Local Marble Floor Polishing Service

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Local Marble Floor Polishing Service

Local Marble Floor Polishing Service

Are there stains that have got absorbed deep into the pores of the marble surface and become difficult to remove? Grout and rust stains that are taking away the appeal of your installation, and those that defy normal do-it-yourself cleaning measures? Are there etch marks that have formed? These are typically as a result of acidic substances reacting with the structure of the marble, and sometimes get so deep that thorough abrasion is needed to remove the marks, then subsequent polishing and sealant application to follow to restore the lost beauty. Scratches, wearing down caused by foot traffic- they all affect the beauty and long-term durability of your installation. This is why we’re here- to breathe new life into your marble surfaces, giving them a fresh start and accentuating the decor.  By hiring our professional marble polishing services, you also get to save on the amount of time and energy that you would have spent with a DIY process, and get quality results each time.

Different tools for unique needs

Various establishments have their different needs. Some are dealing with worn out marble surfaces, from the countertops to the floors. These have lost their glamour after months of heavy usage. There are situations where the surface has scratches and scuff marks that need to be got rid of. In other cases, the installation is a victim of chemical aggression, as is commonly witnessed when acid based cleaners are used- usually during DIY processes, which ends up corroding the surface treatment. Then there are those cases where the stone is brushed, and you want blemishes removed. Each of the scenarios requires its unique approach, and our personnel have the skills and experience to determine the most suitable products and systems for your particular needs. For instance, formulations like the Faber ABR 600 are used for the surfaces that are already polished but do not have a shine, where the goal is to give them a soft matt finish. It’s a creamy fluid whose powder lies in its micro-abrasive polishing action. For the worn out installations- perhaps it is a floor that has borne the brunt of heavy foot traffic, and there are also scratches on it, the Faber K100 comes in handy. It is a water based cream whose main role is to restore the surfaces, reversing the effects of the wear. In those cases where there are really deep surface aggressions and the K100 needs a boost, the Faber ABR 600 can also be employed. The A1 Yellow formulation from the same brand is called upon when one wants a natural-looking shine in moments. This one is applied speedily, to boost the already-applied treatment.

For the mixed floorings, where the installation is made up of more than one natural stone, formulations such as the Faber Universal Glossy are used. This water-based cream provides a uniform shine of the different materials, as if they were the same structure. What’s more, it adds to the protective attributes of the installation, increasing the resistance to foot traffic, and warding off soiling, preventing it from adhering to the underlying surface. The next generation Faber CristalFab White Pad has been specifically developed for use with the polishing machines that have been fitted with white pads. This means that they can be used on surfaces that are not completely dry, making it beneficial in situations where rusting would have been an issue if steel wool pads were employed. Here, the aesthetic goal is to revitalize surfaces where part of their original shine is lost, and a complete overhaul is not quite needed. The Faber A3 Yellow comes in when setting a deep shine to the finished surfaces. This wet polishing powder does not contain wax, but rather it reacts with the actual marble surface, giving it more clarity and simultaneously enhancing its resistance to dirt and foot traffic.

Grinding And Polishing With Tough Diamond Pads

The mechanical polishing process requires tools that can withstand the intense abrasion is required for the task, getting it done without losing their performance. As such, we also invest in quality machinery and the pads that work with them. For instance, state-of-the-art orbital sanders are used when working on the corners. These hand-held units are fitted with flexible Triangle Fein diamond units, such as those from the KGS Telum® and KGS Flexis® lines. They come with grit levels of 60, 120, 200, 400, 500, 1500 and 3000. They also have coloured QRS, and are long lasting units that handle the conditions of the dry polishing. There are cases where handpads will be required, in both wet and dry polishing. Here, our crew employ units like the KGS Telum® and KGS Flexis® diamond handpads. These products are made of flexible foam block, and then diamond coated to enable them grind and polish the surfaces. From the interlocking pattern of the former to the high stock removal of the latter, the units are easy to use and ensure that our personnel gets the task done to quality standards each time.

Other hand-held machines incorporated into the marble restoration services use expanding rubber drums for their functioning. In such cases, units like the KGS Telum® diamond belts with their interlocking design, and the KGS Flexis® BCT Belt too, enable our personnel to deliver a thorough grinding and polishing on both internal and external surfaces. Here the grit levels also vary from 60-3000, and the diameters of the units selected are depended on the area being worked on. These units specifically are meant for wet polishing. For the dry polishing, there is the gold line KGS Swiflex® XX that had been engineered for the hand-held machines, and can be used on light coloured marble without qualms of the colouration being lost in the process. The diamond coated KGS Swiflex® CX sandpaper is also part of the arsenal, especially with its optimal price-performance ratio.

Quality service at affordable prices

With us, you get to ensure that your marble installations have been properly maintained without breaking the bank. The costs themselves are tailored to suit your specific needs, taking into account factors such as the condition of the marble surfaces and the size of the area to be worked on.

Local Marble Floor Polishing Service

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