Get More For Your Surfaces With The Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish

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Get More For Your Surfaces With The Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish

Get More For Your Surfaces With The Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish

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Natural stones – as well as the blends and agglomerates that are made from them, are susceptible to liquids penetrating into the structure and causing stains. Materials like marble and limestone are porous, resulting in them readily absorbing spills that wind up in them, creating blemishes that take away the characteristic appeal that such installations are known for. Protective measures are needed to block this effect, and you can get that from the Colour Enhancer Matt Finish. This formulation is developed to prioritize both protection and aesthetic elements. After all, stain-proofing your surfaces doesn’t mean that the décor needs to take a hit in the process. The solvent-based finish is a product from Faber, a brand that is a household name throughout the surface care industry. It’s easy to see why. Faber has been in this line of business since 1986. From its headquarters in Italy, the company has spread its market through European nations in the Middle East, to the far reaches of Asia. Heavy investment into research and development has seen it churn out a wide range of products – over 250 as of today, each with its particular target niche and applications. Professional contractors – from installers, cleaning crews to technicians conducting repairs, use the wide assortment of Faber products for natural stone installations to man-made ones like ceramics. 

Accentuate Your Surfaces

From natural stone installations like granite, to agglomerates like marble-resin and quartz-resin installations, one of their core attributes is the charm and beauty they bring to the space Their surface characteristics, including the color and tone, the reflection of light and the depth they add to the space are major reasons why they are highly popular. When looking for finished products that will be applied onto the surface, you can make these features more prominent – and it’s one of the main things that the Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish brings on board. 

This color-enhancing finish delivers on its mandate, bringing out the aesthetic features of your absorbent surfaces. Those natural patterns, hues, and veining that make up the unique elements of the floors, worktops, walls and other surfaces become more prominent, which increases their impact on the décor of the space and makes it more vibrant. Moreover, the formulation also sets a matt, wet-look effect, which spruces up the treated surface – which is beneficial for both residential and commercial settings. The impregnating treatment gets into the surface, bonding with the material. It delivers the finish effect without forming a film on the surface or leaving residue. The treatment doesn’t form the dreaded yellow hue over time too, and this is a key consideration when looking into solvent-based finishes. 

Enhance The Longevity Of Treated Surfaces

The formulation has been developed for use on the different kinds of absorbent surfaces, which have a non-polished finish. Its roles extend beyond the aesthetics though. It comes with protective attributes, specially stain-proofing properties and increasing the dirt resistance of the surface. The finish keeps spills from soaking deep into the installation that has been worked on, making future cleaning tasks easier. The water-repellence provided by the Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish is so effective that it can be used in areas where the surfaces will get into prolonged contact with water, such as in shower areas, saunas, and fountains. 

Limiting the ability of dirt to get embedded into the material serves to preserve the structural integrity of the installation, since dirt and grime are leading causes of everyday wear and tear. These features enable it to contribute to prolonging the life of the structure, together with protecting it from the damage that would have been caused by spills or excessive water in its environment. It also means that less resources are taken up as part of the routine building maintenance program, resulting in cost savings in the long run. 

The Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish is also resistant to UV radiation and the weather elements. This means that you can use it to add to the elegance of your outdoor surfaces, without worrying about it getting deteriorated. Since the formulation is certified to be food safe, you can use it on kitchen countertops as well. The finish should however not be used on non-absorbent surfaces or those installations that have a polished finish.

Suitable For Absorbent Surfaces

This stain-proofing impregnator can be used on the diverse range of absorbent surfaces, for both indoor and outdoor applications. This includes the likes of marble, granite and limestone, to terracotta, quartzite, and agglomerates like the marble-resin materials, all through to concrete installations. The 10-15m² coverage rate gives you optimal value for the treatment with the particular rate for your situation depending on the particular material being worked on. Note that the formulation should not be applied on non-absorbent surfaces, or structures that have a polished finish. 

For the application, start off by carefully cleaning the surface and allowing it to dry. Dirt and debris on the area being worked on would interfere with the proper bonding processes of the Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish with the surface. Apply a thick layer of the product onto the surface, using your preferred equipment, whether it is a cloth or brush, or you’re working with a roller or lambswool applicator. The priority here is to ensure that the layer applied is uniform. After letting it set on the surface for around 10 minutes, check for inconsistencies – especially sections with excess product build-up. Redistribute the product in this area to make the layer even. The treatment will have dried within 1-2 hours. In case a second layer of the Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish is needed, it can be applied after this drying period has elapsed. 

While this is a fast-drying treatment, you should wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before washing the floor. This ensures that it will have completely attached itself to the installation. However, foot traffic can be allowed onto the area in just 6 hours after application. 

Get More For Your Surfaces With The Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish

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