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Floor Cleaning Dublin - Local Cleaners

Floor Cleaning Dublin – Local Cleaners


There will come a time when you decide you need to have your floors professionally cleaned. You may do your daily floor cleaning with generic cleaners from the local supermarket but after a period of time your floors will begin to look worn out and lacklustre, now is the time to call in the professionals to give them a new lease of life. Who should you call? The masters of floor cleaning of course! Dublin Floor Cleaning.


Dublin Floor Cleaning is a 100% Irish owned floor cleaning company with over 15 years experience in all things floor cleaning. We are based in Dublin 12 but we cover the whole of Ireland. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the amazing floor cleaning results we present to customers every day. This coupled with our expert knowledge on floor cleaning and reliable service has made us one of the most popular floor cleaning contractors in Ireland. We use unique floor cleaning agents and premium floor sealants and polishes. Many floor suppliers recommend our professional floor cleaning services to their customers. Our list of regular customers is huge and growing. Our list of repeat customers is growing monthly.


Dublin Floor Cleaning is fully insured. You are fully covered for any accidental damage from the moment we walk into your house. We are claim free for over 15 years but just in case, we are fully prepared. We can provide our commercial customers with safety statements and risk assessments. Just give us a call.


Dublin Floor Cleaning specialise in deep floor cleaning services, floor renovation, floor polishing, tile & grout cleaning, chemical polishing and much more. We can deal with any type of floor and we can guarantee you affordable prices. We are flexible with times and we can guarantee you outstanding product durability.


Dublin Floor Cleaning – Types of floors we clean


Amtico Floor Cleaning & Polishing – our company is one of the most highly regarded floor cleaning companies within the amtico floor cleaning market. We are experts in deep cleaning, sealing and polishing all types of amtico floors. We will strip the floor with highly efficient floor strippers, we will prime your floor with our own floor primer and we will seal the floor with very durable high traffic floor polishes. Any amtico floor can be restored with the right equipment and proper knowledge.


Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Polishing – we are truly one of the most widely used marmoleum floor cleaning companies around. We are not offering budget prices but we can guarantee you amazing results. Hundreds of schools, surgeries, shops, restaurants and domestic customers use our services regularly. We offer an easy booking system, fast responses, free samples, overnight or over weekend appointments and of course, magic results. Our floor cleaning specialists use the famous Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic to seal marmoleum floors. Full training for maintaining the finished floor will be provided free of charge. Have your marmoleum floor polished by the masters of floor cleaning services in Ireland.


Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Many old schools, pubs, surgeries, etc. had vinyl floors fitted in the 60s. Those floors were made to last for generations even under constant daily traffic. A quick deep clean and application of a high traffic floor polish can restore vinyl floors to a like new condition. You are in the right place, Dublin Floor Cleaning can polish vinyl floors to perfection. A floor deep cleaned and sealed by our floor cleaning specialists will look like new. We use semi gloss floor polishes on a base made from acrylic primers. Durability and anti slip qualities come as standard. Book your next vinyl floor cleaning & polishing with us, we will amaze you.

Lino Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Lino floors are not as popular as they used to be and in most new buildings lino floors were replaced by better and more eco friendly types of floors. But many places still have lino floors and we are here to help them deep clean and maintain their floors. We have special rinse free floor strippers and highly efficient floor polishes. The old finish and all the imperfections will be removed and a new protective coat of primers and floor polishes will be applied. We do not charge a penny if our customers are not amazed with the results. Buffing the floor is highly recommended once or twice per week to maintain the gloss. Give us a call and tell us more about your floor cleaning project.

Laminate Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Let us tell you a fact about laminate floors. Laminate floors are not made from cheaper wood fibres. Laminate floors are made from pressed paper and a protective coat of glazing. By thinking that their laminate floor is thin wood, most people are using wrong cleaning techniques and products. Deep cleaning laminate floors with steam is a big mistake that will end up costing you a lot of money. Using a lot of water on the wood floor will also damage the floor. Give us a call right now and let us do our magic on your floors.

