Schedule Professional Floor Cleaning For Your Business

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Schedule Professional Floor Cleaning For Your Business

Schedule Professional Floor Cleaning For Your Business

Floors especially in commercial spaces need more than just the routine DIY vacuuming and mopping to keep them in top condition. Over time, that original lustre and appeal of the floor slowly gets deteriorated as the dirt and grime become increasingly difficult to remove, stains seep deeper into the surface, resisting the day-to-day floor cleaning solutions, and the finishes that have been applied onto the floor become more dull, dragging down the décor of the establishment in the process. There’s nothing wrong with the DIY approach. After all, taking on projects by yourself and succeeding in them comes with its satisfactory feel – but just how much is on the line, and how clean does the floor really get? How much of your business’s resources are going into sourcing for more potent cleaners and machinery to use, and how much of this is converting into quality results? Having a professional floor cleaning company on speed dial, ready to take on the floor care needs for your business, comes with its wide range of benefits, including:

  • Experienced and well-resourced teams

Outsourcing the floor cleaning beats carrying it out in-house in different areas, with one of the most prominent being the capacity of the machinery being used, as well as the skill-level of the personnel handling the task. A professional team that has been carrying out floor cleaning in residential and commercial spaces for years, dealing with a wide range of floor types, dirt and stain problems, restoring dilapidated floors and treating surfaces to provide long-term protection, will ensure that your installation is in trusted hands. Here, you’re dealing with a team that can safely and effectively remove those stubborn dirt spots and stains without harming the underlying floor. A simple mistake committed during a DIY task is enough to ruin the appeal of the installation, or even negatively affect its structural integrity – which is not what you want for your facility. Such incidents are avoided by having trained and experienced crew handling the task, to ensure that appropriate measures are taken for your particular type of floor. 

With regards to the equipment, those industrial-grade floor cleaning machines that you see the professionals with come with a hefty price tag. For them, it’s feasible since this is their business, and they need to invest in high-capacity machinery that will enable them to deliver quality results to their clients in reduced time. However, for your own individual business, you’re already focusing on your products and services, such that hiving off a significant portion of your budget to acquire the powerful floor cleaning machinery will not be feasible. This is also considering that the purchase costs are just the start, with the machines requiring regular maintenance measures to be carried out. When you outsource the floor cleaning to a professional company, you won’t have to worry about this, since they already have the machinery that is needed for the task, and they ensure that it is well maintained to enable them continue to successfully provide their services. 

  • Protecting your business

The image that you portray to customers accessing your business facility will determine their confidence in purchasing your products and services. When the premises is kept clean and well maintained, persons accessing the facility will be more willing to engage you on your products and services, as opposed to when they are confronted by dirt, stains, and odours the moment they walk through the front doors. 

Even for your employees, they want to work in a sanitary space. One where they don’t have to spend all day worrying about exposure to pathogens, pollutants and allergens. Ensuring that their working space has been well tended to increases their morale as they carry out their activities, translating into more productivity for your business. 

There are extra measures you can put in place to enhance the cleanliness standards of the workplace and protect your floor after the cleaning has been carried out. Take strategically positioning mats for instance. Ideally, there should be welcome mats in place at the different entrances into the building. These pick up the dirt that is at the bottom of people’s shoes before they walk into the premises. In fact, going further to have a walk-off mat stretching deeper into the reception or workplace means that more of the grime that is underfoot will get wiped off the shoes. It minimises the amount of soiling that would have been transferred onto the rest of the floor space, while simultaneously reducing the workload that would have been involved during the cleaning. Frequently vacuuming and mopping the floor also plays a role here. Vacuuming to remove the loose debris that is on the surface is key since it reduces the rate of wear, especially given that high traffic environments see more dirt particles getting grinded against the surface as people walk around the area. With the mopping, ensure that the appropriate measures are taken for the particular type of floor, especially with the type of chemicals used. Even with water, it is not so straightforward, since copious amounts of water can damage hardwood floors, or cause bonds in the glue used with vinyl floors to break down. 

Accidents during the routine building maintenance tasks can be costly to your business. You don’t want employees or customers getting injured because of safety precautions being overlooked during the cleaning. Whether it is exposure to toxic agents, or slip and fall accidents because of failure to set adequate signage in place, they will all have ramifications for your enterprise. The professional floor cleaning personnel have the necessary training in safety processes to include while carrying out the task. This is to protect the occupants of the building, and even the floor itself by ensuring that compatible cleaning solutions and equipment are used. Note that even for the most professional businesses, accidents can still occur despite putting in place rigorous measures – though admittedly the risk is largely reduced. In this regard, ensure that the floor cleaning company that you hire for the task has insurance for the services they provide. This is insurance coverage for the property being worked on, as well as the workers’ companion for the crew handling the cleaning. That way you won’t end up facing liabilities in case anything goes off the rails. 

Schedule Professional Floor Cleaning For Your Business

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