The Negative Impact Of Dirty Floors In The Business

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 The Negative Impact Of Dirty Floors In The Business

 The Negative Impact Of Dirty Floors In The Business

How much attention do you pay to the floors of your business premises? With all the employees and customers walking around, the activities being carried out, items occasionally dropped, accidental drinks and spills – how is it all dealt with? It’s easy to focus so much on the day-to-day running of the business -pushing your products and services, that the floor is put on the back burner. However, the state of the premises has a direct impact on the business. Here are different aspects that take a hit due to the floor being soiled:

  • You image and reputation

The perception that customers form about your business is a key determinant in whether they will proceed to engage you and purchase your products or services. It can be a disservice to all the effort and investment that has gone into marketing to promote your business, only for the new customers coming in to find the place in a mess. Ignoring the floor cleaning results in a poor first impression – and you don’t want to lose your potential customers to the competition, only because of an issue that could have been easily avoided. It’s not just about the customers. Even prospective partners and vendors who would be interested in engaging your business will develop doubts about the state of your operations when they find that the premises are in a dilapidated condition. It reflects poorly on your brand. Avoid this by having a routine floor cleaning program in place – as well as for the surrounding surfaces – including tending to the curb appeal. That way you will impress people coming over to the property, portraying your business in a positive light. 

  • Employee morale

For your employees, the workplace is their second home. You want them to be comfortable while working, not dread showing up every morning, and counting the minutes before the close of the work day. You want a motivated team that is enthusiastic about hitting those company targets, and not personnel who are grumbling all through the day because of the condition of the workplace. Making your employees feel well taken care of is part and parcel of the factors needed to boost their productivity. Investing in regular floor cleaning measures to ensure that their surroundings are in good condition contributes to this goal, as they see that the management is concerned about the welfare of their environment. 

Note that dirty floors mean that there will be a higher concentration of pathogens, pollutants and allergens in the business environment. This unhealthy environment translates to more sick days being taken by staff who frequently get ill. With multi-surface and floor cleaning measures, where even disinfectants are included in the process, you get to clear away these threats, reducing the hours that would have been lost by staff calling in sick. This results in more productivity for your business. 

  • The floor itself

The structural integrity of the installation is at risk. Dirt and grime that accumulates on the floor – especially the gritty particles getting grinded against the surface underfoot, are huge contributors to the wearing down of the installation. Chemicals tracked in from outside, as well as those accidental spills, can lead to the finish coats that have been applied deteriorating, reducing the protection of the floor. You also don’t want a case of stains setting on the material, negatively affecting the decor. Such factors reduce the lifespan of the investment, whether it is by calling for more frequent cases of repair and maintenance, or the affected boards or slabs getting so extensively damaged that they have to be replaced. This would mean that more costs would be incurred by your business – which is not how you want things playing out. This would eat into your profits. All this can be avoided by ensuring that the floor cleaning and maintenance program is carried out well. It’s not just about getting rid of the dirt and grime. Additional restoration measures, such as resealing natural stone floors all through to refinishing wooden surfaces, as well as the occasional polishing of those installations that need it, should be carried out. That way the flooring retains its structural integrity for long, and gets to look good all through.

The Commercial Floor Cleaners You Can Trust

When looking for a floor cleaning company to work in your business premises, you want to ensure that you’re dealing with a qualified and well-equipped crow. After all, the quality of their services will reflect on the rest of your business. With us, you can rest assured that your premises will be in safe hands. We have been in the commercial building cleaning and care industry for years. From floor cleaning, bringing the sparkle back to the countertops and other interior surfaces, to working on exterior sections of the building such as windows to restore the curb appeal, we can give your premises a top-to-bottom wash. With regards to the floors in particular, our personnel are well versed with the different kinds of installations, from hardwood, concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl and even linoleum floors, using the appropriate solutions and cleaning systems that will get rid of the dirt and stains without posing a risk to the installation.

Our crew will arrive at your business premises with well-marked vehicles, at the designated time, ready to hit the ground rolling. Safety measures are a critical part of the process, including traffic control and signage to avoid risks of slip and fall accidents while the floors are wet, as well as preventing people tracking mud all over the newly cleaned areas. Note that drying systems are used after the floor cleaning to get rid of as much moisture as possible, to minimise the drying time and restore normalcy to your business premises much sooner. The personnel will also be sure to point out issues in your business premises that are putting the longevity of your floor at risk, as well as areas that will require attention so that you can make arrangements to have them resolved early, and avoid costly losses later on. 

 The Negative Impact Of Dirty Floors In The Business

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