Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning


There are many professional floor cleaning companies offering a variety of floor cleaning and floor polishing services but there are very few cleaning companies providing commercial floor cleaning services. Dublin Floor Cleaning provides domestic floor cleaning services but our speciality is commercial floor cleaning services and commercial floor polishing services. We own top of the range floor cleaning equipment and unique floor cleaning systems. Visit our website and click on our latest projects to see the size and type of projects we can deal with. Dublin Floor Cleaning can contract commercial floor cleaning projects of any size and in any condition.


  • Factory floor cleaning services

  • Warehouse floor cleaning services

  • Shop floor cleaning & polishing

  • School floor cleaning & polishing

  • Industrial floor cleaning services

  • Heavy duty floor degreasing & sanitisation

  • After infestation floor cleaning services

  • Floor polishing & floor sealing services


Dealing with commercial or industrial floor cleaning services is much more complicated than deep cleaning a domestic floor. Most commercial projects are done overnight, over the weekend and after business closing times to ensure minimal business disruption. The time scales for commercial floor cleaning services are very tight and the expectations are very high. Commercial clients expect a hassle free service, spectacular results and anti slip treatments. Dublin Floor Cleaning can satisfy all these demands.


Each commercial floor is different requiring different approaches and different cleaning techniques. Some floors are very dirty, others are very greasy. Some floors are infested with rodent bacteria, others are not. Dublin Floor Cleaning can tailor special packages and cleaning services to fit all needs and all requirements. Here is a list of floors that we clean:


  • Painted floors

  • Cement floors

  • Amtico floors

  • Lino floors

  • Vinyl floors

  • Wood floors

  • Ceramic floors

  • Altro floors

  • Marmoleum floors

  • Rubber floors

  • Marble floors

  • Terrazzo floors

  • Terracotta floors

  • Porcelain floors

  • Laminate floors


We can provide free no obligation estimates for commercial floor cleaning, commercial floor sealing, commercial floor polishing and commercial floor waterproofing. Anti slip treatments are also available.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Insurance


Using heavy duty floor cleaning equipment and industrial scrubber driers can be very risky. Reactions between the floor cleaners and the pre-existing finishes can happen. But with Dublin Floor Cleaning you are in good hands. Our company is fully insured to undertake any type of floor cleaning or floor polishing project up to a value of 12 million. If the worst ever happens, you are in good hands.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Reviews


Very few Irish floor cleaning companies have a list of their latest projects on their website. Dublin Floor Cleaning is happy to list most of its commercial floor cleaning customers. You can visit our webpage and click on our latest projects page. You can also contact any of our previous customers as listed on our website. We are very proud of our work quality and we can guarantee that you will be impressed with what we do.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Opening Times


Very few commercial floor cleaning projects happen during normal business hours. It is for this reason that Dublin Floor Cleaning is open for business 24/7. We are happy to book commercial floor cleaning contracts overnight, over weekends or at any hour best suited to our customers’ business needs. Book a free no obligation estimate with one of our floor cleaning specialists and let us work out a schedule to fit your needs.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Eco Cleaning Products


Achieving great results with very active cleaning products is pretty easy but achieving amazing results with eco cleaning products is not that easy. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses premium eco cleaning products and floor sealants from Cleanfast and Faber. Layers of fat, grease, rubber marks, food spillages, limescale build ups, rust, mould stains cannot be easily removed with standard cleaning products. But Faber 30 or Cleanfast Floor Cleaner are designed for these tough jobs. We can remove any type of dirt and we can restore the original finish. Dublin Floor Cleaning deals with a number of pharmaceutical & aerospace companies. We can deep clean painted concrete floors to near perfection.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Polishing


A clean floor will stay clean for a limited time if there is a lot of constant traffic on it. Even the best floors will eventually start marking and absorbing dirt. A great way of protecting and increasing resistance against dirt and traffic is by polishing the surface. A few coats of very high traffic floor polish can be a great barrier against dirt. Basically the floor will be degreased, deep cleaned, primed and then sealed. A protective barrier will be formed and the traffic will not affect the floor itself but the polish. Once in a while, the floor polish can be completely removed and a new coat can be applied. This will ensure the floor is continually protected giving the floor increased longevity.


