, tackling the stains and grime spots, riddling bathrooms, scrubbing down walls, and delivering superior floor cleaning results. It’s all part of the package, geared towards ensuring that your property remains in optimal condition. 

Clearing The Mess When Your Tenant Leaves

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