Our fully trained floor cleaning specialists will deep your floors with soft neutral laminate floor cleaning products and we will seal your floors with superb high traffic floor polishes. 2 coats of high traffic floor polish will protect your laminate floor against spillages and water damage. The floor polish will not change the look of the floor at all. Book your next laminate floor cleaning project with Dublin Floor Cleaning and we can guarantee you outstanding results.

Travertine Floor Cleaning & Polishing

This is the most popular type of floor in Ireland. Travertine floors come in different sizes and shapes and can cost little or a lot of money. We specialise in deep travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor polishing services. Smooth travertine floors can be sealed with chemical sealants or can be polished with professional diamond pads. The best way to achieve a natural look on this type of floor is with chemical free systems. Travertine floors with a lot of holes and uneven surfaces can be deep cleaned with specific floor cleaning products but has to be sealed with a floor polish. Its uneven surface makes it impossible for the diamond pad to reach the whole surface of the tile.

Our prices for travertine floor cleaning and polishing are very affordable. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses the latest technology within the floor industry and we can guarantee you amazing results. We are happy to contract any size project in any condition. Book our travertine floor polishing service right now and have new floors in no time.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Polishing

There are many floor cleaning companies operating in Ireland but there are very few floor cleaning companies doing terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing. Terrazzo floors are very hard to clean, very hard to polish and very easy to stain. Most professional floor cleaning companies avoid such projects. But not us. Dublin Floor Cleaning is your local terrazzo floor polishing specialist. We can provide you with a free no obligation estimate for deep cleaning terrazzo floors, sealing and polishing. Rough terrazzo floors can be sealed with very high traffic floor polishes from Cleanfast while smooth terrazzo floors can be polished with professional diamond pads. We can provide you with amazing references and photos of projects completed. Our terrazzo floor polishing system is unique and we can achieve results where other floor cleaning companies have failed. Give us a call and book a site visit. One of our terrazzo floor cleaning specialists will help you out in no time. Free estimates guaranteed.


Terracotta Floor Cleaning & Polishing

We must be one of the very few floor cleaning companies providing terracotta floor cleaning and terracotta floor polishing services. People have been using terracotta floors for thousands of years. Terracotta floors are very popular in the georgian houses, churches, old castles, commercial kitchens, etc. Terracotta floors can make a building look warm. Maintaining terracotta floors is not easy and most people don`t do it right. Polishing and deep cleaning terracotta floors is a very expensive process.

Dublin Floor Cleaning can deep clean your terracotta floors with special high PH floor cleaners and powerful acid cleaners. We can seal your floor with thick floor primers to rebuild the glazing and we can apply very high traffic floor polishes to achieve that smooth unique look. Some terracotta floors require up to 20 coats of floor polish to look right. Not an easy job to do. Do not hire chancers, damaging a terracotta floor is very easy. Hire the best and have your floors like new in no time.

Many companies that do clean terracotta floors use floor varnishes to seal the pores. This can be a great solution for the moment but a floor varnish will penetrate very deeply into the floor, will wear off unevenly and cannot be removed again. Your floors will never look good again. Call us now or book our terracotta floor cleaning services online. We are here for you as you need us.

Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Nothing looks like a polished marble floor. There are so many types of marble floors, so many colours, shapes, qualities, etc. One of the most durable types of floors, a marble floor is a permanent solution. With the arrival of diamond polishing systems, there is no need for your marble floor to look old and dull. We deep clean marble floors, restore floors, polishes floors, etc. We do not chemical seal marble floors because the stone is too hard and the sealants do not bond well with the tiles. It can be done, of course, but you do not want to make a marble floor look artificial. We recommend diamond polishing and maintenance with diamond pads and water. When you get a marble floor, you get a very fancy floor and like anything fancy, it costs a lot of money to buy and it costs a lot of money to maintain. Many people are making the mistake of buying very expensive floors only to realise that they can`t afford the maintenance.