The type of floor polish/sealant used will vary from floor to floor. Floors where there is light traffic and no heavy machinery used can be sealed with standard water based or solvent based finishes. Floors where heavy duty machineries will be used, like factory floors or warehouses, will be sealed with special industrial coatings. There are no permanent polishes. All sealants and polishes will wear off over time.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Prices


There is not a standard price for commercial floors. The price will vary from floor to floor depending on size, type and condition. The minimum order for any professional floor cleaning company will start from about 150 euro and it can go up to thousands, depending on the size, condition and finish required. The more complexity involved in your floor cleaning job the more you are likely to pay. Heavy duty industrial degreasers and cleaners are very expensive and this will reflect in the pricing. Dublin Floor Cleaning provides detailed free estimates. You will know how much it will cost, how long it will take and what type of cleaning products and sealants will be used.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Marble Floor Cleaning


Many hotels, offices, waiting rooms, surgeries, shops, etc, have marble floors fitted. Marble floors are by far the best floors you can get. A marble floor is for life. But a marble floor has to be maintained and sealed regularly to keep it in the best shape. You do not want your very expensive marble floor to look like a cheap floor. It is for this reason that you need to have your marble floor deep cleaned and polished at least once per year. All natural stone floors will absorb dirt and will scratch over time. But all natural stone floors can be easily restored to a like new condition with professional diamond pads and special marble polishing powders and sealants.


Your marble floor should look glossy but not fake glossy. If your marble floor is not shiny and it gets wet and dirty easily, it has to be polished. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses special diamond pads from KGS to remove all types of dull patches, scratches and imperfections. The surface will be prepared and smoothened up with a number of diamond pads starting from 400 grit up to 3000 grit. We can restore the lost gloss with special Faber A3 Polishing Marble or very high traffic water based sealants from Faber. The process of restoring the gloss is a secret that our company cannot divulge but the results are amazing. The floor will look radiant and clean. The dirt and water will not be able to penetrate anymore. Maintaining the floor will be much easier.


Marble floors require weekly buffing. We recommend that our customers invest in a high speed buffer and once or twice per week, if possible, to buff the floor well. The floor will look glossier after each buffing operation. Call us today and ask us for a free no obligation estimate.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Concrete floor cleaning services


A good part of our commercial floor cleaning business comes from concrete floor cleaning & painted floors. Many industrial units and factories have polished concrete floors or painted concrete floors. Even if the concrete is not dirty, the sealant on the top is likely to get marked, stained and scratched from all types of industrial traffic. Another major issue with sealed concrete floors is the slippery issue. Oils and greases from industrial machinery can create a greasy surface on the floor and it can become very risky to use that floor. Dublin Floor Cleaning will deep clean the floor with special heavy duty degreasers and floor cleaners to remove all fat & oily deposits from the top of the floor. At the same time, we will also remove all the tyre marks and dust. The floor will be left clean and ready for use. We do not provide warehouse/factory floor sealing or painting services.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Lino floors

Many canteens, shops, schools, sport-rooms, storage rooms, gyms, etc. still have lino floors. Lino floors are made to last and if maintained and cleaned regularly will last a lifetime. Lino floors are often neglected and most people assume that there is no way to restore them. Dublin Floor Cleaning can restore your lino floors to a like new condition. We will remove the top coat of your floors with special industrial floor strippers and we will start the process of rebuilding it. All the dirt and mark are usually just on the surface or just a few mms below the surface, the base is usually unaffected, so can be easily removed and restored.

The rebuilding process starts with a few coats of water based or solvent based primer. The primer will create a perfect base for future coats of polish and it will level up small scratches and imperfections. The primer itself has no protective qualities. Then we will apply 2 to 3 coats of high traffic commercial floor polish to fully seal and protect the floors. Your lino floor should look like new and it will be ready for few more years of use.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Amtico floor cleaning


Amtico floors are very popular again. Many big retail chains, pharmacies, hair salons, doctors surgeries etc. have amtico floors. Amtico floors are plastic floors that imitate in great detail all types of floors. You can find amtico floors looking like wood, terrazzo, porcelain, laminates, marble, ceramic, etc. Amtico floors are manufactured to last if properly maintained.

