Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing

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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing


A terrazzo floor is a floor for life. Over the past few years, terrazzo floors have slightly lost their appeal due to the high cost, but anyone that has it knows how durable a terrazzo floor is, how easy it is to maintain, and how nicely it can be restored. Unlike other types of “fancy” or expensive floors, terrazzo floors do not require very specialised maintenance. A quick mopping and a light buffing and your floor looks like new again.


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing – What Is Terrazzo


Terrazzo floor is a mixture of concrete, marble, granite, glass & other types of materials. It can be poured in many shapes and forms and the concrete can be coloured for special effects. Terrazzo floors are beautiful to look at and any building or house that has terrazzo floors has a special feeling.


For even more special looks, terrazzo floors can be poured on a glass frame, copper frame or wood frame. The copper frame (edges) creates a special unique look when polished. The floor could be all white with different colour marble pieces inside and the edges or the middle of the floor would have golden lines.


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing – Cleaning


There are two types of cleaning suitable for terrazzo floors, light daily cleaning and deep cleaning services. Most people can clean their own floor on a daily basis and from time to time, they can use the services of a local floor cleaning company like Floor Cleaning Dublin, to do a deep cleaning. A standard deep cleaning will include deep clean & grime removal, high speed polishing, polish repair and restoring. Terrazzo floors can be chemically or mechanically polished. Even if the surface is highly polished and sealed, the dirt will still be able to build up in areas with high traffic. 


Floor Cleaning Dublin will use high PH heavy duty floor cleaning products from Faber and fine polishing diamond pads. Any kind of dirt impregnated will be removed and most scratches will be leveled up. This kind of deep can only be done with heavy duty industrial floor cleaning equipment.


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing – Polishing


A terrazzo floor can be sealed with a water based or solvent based sealer to enhance the gloss and increase the protection. It can also be sealed with special polishing creams/powders or it can be buffed with heavy duty industrial buffers and diamond pads of different grit. A terrazzo floor can look as matt or as glossy as you want it to be. 


Floor Cleaning Dublin is your local terrazzo floor cleaning & terrazzo floor polishing company. We are happy to provide you with free no obligation estimates and we can quote for both chemical and mechanical polishing.  Even if your terrazzo floor looks old and dull now, no need to worry, we can restore it to a spotless condition in no time.


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing  – Maintenance


You need to pay great attention to the maintenance. A well maintained terrazzo floor will stay glossy and healthy looking for much longer and it will increase the periods between polishing by at least 50%. After the surface is sealed, you will need to wash the floor daily with a medium/high ph floor cleaner to avoid dirt impregnating. This is essential for commercial/industrial floors. If you have a terrazzo floor fitted in your home, you do not have to use very strong floor cleaners because the traffic on it is alot lower. 


Be aware that when you are washing your terrazzo floors with cleaners & maintainers, you will leave a residue on the floor. This residue was designed to repair scratches, dull patches and imperfections on polished surfaces. You need to buff the floor after a maintainer was used, otherwise you will end up trapping dirt under the thin coat of the maintainer. This dirt will dullen your floor and it will create discolorations.


Call us now or book our professional terrazzo floor cleaning services online. Floor Cleaning Dublin is a well established floor cleaning company with over 15 years experience. We are happy to assess your job and to provide you with the best solution for your own floor.


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning / Terrazzo Floor Polishing

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