Polishing marble floors takes a lot of time and requires expensive equipment and a lot of knowledge. But if done right, the results are usually amazing. The magic thing about polishing marble floors with diamond pads is the fact that there is no need to use chemicals. Warm water and friction is the secret.

Dublin Floor Cleaning is happy to provide you with free no obligation estimates and free samples. We can show you what can be done, how long it will take and how to maintain it from there. Book our marble floor cleaning services online right now and let us impress you.


Porcelain Floor Cleaning


A porcelain floor is a very smooth floor. Glass like. Maintaining these floors can be a nightmare. Whatever you do, streaks will appear. Well, have you tried Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner? Give it a try. This was a well kept secret within floor cleaning industry. Porcelain floors are very smooth and like any very smooth surface can mark and stain very easily. You have to use a microfiber cloth and an alcohol based cleaner to get rid of all the streaks.

But even if you do all the maintenance routine, over time, the grout of your floor will get very dirty and a deep clean will be required. Give us a call and let us quote for your project. Our amazing tile and grout cleaning products will get rid of all types of imperfections in no time. We can lift up grease, fat, oils, soil, food, etc, from your grout. Our prices are very affordable and the average clean takes about 1 hour.

Ceramic Floor Cleaning & Polishing

A ceramic tile floor is the most popular type of floor in the world. Affordable, easy to maintain and available in thousands of models. All you need from a floor. Ceramic floors can be washed with any type of floor cleaning product and can be sealed with ease as well. A ceramic floor is a floor for life. We can deep clean, restore, polish and maintain ceramic floors. Thousands of shops all over Ireland use our professional floor cleaning services once per year to restore their ceramic tiles. Of course, you can do it yourself as well, but it will cost you more or less the same amount of money and you do not have the machinery required to complete the job fast and hassle free.

Dublin Floor Cleaning uses professional high traffic floor polishes. A floor sealed by us will look like new for over 2 years – depending on maintenance. We are happy to quote for commercial and domestic ceramic floor cleaning & polishing projects. Give us a call right now!

Altro Floor Cleaning

Altro floors have become very popular over the past few years. Many corridors, commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants, etc, have altro floors fitted. Altro floors are easy to maintain, durable and looks great as well. Dublin Floor Cleaning specialises in deep altro floor cleaning services. We deal with a huge number of commercial businesses who are using our professional floor cleaning services on regular basis. We use high PH floor cleaners and strong degreasers to deep clean altro floors. We can guarantee magic results and fair, no obligation estimates. We can adapt to any special requirements and we are available 24/7. Give us a call right now and tell us more about your altro floor cleaning project. We are here for you 24/7

Wood Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Wood floor cleaning keeps us very busy. Our company deep cleans all types of solid and semi solid wood floors and we polish the surface with amazing high traffic floor polishes from Cleanfast. We will use neutral wood floor cleaners from Bona to deep clean and degrease the wood, then we will prime the wood with special wood floor primers and we will finish the floor with 2 coats of wood floor polish. A wood floor polish is not like a varnish but it provides a pretty good protection against traffic and moisture. The advantage of wood floor polishing is the fact that the wood surface does not require sanding before polishing. A quality wood floor polish can be applied over newly varnished wood surfaces to enhance the protection against commercial traffic. Domestic wood floors can also be treated with our wood floor polishes.

It is important to understand that by polishing a wood floor you cannot get rid of scratches and water damage. The polish will only increase the protection and it will create a better gloss on the floor. There are matt and satin wood floor polishes.