Dublin Floor Cleaning specialises in amtico floor cleaning, restoring and polishing services. After years of use, a lot of dirt is likely to have deposited inside your amtico floors. All this dirt will create dirty patches, imperfections and an uneven look. The floor is not damaged at all and it can be easily restored to look like new again. We will start with a stripping operation to remove all old sealants and polishes. Many people and companies apply more amtico floor polish over dirty amtico floors in their attempt to make the floor shiny again. But all this does is trap dirt under the coats of floor polish and make the floor look even worse. After all the old sealants are removed, we will deep clean the floor with special degreasers and industrial floor cleaners. A new coat of polish can only be applied over grease free and clean surfaces. The floor will be primed to avoid wasting polish and then sealed with 2 coats of very high traffic amtico floor polish. You do not want to apply too many coats of sealant because the floor will over glaze and will lose its beautiful look. An amtico floor sealed by Dublin Floor Cleaning should not require polishing for 5 years, subject to proper maintenance and regular cleaning.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Wood floor cleaning


Wood floors are very popular and great in commercial areas. Many pubs, sport-rooms, waiting rooms, show rooms, etc, have wood floors fitted. A wood floor will provide a great warm feeling and if maintained right, will last for many years over. Wood floors are sealed with varnishes or waxes. In most cases, from all the traffic and use, dirt is likely to impregnate inside the wood fibre and it could interfere with the look of your wood floor. Not a big issue but action needs to be taken. Each type of wood floor finish will require a different cleaning system and 100% different cleaning products.


Wood Floor Cleaned – Oiled Floors – a hardwax or floor oil is a blend of natural oils and enhancers that will seal a wood floor and will maintain the natural look of the wood. Oils are fully absorbed by the wood and provide great protection and waterproofing. But the natural oils will dry over time and the protection will decrease. Dirt will deposit and the floor will look damaged. Dublin Floor Cleaning will be using heavy duty oiled floor cleaners to remove all types of dirt impregnated inside the fibre of the wood. Special soft scrubbers with brushes will also be used. After the floor is dry, we will refresh the finish with special oiled floor refreshers. Two coats of refresher will bring back the years on your floor. The floor will look clean, natural and rich. From time to time, all wood floors will require sanding and refinishing.


Wood Floor Cleaning – Varnished Floors – a varnished floor should last for about 10 years. It all depends on the finish applied and the maintenance. Many people mistakenly use very acidic cleaning products and they manage to damage the finish much faster. If the varnish wears off, the wood surface will be left exposed to water damage. All wood floors are likely to get damaged unevenly. Areas with higher traffic will wear off much faster. Dublin Floor Cleaning will deep clean the floor to expose the varnish and on the basis of the condition of the floor, we can decide on the finish. If the varnish finish is still in decent shape, we can apply special refreshers that will bond with the varnish itself and will re-seal the floor. If the varnish finish is damaged or missing in parts, we will have to prime the floor and then polish the floor with 2-3 coats of very high traffic wood floor polish. A wood floor polish is a liquid wax that will penetrate all imperfections and will rebuild the protection on your wood floors. The polish is not as strong as a varnish but it will provide up to 12 months of protection even on very high traffic floors.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Marmoleum Floor Cleaning


Marmoleum floors are very popular within the educational and health care sectors. Marmoleum floors are manufactured from eco products and are a replacement for old lino and vinyl floors. Marmoleum floor come in so many colours, types and sizes. Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the biggest and best marmoleum floor cleaning and marmoleum floor polishing companies. We use premium quality eco floor cleaning products and very high traffic water based floor polishes. All marmoleum floors are being fitted sealed but the factory seal or polish will not last forever. Because marmoleum floors are usually fitted in commercial high traffic areas, the sealant will wear off pretty soon after it was installed. Dublin Floor Cleaning specialises in deep cleaning & re-coating marmoleum floors.


