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Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

We are regularly asked to recommend a professional hardwood floor cleaner at a great price. Many people fail to follow a proper floor cleaning and maintenance routine and when they realize that the floor looks bad after years or neglect they just want to order a heavy duty hardwood floor cleaner to sort out the problem. But the word “hardwood” floor cleaner is very broad and it can be a lot of things. Before recommending a good quality hardwood floor cleaner we will need to establish a few facts. There is no point buying a heavy duty hardwood floor cleaner if you do not have the right technology to use it or if it is not suitable for your particular type of hardwood finish.


  1. What type of floor do you own? Is it hardwood, a semi solid or a laminate floor?

  2. What type of finish is on the floor? Hardwax, floor oil, lacquer, floor polish?

  3. What is the condition of the floor right now and what type of dirt is on it?

  4. What kind of tools are you likely to use?

  5. Have you ever deep cleaned a wooden floor before?

  6. Are there many stains on the floor itself?

  7. Do you have any photos of the floor?

  8. Have you ever refreshed or repolished the wooden floor?


Getting an answer to all these questions will enable us to recommend the most suitable product for your hardwood floor. Ah sure anything good will do, does not work in this case. Using an oiled floor cleaner on a lacquered wooden floor is 100% pointless, inefficient & time wasting. 


  1. What type of floor do you own? This sounds like a silly question but most hardwood floor owners haven’t got a clue about what type of floor they own. In many cases the homeowner has moved into an already built house so he or she is assuming that their floors are real. But the wood floor industry has evolved dramatically over the years and nowadays it is harder than ever to tell the difference between hardwood, engineered wood floors, amtico floors, laminate floors or in some cases, ceramic tiles that imitate wood to great detail. A hardwood floor or real wood floor would be a thick piece of wood that can take a great amount of scrubbing and pressure. A semi solid or engineered wood floor is basically a tiny sheet of wood attached to a piece of plywood. An engineered wood floor could be as thin as 2-3 mm or as thick as 1 cm. A very thin engineered wood would not be able to handle the weight of a heavy floor buffer or a heavy duty hardwood floor cleaner. Then the laminate floors. A laminate floor is not wood. It is just a soft base glazed with a protective coat. Some laminates look 100% like real wood but the floor is much softer and it cannot handle water at all. A damaged laminate floor cannot be restored, sanded or recoated. It has to be replaced. We have a number of products for all of the above types of floors, but if you are on the market for something good and efficient, we need to establish what type of flooring you actually own.

  2. As we have already said above, the wood floor industry has transformed a lot over the past few years. All types of finishes are getting better, more realistic and more similar with each other. Even for us it is sometimes hard to differentiate between matt water based floor lacquers and hardwax oil. It just looks and feels the same. But the difference in cleaning products cannot be more different. This is the most important thing to establish, what type of floor sealer was used to protect your floor? Nothing is not an option. Pretty much all types of floors are sealed with something regardless of the fact that you can or can’t see it. In Ireland, most of the hardwood floors and semi solid wood floors fitted before 2000-2005, are likely to be sealed with a floor lacquer. The new types of floors that are very fashionable right now, are usually sealed with a natural floor oil or a hardwax oil. Most people seem to be going for the more natural looking finishes right now even if the level of maintenance and care is much higher. But to make the matter even more complicated, the new water based floor lacquers look just like the floor oils. You really need to have an eagle eye to be able to spot the differences. Using a heavy duty lacquered hardwood floor cleaner on an oiled floor could cause serious damage on the floor while using an oiled floor cleaner on a lacquered floor will just not work at all. In fact it can make the floor very slippery and patchy. 

  3. The condition of the floor is also a very important matter before we could recommend a hardwood floor cleaner. If the floor is still in decent shape but not perfect, we can actually recommend a low PH floor maintainer to sort out the job. For wooden floors in average condition but in need of a bit of TLC we can recommend a stronger ready to use hardwood floor cleaner. For wooden floors in very poor shape we can recommend our amazing range of heavy duty hardwood floor cleaners suitable for commercial wood floor cleaning and after renovation floor cleaning projects. There is no need to use the strongest hardwood floor cleaner to remove a few spots on a spotless hardwood floor. Our floor cleaning specialists can assess the condition of your floor from one picture and they can recommend the most suitable hardwood floor cleaner.

