Low Cost Marble Restoration Services

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Low Cost Marble Restoration Services

Low Cost Marble Restoration Services

What state are your marble installations in? Floors, walls, countertops-they all need proper care and maintenance to keep them in an elegant condition. Effects of daily abuse, be it from foot traffic,  food spills, scratches from heavy items being dragged on them, acidic or alkaline agents winding up on the structure and reacting with it, and even the solar radiation reacting with the treatments that have been applied and causing yellowing- they make an impact, contributing to the degradation of the installation. Hiring expert marble restoration services will enable you to bring back the beauty and preserve the durability of the surfaces.

Relying on quality products

Different situations call for different care programs. The processes and products that our personnel use largely depend on the state that the marble surface to be treated is in. Situations range from simply touching up the polish to bring back the shine without having to do a complete overhaul- in which case it’s a short and fast process, and includes techniques like spray buffing to apply the selected product; all through to those situations where there has been such extensive damage- be it from wear effects caused by foot traffic, blemishes like deep scratches, all through to corrosion of the finish by acid agents that were accidentally spilled onto the marble floors or countertops. In each scenario, quality formulations from trusted brands are utilized. Take the Faber A2 Mix for instance. This is a damp polishing powder that is used when enhancing the shine of the installation. It adds to the depth of the vitreous-effect, especially when seen against the light. The A2 Mix does not release any dust into the air when being applied, due to its zero volatility nature. What’s more, it increases the resistance of the surface to foot traffic, enabling the achieved result to last for longer. There are even situations where the installations are composed of different natural stones, such as mixed flooring containing marble and granite. For such cases where the goal is to achieve a uniform shine throughout the material as if they were one and the same, polishing creams like the Faber Universal Glossy are used. This unit sets a bright and vitreous effect, while also increasing the resistance of the structure to foot traffic and soiling. It can also be used to restore the original colouration of the surface in case it has been partially lost. Units like the Faber A3 Yellow can be applied on indoor and outdoor surfaces, and it’s mainly used for accentuating the finish results. Here, the depth of the shine is enhanced, giving them more character even as the light bounces off them. However, you don’t want to get a shiny floor that causes everyone to fall over because of its slippery nature. The A3 Yellow solves this by boosting the non-slip properties of the surface, giving the dry floors more grip.

The versatile Faber ABR 600 has different applications.  For starters, it is ideal for those surfaces where mechanical polishing would be a headache- like those that are not level or perfectly laid, those that have lippage, or there are simply obstacles in the way preventing the polishing machines from getting to the target area. This is especially when working on the marble surfaces that have started being polished or buffed surfaces. Here, the ABR 600 replaces the intermediate resin pads that would have been used, in order to give the surface an even finish, and remove any scratches, scuff marks, and those small blemishes on the installation. This is to prepare the surface for treatment with chemical finishes later on. On the other hand, there are situations where the surface has already been polished, but it doesn’t have a shine. In this case, the Faber ABR 600 comes in to give it a honed look. Basically, this is a matt finish which is uniform and soft, without any of the scratches that are associated with the mechanical polishing process. When it comes to restoring the damaged installations, like the marble floors that have deep surface aggressions, the ABR 600 is used together with the Faber K100, enabling you to give your installation a fresh start.

Enter Diamond Abrasives

Our marble polishing services also incorporate the mechanical process, and our crew are fully equipped for the task. From high-powered orbital sanders that are used when working on the corners of the installation, to their component parts which are fitted onto them, such as the flexible  KGS Telum® diamond triangles complete with coloured QRS, or even the KGS Flexis® Triangle Fein, a quality polish is obtained each time. These particular units have grits ranging from the coarse 60 to the fine 3000, allowing optimal grinding and polishing of the surface. The longevity of the units used cuts down the costs of operation in the long haul, which translates to lower prices for the marble restoration services on your end. A similar case applied when working with diamond belts such as those from the KGS Telum® and Flexis BCT Belt lines, used for wet polishing. These enable our crew to work on the internal and external surfaces of the installation when using the expanding rubber drums. Sizes vary depending on the operations- from the small ø 15×30 with the Telum® diamond belts, going up to ø 75×38, plus the 50×42 mm and 75×38 mm diameter options available with the KGS Flexis® BCT Belts.

Dry polishing light coloured marble installations can also be accomplished with tools like the KGS Swiflex® XX disc, with its tough structure plus the fact that there will not be any surface staining to occur; or diamond coated resin sandpaper such as the  KGS Swiflex® CX, which cuts down on the operation costs involved. These units are aggressive in order to deliver the desired results when working with the hand held machines. For wet polishing the edges, options like the KGS Speedline® EDGE SF resin bond diamond discs that have a multi-material structure are used, or the alternative Speedline® EDGE QRS discs, where the grit levels go from 60 to 3000, and our crew employ the suitable units based on the condition of the surface and the stage that the polishing is in.

Low Cost Marble Restoration Services

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