Special deep cleaners and degreasers will be used to deep clean the floor and prepare the floor for polishing. The floor will be primed with special gel like primers to create a perfect base for polish. 2-3 coats of very high traffic marmoleum floor polish will be applied & then buffed to join the coats between it.


If the floor was sealed with a few coats of floor polish before, then we will have to remove all pre-existing finishes with special floor strippers and polish removers. The floor will be neutralised and then prepared for polishing. No more than 3 coats of floor polish will be required. Marmoleum floors are very soft and requirs special cleaning and maintenance. Make sure to use low PH floor cleaners and avoid using the same mops for deep cleaning bathroom/kitchen floors and then marmoleum. Dublin Floor Cleaning can provide full training.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Porcelain Floor Cleaning


Many hotel reception rooms, restaurants, offices, art rooms, galleries etc. have porcelain floors fitted. These floors are very nice, look very glossy and are pretty easy to maintain. Porcelain floors floors are very compact and do not absorb sealants well. From time to time, your porcelain floor will require a deep cleaning and refreshing. Over time, as you clean the floor and walk on it daily, residue is likely to build up in areas with more traffic and the grout will darken up. The floor is not damaged in any way and a deep clean will remove all dirt deposits. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses special porcelain polishing creams from Faber to restore the gloss and special tile & grout cleaning to remove dirt deposits from grout. Even if porcelain floors are very tough and durable, no acidic cleaning products or bleach can be used on it.


Scratches – because porcelain floor are just like glass, small scratches can appear in some parts. These scratches might not be too visible but dirt will deposit inside and will make the floor look dirty. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream to restore and fill up small imperfections on your porcelain floor. The cream will be buffed with special pads and the results are remarkable.


If your porcelain floors are tired looking, patchy or scratched in areas, call us now and ask for a free no obligation estimate.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Ceramic Floor Cleaning


Ceramic floors must be the most popular artificial floor ever invented. Cheap, easy to maintain, great looking and very durable. All you can ask from a high traffic floor. Many commercial bathrooms, changing rooms, reception areas, commercial kitchens etc. have ceramic floors installed. Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in ceramic floor cleaning, ceramic floor polishing and ceramic restoration services. We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates.


High PH floor cleaners will be used to deep clean the tile and the grout. If there is an old sealant on the ceramic floor, we will remove it in full before re-polishing it. Some people love ceramic floors the way they are and others want it sealed. By sealing a ceramic floor you will waterproof the floor and you will prevent dirt from penetrating the floor in the future. A sealed commercial ceramic floor will last for a few years if properly maintained.


If the ceramic floor is scratched or stained, we can restore it with special polishing creams and powders. Call us today and ask us for a free no obligation estimate. Your floors can be deep cleaned and maintained to a like new condition.

Commercial Floor Cleaning – Laminate Floor Cleaning


Laminate floors are very popular with offices, gyms, receptions, etc. A laminate floor can last for a very long period of time if maintained right. A laminate floor is not real wood and it cannot be maintained like wood floors. Laminate floors fitted in high traffic areas will get very dirty and patchy. No need to worry, just call your local laminate cleaning company. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses very high traffic sealants to seal laminate floors. A sealant will penetrate the floor and will create a durable coat between the traffic and the floor. The polish will also reduce floor absorbancy and will facilitate easy maintenance.


Laminate floors will be deep cleaned with special microfiber scrubby pads and soft cleaning products. Water is not recommended for deep cleaning laminate floors because you run the risk of creating water damage on it. The base of your laminate floor is manufactured from paper like components. Flat mops and alcohol based cleaning products are the most recommended cleaning systems.


If your laminate floor looks very dull, tired and patchy, you need to call us. We are highly recommended, affordable and easy to deal with. We have been deep cleaning laminates since 2007.


Dirty floors are a bad reflection on your business. Dirty greasy floors are also hazardous in your business. Deep clean your floors regularly to avoid accidents and other issues. Contact Dublin Floor Cleaning right now and let us do our magic. Have your floors deep cleaned and sealed with professional floor cleaning products from Faber


Commercial Floor Cleaning


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