Spring Cleaning For Your Floors

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Spring Cleaning For Your Floors

Spring Cleaning For Your Floors

Coming out of those cold winter months, spring brings you a fresh feel and sweet relief. Time for all those outdoor plans to be kicked into motion. But before you head out, your home needs special care, since it was also reeling from the effects of the Winter months, especially the floor. From higher rates of grime build-up, to the snow and water damage that would have been caused – it needs to be addressed. 

That rock salt and ice melt that is used on those outdoor surfaces like the sidewalks and driveway leading up to your house can have got tracked into the premises. Some of the sand that that is relied on for traction when people are navigating over snow and ice inevitably makes its way into indoor spaces, and these gritty particles can easily damage the floor surface. Those particles of salt, sand and snow melt end up dulling and scratching the surface, causing it to lose its appeal. With chemical debris, there is the actual risk of stripping away the protective finishes that had been applied on the installation. A deep floor cleaning and repair program will need to be put in place to restore the installation and protect it for the long haul. 

Cleaning your Hard Surface Floors

The different types of hardwood and tile floors have their various cleaning requirements. The agents used when working on the natural stone installations are different from those that ideal for wood, cement and other kinds of floors. The potency of the floor cleaning agent – especially in regards to the pH of the formulation, is a make-or-break factor, since harsh chemicals will ruin the installation. Here, we will look at a general guide to the floor cleaning – but you should also look at the instructions from the specific floor manufacturer for accurate guidance with regards to your particular kind of floor. It’s also recommended that you carry out a spot test on an inconspicuous section of the floor if you’re uncertain of the suitability of a particular floor cleaning agent. 

– Sweep/Vacuum away the loose particles and debris on the floor

The first step is clearing the larger particles, that way any floor cleaning product used afterwards can act on the grime that has adhered to the surface. 

– Work with a mild to semi-acidic cleaning agent to neutralise the salt residue

Dilution ratios will vary from one formulation to the next – but these are included in the product label. Also ensure that the particular formulation you’re working with is actually suitable for the specific type of floor being cleaned. The salt residue gets suspended in the cleaner, and these contents can then be mopped up. 

– Repair damage

If the floor finish has been extensively damaged, then this can be a good time to renovate the installation. You can work with a stripper solution – following the instructions that come with the particular product, then mop up the contents from the floor. Another round of floor cleaning will be required, after which new sealant and finish coats can be applied. 

Alternatively, a complete floor sanding and refinishing can be carried out. Here, the existing coats are sanded away, revealing the bare wood underneath. The preferred lacquers are then applied. 


Revitalise Your Home With Professional Floor Cleaning Services

You don’t have to put in all that elbow grease end spend hours of your day battling with the dirt spots and stains riddling the property. Simply call in the professional cleaners, to come in and handle the task. This is a local company providing the floor cleaning surfaces – even working on other areas of the household, who come with high capacity machinery, and sufficient personnel to deliver the cleaning services in a fraction of the time you would have taken handling it as a DIY job. This frees you up to spend your time and energy on activities you actually enjoy, and still get quality results at the end of the process. That deteriorated look and feel of the floor is replaced by an elegant surface which accentuates the interior décor, preparing you for the sunny days ahead. This also extends to other surfaces and appliances in the household that are being dealt with as part of the spring cleaning. 

What’s more, by engaging the pros, you get to ensure that the appropriate cleaning methods are used for the different areas in your home. Having an experienced contractor carry out the cleaning beats spending time going through blogs and DIY video tutorials looking for hacks that will deal with the wide range of stain and dirt problems that may be encountered. A team that has been trained in the different aspects of the job, and have years of experience under their belts, having been catering to a wide arrange of cleaning situations in residential spaces, allows them to identify the right approach when working on your particular situation. That way the dirt and grime can be got rid of without putting the underlying structures at risk. 

When the floor cleaning is done by qualified personnel, you get to further prolong the life of your installation. With the dirt and grime being major threats to the floor, and the wrong cleaning processes bringing about the risk of extensive damage, you don’t want to be in a situation where harsh agents or abrasive methods are used – such as in a bid to get rid of stubborn spots. Moreover, the pros can carry out additional restorative measures, including polishing, applying sealants and other kinds of treatment processes needed to revitalise the floor. This contributes to a longer lifespan of the installation, while enabling you to enjoy it all though. 

To be sure that you’re engaging with a qualified contractor, carry out a background check on the company. This includes asking the representatives themselves about the licence of the business, as well as their insurance coverage, all through scoping through the reviews that previous clients have made about the firm on their social media pages and business directory listings. Having a full conversation with the contractor beforehand, where you bring all your concerns to light, indicate particularly troublesome stains that you would like addressed, all through to asking them about the various floor cleaning methods they use, will be needed as well. That way you will be clear on what you’re signing up for. 

Spring Cleaning For Your Floors

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