  4. A mop and a bucket is usually not enough to deep clean a floor. In some cases where the dirt has managed to penetrate the wood very deep, a much more aggressive approach is needed. We recommend the use of flat mopping systems and aggressive flat mop heads instead of a standard mop head. The word aggressive does not mean floor sanding discs, but microfiber flat mop heads fitted with a scourer to be able to lightly scrub the floor. In the case of a large commercial wooden floor, a scrubber drier could be the best option. The way you apply the hardwood floor cleaner  1. Pre-spray to soften up the dirt 2. Light scrub and soft dirt agitating 3. Waste extraction. The basic flat mopping system is more than enough for 1-2 rooms but for larger floor areas, more complex tools are required.

  5. If you have not deep cleaned hardwood floors before then you need to pay attention to details. First of all you need to understand that wood and water do not match well. Of course you will need to use some water to wash the floor but just enough to be able to soften up the dirt without over soaking the wood. While the water on the top of the wood is not a problem, the water that leaks between the joints can cause serious problems by expanding the wooden floor and creating movement on the wood itself. The secret is to use the most appropriate wood floor cleaner and as little water as possible. Also, speed is essential when dealing with wooden floors. The water that penetrates deep inside the wood is likely to take a while to dry, so you won’t be able to apply refreshers and sealers while the floor is still wet. A professional wood scrubber drier is likely to spray the wood fast, scrub and extract the water within a few seconds. The water has no time to penetrate the wood before being extracted by the squeegee. Universal floor cleaners are not suitable for cleaning wood. These products are likely to leave a residue on the surface of the wood that can make the wood floor sticky.

  6. An unsealed wooden floor is likely to absorb a lot of stains. While some stains can be easily removed, others are there for good. A good local stain remover like Carver Net Parquet can really help you out. This product is highly efficient and can be used on individual areas without negatively affecting the rest of the floor. Most heavy duty hardwood floor cleaners are great stain removers as well but some stains are permanent. Spilling red wine on an unsealed wooden floor is likely to leave a permanent stain. Sometimes, even after the floor gets sanded, the red stain will still be visible. 

  7. A great photo is worth 1000 words. This is the first thing we ask our customers to provide. From a basic photo we can create a strategy for your floor cleaning project. From a photo we will be able to tell if the floor was oiled or lacquered, what type of stains are on it and what would be the best product and also, if there is any chance of restoring it without having to fully sand the floor and resealing it. 

  8. Many people clean and refresh their wooden floors regularly. For these people we can recommend the best products and the most innovative sealers. But alot of our customers have never refreshed or polished a wooden floor. For this kind of customer we have a step by step refreshing course.

A..Oiled floors | If we have established that your floors were oiled, then you need to be fully aware that all oiled floors require regular refreshing. Your oiled floor was sealed with a blend of organic oils and enhancers. The oils’ main job is to protect your wooden floor against humidity and dirt penetration. But the sealers have a limited life expectancy and from time to time (usually 6 to 12 months), the protective coat has to be refreshed. Basically a special maintenance oil will be applied to the surface to top up lost sheen caused by regular washing, sunlight and traffic. Higher traffic on the floor, more refreshing is required. Ignoring the refreshing routine will end up costing you thousands of euros. 

The whole floor has to be washed nicely with a professional quality oiled floor cleaner. Many brands, like Carver, Bona & Tover are selling those products online. The oiled floor cleaner will help remove dirt residue from the floor surface and it will prepare the surface for refreshing. About 1 hour after the floor is washed with a professional oiled floor cleaner, you should be able to start refreshing. You can use a water based oiled floor protector, you can use professional maintenance oil or you can use a hardwax oil refresher. For the first 2 options all you need is a flat mopping system and an application pad while for the 3d option, a floor buffer will provide the best results. Just use tiny amounts of the product moving up and down the fiber of the wood until the wood has absorbed it in full. Allow 1-4 hours to dry and the floor is ready to use for the next 6 months. The more traffic on it, the more regularly the floor will need refreshing.

