Daily Maintenance With The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

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Daily Maintenance With The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

Daily Maintenance With The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

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Caring for floors is a daily endeavor. Dirt and grime accumulate around the clock. There are particles that are tracked into the building under people’s shoes, the dust that settles on the surface from the air space, pets leaving behind their fur and dander, the occasional spills from foods and drinks – grime comes from all sorts of sources. Keeping the floor in good condition is necessary for the health and hygiene of those in the premises. After all, you don’t want your family members at home, or the employees and customers in your workplace, being exposed to harmful agents. The dirt accumulating on the floor also threatens its structural integrity, since it contributes to the wearing down of the surface. Patches of soiling and stains that remain unattended to for long causes there to be issues like discolorations, which affect the rest of the décor of the premises. Getting rid of the gunk that keeps building up requires the use of strong cleaning agents – and you can get that with the Faber Floor Cleaner. 

When looking for formulations to carry out frequent cleaning measures, the economics of it all matters. Costs can quickly spiral out of control if you work with low-capacity agents, or formulations whose pricing is not in line with the daily building maintenance needs. As such, the strength of the cleaner, coupled with the cost, is key. Another consideration that needs to be made is the compatibility of the cleaner with the underlying floor that is being worked on. Here, you want formulations that will deliver their cleaning action without the risk of corroding the floor, or causing other kinds of damage to the structure. The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L comes in to give you value for your money. Here is a look at what you can expect from it. 

Quality Care With The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

  • Thorough cleaning action

Given that dirt and grime accumulate on a daily basis, you want a formulation that will enable you to meet the cleaning needs of the premises. One that will readily break down the dirt and stains spots, restoring the elegance to the surface – and you can get that with the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L. The formulation has been developed to be tough on dirt, making daily floor care a breeze. 

  • Neutral, water-based formulation 

When it comes to floor care, you can’t just go sloshing any chemical on the surface and scrubbing it down. The kind of material being worked on needs to be put in consideration, otherwise you run the risk of ruining the floor. For instance, common DIY formulations – the likes of whipping up some vinegar with water, lemon-based solutions and even ammonia, can wreak havoc on natural stone floors. For tiled installations one also needs to factor in the grout itself, since this can easily get ruined when the wrong products are used. 

The neutral pH of the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L makes it safe for working on a wide range of surfaces. The water-based cleaner can be used on natural stone installations like marble and limestone structures, ceramics – including craquelé and glazed variations, to the wide range of porcelain stoneware, whether it is polished, natural, or textured. The versatility of the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L is also why it is a widely used formulation when dealing with outdoor and indoor installations alike. You also won’t have to worry about it harming the delicate grout – allowing you to deliver a thorough clean even on such structures.

  • Restoring the vibrance to the space

Clean spaces are as about aesthetics as they are about hygiene and ambience. Dirt and grime causes odors to build up in the indoor air space, making the occupants of the building uncomfortable. Getting rid of the source of the odors is one step – and the Faber Floor Cleaner goes beyond this to also leave a pleasant fragrance in its wake. This brings a fresh look and feel to the areas that have been worked on – and since it is used for the daily cleaning, you can be able to live and work in a hospitable environment that encourages productivity in the workplace, and rest and relaxation at home. 

How To Use The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

  • Floor Preparation

The first step is dealing with the loose dirt strewn all over the surface. This is to prevent the dry dirt and debris from getting damp and sticking to the floor during the cleaning that is to follow, since this would only serve to increase your workload. If you’re using machinery like autoscrubbers, you also don’t want the nuisance that comes with extra sand and hair particles. Sweep or vacuum the floor. 

  • Dilution

The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L is a highly concentrated product. This gives you plenty of usage with each unit you purchase, as the formulation has an impressive 900 – 1100m² per liter coverage rate. Before you set out to clean the floor you will need to dilute the product. This will depend on the kind of surface in question. For natural stone or cotto floors, mix 2-3 capfuls of the Faber Floor Cleaner with 5 liters of water. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with less absorbent surfaces, then 1 capful of product per 5 L of water will suffice. 

If you’re uncertain about the suitability of the Faber Floor Cleaner for working on your particular installation, then it is recommended that you carry out a spot test on an inconspicuous section of the floor before proceeding. 

Wash the floor surface with the usual methods, i.e., you can use a cloth for small areas, work with a mop, or even use larger wet/dry machines and single disc units. This will depend on your particular situation. 

When you use the recommended dilution ratios for working with the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L, then you won’t need to rinse the surface. Note that if you use the formulation when it is too concentrated, then there is a likelihood of leaving behind residue on the floor. 

The equipment that you have used for the process can be washed with water. The floor is opened up to normal traffic after the surface dries. 

Daily Maintenance With The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

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