Have your floor cleaned and polished by Dublin Floor Cleaning. We can help you save in the long run by using only premium wood floor polishes and sealants.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning commercial or domestic grout is not an easy task. Even when you use professional floor cleaning equipment and cleaning products, grout cleaning can be a nightmare. Dirt can easily attach to the rough grout surface and breaking it lose is pretty hard. Dublin Floor Cleaning is your local tile & grout cleaning company. What is our secret? Premium floor cleaning products and a lot of experience. All our floor cleaning specialists are fully trained and very experienced. We deal with so many shops, pharmacies, surgeries, restaurants, etc. Our reputation as a company that gets results helps us secure a lot of regular floor cleaning projects. We are always looking for more tile & grout cleaning projects so if your floor does not look in its best shape give us a call. You will be surprised at just how affordable it is to deal with us and how easy it is to book our services. Book your next tile & grout floor cleaning project with us!

Floor Polishing

Many of our potential customers contact us to find out more information about floor polishing. What it is floor polishing? How long does it last? How it is done? Is it worth it? Is the polish high traffic?

Some floors are designed to be polished while others can benefit from being polished. Plastic floors like amtico, vinyl, lino, marmoleum, etc, have to be sealed to avoid permanent damage to its glazing. Other types of floors like terracotta, ceramic, travertine, terrazzo, marble, etc, can be sealed with water based polishes to avoid traffic damage and water staining.


A floor polish is a thin coat of liquid acrylic plastic that goes over your floor. This protective coat is pretty hard wearing and will not alter the look of your floor. The floor polish will create a nearly invisible coat of plastic over your floor. This compact coat can be a build up of up to 3 thin coats of polish that bond well together. The floor polish can be matt, satin or gloss. Commercial customers are usually looking for glossy finishes. The floor polish can be very high traffic or low traffic. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic. This outstanding product is thick like a cream and it provides unequalled protection against traffic. We apply one primer and two coats of high traffic floor polish.

A polished floor can stay nice and clean for up to 5 years or for only a few months. It all depends on maintenance and the quality of the products used. You can buy floor polishes for as little as 10 euro for 5 L or you can get high traffic floor polishes for 50 euros for 5 L. Higher the content of acrylic polymers, higher the costs but more durable. A domestic floor should maintain its great looks for at least 24 months after it was polished. This is the reason why you hire Dublin Floor Cleaning to deal with your floors. You have the guarantee that only premium products will be used to deep clean your floors.

By polishing your floors you will extend the life of the floor. All the heavy duty traffic will not touch the floor at all. All the traffic will happen on the floor polish itself. We believe it is a worthwhile investment to seal your floor.


Floor Cleaning Dublin – Steam cleaning

Dublin Floor Cleaning is a professional floor cleaning company with a great portfolio of regular contracts. We work on major commercial floor cleaning projects. Steam cleaning is only ok if you have to deep clean small domestic floors but it would not be a great way of cleaning commercial floors. We use premium floor cleaning products, floor strippers & acidic floor cleaners to achieve much better results than steam cleaning. A steam can be a great cleaning tool for unsealed natural stone floors. Never use a steam cleaner on wood, laminate or sealed floors.


Floor Cleaning Dublin – Cleaning products


A proper floor cleaning product can make any job look easy. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses some of the strongest floor cleaning products available. Our professional floor cleaning products can vary between PH 6 to 15. Deep cleaning wood floors will require softer PH floor cleaners while deep cleaning travertine floors will require heavy duty high PH floor cleaners. Our cleaning products makes us what we are are. Our finishing products help us to finish floor cleaning projects faster. Our floor polishes help us maintain our customers.

Floor Cleaning Dublin – Costs

How do we quote for floor cleaning? Well, the price per square meter will reflect what we have to pay out. Keeping quality staff and high standards of work comes at a cost. After 15 years of floor cleaning, day and night, we know how to provide you with a balanced price to keep your costs low but the quality high. Floor cleaning and polishing prices will vary0 from floor to floor. It can start from as little as 3 euro per sq meter of laminate floor and it can go up to 50 euro per square meter for terracotta floor cleaning & glazing. We will always provide you with free no obligation estimates.


Do not wait any longer. Call Dublin Floor Cleaning right now and have your floor cleaned and restored by professionals.


Floor Cleaning Dublin – Local Cleaners

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