B. Lacquered Floors | Refreshing and polishing a lacquered wood floor is nice and easy. All you need to decide is what level of sheen is required and what type of traffic the floor gets and you are ready to go. Use a heavy duty hardwood floor cleaner to deep clean and degrease the surface. A spotless looking wooden floor could have a thin layer of grease that will prevent the surface from absorbing the wood floor polish. Pre-spray the floor, allow direct contact for 5 minutes, scrub nicely and dry the floor with a flat microfiber flat mopping system. Allow 1 hour to dry and proceed to polishing. Pour some refresher on the floor itself, soak the microfiber applicator pad on it and move up and down along the fiber of the wood until the whole floor looks wet but not soaked. Usually, 1 coat of water based floor polish will do the job but more coats can be applied. Commercial wooden floors can also be buffed with a medium speed floor burnisher to enhance the gloss. That’s it. Job completed. 


Now that you have a fair idea of how to do it, you need to make sure that you are using the most suitable wood floor cleaners and refreshers possible. Not all the products are the same and not all the hardwood floor cleaners will provide the same results. Below, we will list a number of products that are guaranteed to help you out and also the keep your costs low:


Oiled Floor Cleaners 

Oiled Floor Cleaners 
Oiled Floor Cleaners


Carver Deterol | This product is highly underrated! A professional oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer from Carver. This product is suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of all types of oiled and waxed floors, but it can also be used for deep cleaning projects. 100% safe, it reacts with the dirt and it relaxes the dirt so it can be easily extracted. The amazing Carver Deterol is highly concentrated and a 1L bottle usually lasts for up to 1 year in a domestic 3 bedroom house. The product has no perfume, is food certified and the results it provides are unequalled. The new Carver Deterol is highly popular with the professional floor cleaning industry because of its efficiency.


Carver Deter Parquet | Another premium quality oiled & lacquered floor cleaner that can provide outstanding results on all floor finishes. As you can see, there are products compatible with oiled and lacquered floors, but not the sealers. The sealers cannot be used on both types of finishes. Carver Deter Parquet is highly active, highly efficient and due to its low cost, very popular with the floor cleaning industry. The product has great degreasing qualities and it requires a dilution of 1 to 100 before use. Safe to use on residential hardwood floors and also commercial wood flooring. 


Tover Deteroil | A low PH daily oiled floor cleaner suitable for cleaning and maintaining all types of oiled floors. A highly concentrated oiled floor cleaner that can be successfully used for cleaning oiled floors before refinishing it. It does not leave a residue, is based on a blend of organic coconut oils & it will provide results fast. Tover Deteroil is highly popular with the residential users. To be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water and to be used in  conjunction with a standard mop or a flat mopping system. 


Bona Cleaner | This super heavy duty hardwood floor cleaner can be used for heavy duty hardwood floor cleaning and surface preparation. The product is compatible with oiled floors and lacquered floors. The new formula Bona Cleaner is a highly active hardwood floor cleaner that is capable of removing years of impregnated dirt deposits, stains, grease, fat, grime, etc, without affecting the floor finish. The product is usually used by commercial floor cleaning specialists for really heavy duty hardwood floor cleaning projects. It can be used with a scrubber drier or in conjunction with a standard mopping system. A low cost but highly effective hardwood floor cleaner and hardwood restorer.


Bona Soap | A low PH but very effective oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer from Bona. The product is incredibly cost effective due to its very high dilution rate. It can be used for day to day hardwood floor cleaning and surface preparation before applying the maintenance oil. Bona Soap will leave the surface spotless, slightly refreshed and streak free. A product highly recommended for treating and maintaining very sensitive oiled floors. 


Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner | Probably the best known oiled floor cleaner in the world. The product is sold in spray bottles and 2.5 L refills. The amazing Bona OIled Floor Cleaner is a residue free oiled floor cleaner that has superior cleaning qualities and also refreshing qualities. Used regularly, it will maintain the oiled floor in a top notch condition. The product is ready to use and is PH neutral. The ideal product for washing the floor before having it restored or maintained.


Carver Net Parquet | This outstanding product is not a floor cleaner at all. But instead is the world no 1 hardwood stain remover. It has to be used for particular areas to remove bad stains. The product is highly active and very effective. It can get rid of all kinds of impurities fast like black shoe marks, food stains, epoxy residue, glues, silicone & other types of residue. It enables the user to achieve spectacular results on lacquered and oiled floors that otherwise would have been left on the floor. 


