Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing

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Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing

Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing


Ceramic tiles gained popularity over 50 years ago and are still very popular today. The style of the ceramic tiles has changed dramatically over the past few years. Nowadays, people are likely to buy ceramic tiles with matt/semi gloss finishes unlike in the early 60s when glossy and very coloured was the way to go.


Ceramic floors are designed to last for many years if they are properly maintained and treated with respect. Unlike other types of floors, ceramic floors are pretty cheap to buy and pretty cheap to install. Minimum maintenance is required and there are very few cleaning products that can damage a ceramic tile floor.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – Floor Cleaning Dublin


Over time, your ceramic tile floor will lose its original look and appear dull and patchy. This usually happens due to high traffic, dirt becomes impregnated inside the grit of the tile, or in some cases, because of the type of cleaning products used. Many people use maintainers or cleaning products that leave a residue on the tile and the grout. Over time, this residue builds up and forms a dull, cloudy film on the surface of the ceramic tiles. The floor is not damaged but it requires a deep clean and a buffing. This is where Floor Cleaning Dubin comes in. We are floor cleaning specialists and we are happy to contract any type of ceramic floor cleaning projects, ceramic floor polishing or tile & grout cleaning.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – Deep Cleaning


The residue left by the cleaning products will have hardened over the years and removing it from the tiles can be challenging. You want to get rid of it as quickly as possible and you also want to remove it from the grout. This is where amateurs are lost and the professionals are achieving results. What is the best floor cleaner? How do you apply it? What is the dilution? How to use it safely?


Floor Cleaning Dublin uses a combination of premium quality heavy duty alkaline floor cleaning products from Faber and professional floor cleaning equipment. We will soften up the dirt with special heavy duty floor cleaners/floor strippers, we will use special grout brushes and buffer brushes to agitate the dirt and break it apart from the tile and then we will extract all the dirt with powerful wet vacs. In some cases 2-3 deep cleans are required to achieve noticeable results but we won’t give up until the floor looks like new.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – Sealing


All ceramic floor tiles are sold sealed. The glazing on the top can be matt, semi gloss or very glossy. If you have a more natural look (matt) floor tiles, the dirt is likely to attach more. All the small uneven surfaces within the tile are likely to collect dirt and will require a lot of daily scrubbing to keep the ceramic floor in good shape. No need to worry, we have a solution for this issue. Floor Cleaning Dublin uses the best quality sealers, some water based and some solvent based. A sealer will penetrate the tile and will cover all the small areas where the dirt accumulates. The appearance of the tile will not change at all (unless you want it) and the daily floor cleaning process will be easier. The pores of the tile will be impregnated with sealer and will not absorb dirt. While cleaning it with a flat mop, the mop will slide nicely on the tile without creating drag on the pad.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – How to clean it?


The way people wash floors has changed dramatically over the past few years. Busy schedules, stress, panic, kids, etc, have reduced the amount of time & money most people can afford to spend on floor cleaning. You want a proper floor cleaner that provides fast results and you want it done in no time. Fair enough. For this to happen, you need to understand the difference between floor cleaners and floor maintainers.


Floor Cleaners – a floor cleaning product has a low or high PH. It can be very active or very gentle. The type of floor cleaner you need will depend upon what type of floor you have and the amount of traffic on it. A school, pub, restaurant, office, etc, where hundreds of people use the floor daily, will have to use a strong PH 10-13 floor cleaner to remove all the impregnated dirt fast. In your own home, where there are only 2-5 people using the floors daily, you do not need to use such highly active products. A PH 7 floor cleaner will do the job. From time to time, you can use a high PH floor cleaner to deep clean the floor and then use a daily maintainer to remove light dirt. No need to wash your floors daily with highly active floor cleaners.


*** a floor cleaner will clean the floor while a maintainer will maintain the floor. Most maintainers are low PH (neutral) and will not remove heavy duty stains & markings from the floor***


Floor Maintainers – a floor maintainer is a neutral general floor cleaner suitable for daily floor cleaning and maintenance. Most maintainers will leave a residue on the floor. After a floor is cleaned with a maintainer, it will require buffing. The maintainers job is to fill up dull patches and imperfections and rebuild the lost gloss. The buffing will remove the excess maintainer residue from the floor and will mask small scratches, dull patches, etc. So the maintainer is a repairing kit.


Floor Maintainer:




Floor Cleaner:




A flat mopping system is highly recommended. While using a flat mopping system, you reduce the amount of tools needed (buckets, mops, chemicals, water, cloths) and you reduce the amount of water released on your floor. A flat mopping system will clean fast and it will leave no streaks on the floor.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – How often should i deep clean my floors?


Floor Cleaning Dublin deals with hundreds of domestic and commercial floor cleaning customers. Most of our customers hire us once per year for a deep clean of the floor and the grout and then they do their own daily floor cleaning. Deep cleaning a dirty floor can be a very easy operation when proper cleaning products & proper equipment is used or it can be a nightmare if you are doing it yourself. Our prices are very affordable and our work quality is second to none. Floor Cleaning Dublin also provides emergency floor cleaning services, after contamination cleaning and deep cleans after floods. We specialise in deep floor cleaning, floor restoration, floor polishing/sealing and grout cleaning.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – Insurance


Floor Cleaning Dublin provides a full comprehensive cleaning service. Our services are fully insured and all your items are safe. Accidents can happen to anyone, but if you are dealing with Floor Cleaning Dublin, you are in good hands.


Ceramic Floor Cleaning / Ceramic Floor Polishing – Floor Cleaning Dublin

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