Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing

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Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing

Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing


Laminate floors are not what they used to be. A few years back, people that could not afford real wood were buying laminate floors as a cheaper alternative. Most laminate floors were cheap to buy, cheap looking and very cheap to fit. But over the past few years, a new type of laminate has emerged. Laminates have become fashionable again, they are well made, waterproofed, look fancy and lasts for years. After paying a fortune for a proper laminate floor, you will want to look after it properly and maintain it to the highest standards.


Some laminate floors are very glossy, others are semi gloss while others are really matt looking. Even if the floor is well manufactured, from all that traffic and all that usage, the floor is likely to get stained and to absorb dirt. Some people use poor quality cleaning products or they don`t wash the floor at all. In any case, with the expensive look comes the expensive cleaning and maintenance.


Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing – Cleaning

Of course you can clean and maintain your laminate floors, but from time to time dirt and grime builds up and the surface will require a deeper cleaning with a bit more aggressive floor cleaning products. Deep cleaning laminate flooring is not easy, it is risky and the surface can be damaged in an instant. This is why you should hire the services of a professional floor cleaning company like Floor Cleaning Dublin to sort it out.


Floor Cleaning Dublin will use highly effective flat mopping systems and semi aggressive flat mop heads. We will deep clean and degrease your laminate floor without over soaking it and we will remove all types of body fats, food spillages, oils, etc, from your floor. The secret is to use as little water as possible and to remove the waste as fast as you can. Floor Cleaning Dublin provides commercial and domestic laminate floor cleaning services.


Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing – Polishing


You do not have to polish your laminate floor but by doing so, you prevent dirt from impregnating in the grit, you seal the surface and you enhance the look of the floor. After a few years of usage, your floor will dull a bit even if initially it was semi gloss. You can restore the original look with a coat of high traffic water based floor polish.


Floor Cleaning Dublin will deep clean the floor, dry the floor, prime the floor and then apply 1-2 coats of very high traffic water based floor polish. Not all polishes are suitable for sealing laminate floors so before applying a coat, please check for compatibility. Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic is the ideal laminate floor polish.


Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing – Maintenance


Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Spray Mop is the ideal laminate floor cleaning kit. The kit contains all you need to maintain your laminate flooring for a few months. There are a few more brands of flat mopping systems suitable for cleaning/maintaining laminate floors, but Bona flat mops are the best and the most durable.


Call Floor Cleaning Dublin and ask for a free no obligation estimate for laminate floor cleaning and polishing. We are a local floor cleaning company with over 13 years experience. Our prices are affordable and our work quality is second to none.


Laminate Floor Cleaning / Laminate Floor Polishing

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