Varnished / Lacquered Hardwood Floor Cleaners


Before applying a water based floor polish, a refresher or a restorer, you should deep clean the floor to make sure that the hardwood is spotless. Any imperfection and any impurity will be very visible under the sealer. Here is a short list of products that will help you achieve exactly that:


Carver Deter Parquet | 100% safe and 100% efficient. One of the best hardwood floor cleaners ever invented. This product is amazing. A quick wash with a flat mopping system and the wood surface will look amazing. It is capable of breaking apart years of deposited dirt without negatively affecting the sealer. Carver Deter Parquet is safe, highly concentrated and highly cost effective. It can also be used in conjunction with a scrubber drier to clean large commercial floors. Nothing provides better results on hardwood floors than the amazing Carver Deter Parquet.


Tover Pulito Hardwood Floor Cleaner | This is a soft hardwood floor cleaner that can work nicely on medium dirty wood floors. If the wood is not that bad but it requires a light touch up, then the ideal product for your hardwood floor cleaning project is the new formula Tover Pulito Hardwood Floor Cleaner. The surface will be left spotless and ready for polishing. The same product can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of the newly polished area. Amazing dilution rate, low PH, effective & very reasonably priced.


Bona Oxypower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner | This oxygenated hardwood floor cleaner is a unique product. It uses the power of oxygen to create a “bubbling” up effect on the wood. The oxygen particles penetrate the dirt and help exfoliate by creating the bubbling effect on the wood. 100% safe, highly effective and highly suitable for deep cleaning projects. Outstandingly efficient stain remover and surface restorer. A ready to use product that requires no dilution. For maximum results please use it in conjunction with Bona Oxypower Deep Cleaning Pad.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner | By far the world no 1 hardwood floor cleaner and hardwood floor maintainer. Usually, the new Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is used for day to day cleaning and maintenance but it can also be used for preparing the surface before polishing. A ready to use formula that can be used in conjunction with a flat mopping system (Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop) or with any type of flat mopping system without a spray. Do not mix it up with water and do not mix it up with any other hardwood floor cleaners. The new formula Bona Wood Floor Cleaner was designed to leave the floor spotless, streak free & residue free. 


Bona Cleaner | As described above, the amazing Bona Cleaner is suitable for use on oiled floors, lacquered floors, some laminates & even for tile cleaning. This unique product has impressive cleaning power and will transform a terrible looking hardwood floor into a spotless hardwood floor. No other type of hardwood floor cleaner can remove as much dirt in such a safe way. Very highly concentrated, slightly alkaline and highly popular with the commercial hardwood floor cleaning industry. If there is dirt on your wooden floors, Bona Cleaner will remove it. 


Of course there are a number of other hardwood floor cleaners out there, but the ones we have recommended are the ones we have used over the years and we are 100% certain that they will work. There are some very alkaline hardwood floor cleaners that will remove the dirt but can also remove the sealer from your floors. Some products require specific equipment, in depth knowledge and experience. What is the point of using so many hardwood floor cleaners when there seems to be some that work on oiled hardwood floors and lacquered hardwood floors? Well, some floors are in a very poor shape while others aren’t. Some hardwood floors are highly water sensitive while others aren’t. Some hardwood floors are full of nearly unremovable stains, while others are not. Some hardwood floor cleaners are low foam while others aren’t so they are not compatible with scrubber driers. Some hardwood floor cleaners are too active for residential use, while others aren’t. Some people prefer the use of highly concentrated hardwood floor cleaners while other people prefer a ready to use product. It is all about personal preference and the job requirements. 


Hardwood Floor Refreshers | Oiled Floors 


We use a number of refreshers or maintenance oils from a number of brands. Some are very easy to use but not as durable as others while some are a bit harder to use but provide much better protection. It all depends on the type of equipment you plan to use and amount of work you put in.


Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil | Floor Cleaning Dublin have been deep cleaning and restoring oiled floors for the past 17 years. We have never used a better product than the amazing Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil. This is a product in its own class. Affordable, easy to use and spectacular results guaranteed. This professional maintenance oil will penetrate the wood surface and it will rebuild the glazing. It looks special and the sealer is very durable. You can apply the amazing Carver Carsol Maintenance Oil with a flat mopping system, a cloth or low speed floor buffer. It covers on average 40-70 sq meters of floor per 1L. It all depends on the system used to apply it. 


Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil | Another quality product from Tover. Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil is a premium quality maintenance oil available in a clear and white finish. The product has an amazing coverage area and can be used by domestic and commercial users. It can be used in conjunction  with a flat mopping system, a cloth or of course, a low speed floor buffer. This product is fume free, fast drying and very reasonably priced. You do not need to be a highly skilled tradesperson to be able to use this product successfully. Like all other maintenance oils, the new Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil will provide between 6 months to 12 months of protection, depending on the level of traffic.


Carver Dergos | Now here is a unique product. Carver Dergos can be used as a day to day oiled floor cleaner and also as a refresher. With a higher dilution it will work as a cleaner and with no dilution at all, it will work as a refresher. A waterborne product available in a clear and a white finish. Regular cleaning with the amazing Carver Dergos will reduce the amount of refreshing your oiled floor needs. A professional oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor refresher that is highly popular with the residential cleaning market. There is no need to use a number of products to clean & refresh your oiled floors. 


Bona Hard Wax Floor Refresher | Bona is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oiled floor cleaners and maintenance products. The amazing Bona Hard Wax Floor Refresher is a superior maintenance oil but it requires a bit of extra work to apply it right. This product is very thick and it has to be used in tiny amounts in conjunction with a low speed floor buffer. Used with a cloth or applied very thick, it will take ages to dry and it will make the floor patchy looking and sticky. The new formula Bona Hard Wax Floor Refresher is best used by the professionals. The product provides unequalled results and durability. It looks natural and it can transform old and porose oiled floors into spectacular looking floors.


Bona Spray Oil Refresher | Here is an easy to use waterborne oiled floor refresher that requires little skill, little money and little effort. These are the main reason that the new Bona Spray Oil Refresher is one of the most popular oiled floor refreshers in the world. All you need to do is to spray the product all over the floor and then use a flat mop head ( Bona Applicator Pad or Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad) to level the refresher out. It fully dries within 1 hour and the surface will look streak free. The new Bona Spray Oil Refresher is not as durable as the oiled based refreshers and maintenance oil but is a quick and highly effective way of restoring and refreshing oiled floors. It can be used by anyone as often as needed.


Tover Lux Wax Floor Polish | Tover is a leading manufacturer of Italian hardwood floor finishes and maintainers. Tover manufacturers premium quality products known to transform wooden floors. The new Tover Lux Wax Floor Refresher is a waterborne oiled floor refresher that will restore and refresh all kinds of oiled and waxed floors. The product is available in a clear and a white finish. To be applied with a flat mopping system in a thick coat. It will fully dry within a few hours and it will repair all dull patches and imperfections on oiled floors. A low cost product that can really save you money and time!


Again, we have provided a lot of information about a number of different maintenance oils and oiled floor refreshers. It is entirely up to you to select the most suitable product for your particular requirements. If you own a floor buffer, then you can use a thick maintenance oil that requires buffing. If not, you can use a waterborne refresher that can be applied with a flat mopping system.


Hardwood Floor Refreshers | Lacquered Floors


In this section you are spoiled for options. Each brand of hardwood floor care products sells at least one amazing product. Below, we will detail some information about the best water based floor polishes, refreshers and restorers. 


Carver Pronto Water Based Wood Floor Polish | An elegant wood floor that used to have a soft sheen or a medium matt finish has to be sealed with a soft sheen or a matt finish. A super glossy water based wood floor polish will make that particular hardwood floor look cheap and silly. To avoid transforming your hardwood floor from a fancy and elegant looking wood into a cheap looking wood, please seal it with the new Carver Pronto Water Based Wood Floor Polish. This product combines a number of qualities that most other types of wood floor polishes do not have. The new Carver Pronto Water Based Wood Floor Polish has many qualities in one product. You can buy a water based wood floor polish, a refresher or a restorer from other brands but you will need 2-4 products, but if you buy the new Carver Pronto Water Based Wood Floor Polish you will have it all in one bottle. This product seals the wood surface to ensure full protection against water and liquids, it also covers up small scratches and dull patches & it restores the lost sheen. Apply it in 1-2 coats with a flat mopping system. Even better, the new Carver Pronto Water Based Wood Floor Polish is also suitable for high traffic commercial floors. Protect, seal & refresh all your lacquered wooden floors with one of the best, if not the best water based floor polishes from Carver. The product is ready to use and it does not require dilution. For regular maintenance jobs, it can be diluted 10%. For proper heavy duty recoating & refreshing it has to be used undiluted.


Bona Freshen Up | A heavy duty waterborne polyurethane wood floor refresher from Bona. One of the most durable and most popular waterborne sealers out there. This product is compatible with all lacquered, polished & varnished hardwood floors. Its main job is to refresh and restore badly damaged floors. The new Bona Freshen Up is slightly glossy and it can be applied with a flat mopping system. If your hardwood floor is patchy looking or dull in areas, 1-2 coats of Bona Freshen Up will sort it out. It covers on average 20 to 50 sq meters per 1 L depending on the type of hardwood and the condition of it. This product is highly popular with the commercial floor cleaning & floor polishing industry because of its amazing durability. This is not a water based floor polish that is being used to maintain hardwood floors but instead this product is a “restorer” that will repair imperfections. Because the product has a good level of sheen, it might not be suitable for repairing matt looking wooden floors, unless of course, you don’t mind a bit of sheen. The amazing Bona Freshen Up can be used to treat patches or full rooms, it all depends on the condition of the hardwood floor.


Bona Wood Floor Polish | Another professional quality product from Bona. Bona Wood Floor Polish is usually used to protect new finishes or newish finishes. Basically if you have just had new floors refinished and you do not want the new finish to get scratched, then you just apply a coat or two of Bona Wood Floor Polish and the traffic will not directly affect the original sealer. From time to time you can strip off the old sealer and apply a new coat. By doing so, you make sure that the floor lacquer remains intact. Bona Wood Floor Polish is available in a matt and glossy finish. Even the glossy finish is not that glossy so you should not worry about “glass” like finishes on your wooden floors. It can be applied with a flat mopping system over a clean and dry floor finish. On average, the new Bona Wood Floor Polish should cover 20 to 50 sq meters of floor per 1 L. The final coverage area will be affected by the smoothness of the floor itself and the skill of the applicator. Apply 1 to 2 coats with a break of about 1 hour between coats. 


Bona Wood Floor Refresher | A water based matt looking refresher for all kinds of lacquered or varnished wooden floors. The product has no sheen, it dries very fast and it provides years of protection. The new formula Bona Wood Floor Refresher is perfect for refreshing and maintaining residential floors. Apply 1-2 coats of the Bona Wood Floor Refresher with a flat mop and your floor will be fully refreshed for a number of years (traffic dependent). The residential market cannot get enough of this product. It does not alter the original look of the wood, it does not create artificial glazing and it is also pretty affordable. Individual areas can be treated with the Bona Wood Floor Refresher without having to seal the whole floor. The surface has to be spotless and dry before the product is applied.


Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic | An Irish manufactured extremely high traffic water based floor polish that will work a treat on commercial hardwood floors. This quick drying semi gloss water based hardwood floor polish will slightly glaze the floor with a protective coat. Many pubs, restaurants, gyms, offices, hotels, etc, use the new Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic to enhance the protection on their lacquered or varnished floors. This product can be used for regular maintenance or it can be used as the main sealer on very high traffic commercial hardwood floors. Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic also works well on laminate floors, ceramic tiles, all plastic floors, all concrete floors, terrazzo floors, etc. Very affordable and highly compatible with Irish weather. The most durable and the most natural looking water based wood floor polish available in the market.


Hardwood Floor Cleaners | Maintenance


Just because you just had your hardwood floors deep cleaned and restored by Floor Cleaning Dublin does not mean that your work is over and the floors will be protected for the next 100 years. Even the most durable hardwood floor sealer will not last forever. From this point on, you should make sure that your floors are washed regularly with proper wood care products and refreshed as often as needed. A newly refinished wooden floor can be fully damaged within a few months or it can stay nice and clean for as many years as you mind it. You can be sure that Floor Cleaning Dublin uses only premium quality hardwood floor cleaners and of course, the most innovative and the most durable sealers available. Our prices are clear and our work quality is guaranteed. Not all hardwood floors can be restored without sanding. If the wood is too damaged for us to be able to achieve decent results, we will inform you in good time. Our assessment is fair and clear. 


Hardwood Floor Cleaners | Floor Cleaning Dublin

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