Marble Cleaning & Polishing Services

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Marble Cleaning & Polishing Services

Marble Cleaning & Polishing Services

Marble in itself is a highly durable material. A natural stone, it’s more durable compared to laminate, vinyl, hardwood and other building materials. This is why it is a common feature for floor installations in establishments that handle high levels of foot traffic, all through to the kitchen countertops in busy commercial food joints. However, the marble is not invincible. After years of abrasion from foot traffic, the spills and scratches, it becomes more susceptible to cracking, chipping, staining and other kinds of damage. Repairing damaged marble is a costly endeavour. Replacing the ruined pieces is an arduous process, especially with the amount of time and resources that it will take to get stones of a similar cut and style. Prevent things from turning out this way by carrying out proper maintenance, which includes the occasional restoration visits. That’s why we’re here.

Equipped to deliver

You want your surfaces to receive professional treatment, and we use quality products to make that happen. Here, since the situations vary from one installation to the next, our personnel will apply the appropriate solutions for your particular premises. For instance, the Faber A3 Yellow is a high-performance powder that is used when enhancing the depth of shine of the surface. It does this while simultaneously improving the non-slip properties of the installation- which is particularly beneficial for marble floors. It works across the board, for all types of marble surfaces. However, the Faber A1 Grey is particularly meant for the more delicate installations, especially when they are sensitive to acids. The A1 Grey has a low acid content, and the surfaces can be treated without forming the orange-peel effect. That way you get to achieve aesthetically pleasing results without the installation being exposed to acid based products and aggressive formulations. Crystallization creams are also incorporated into the process. Here, there are formulations such as the Faber CristalFab White Pad. This one is applied onto the surface and worked into the material using state-of-the-art polishing machines onto which white pads have been fitted. In this scenario, you won’t have to worry about issues like oxidation, or rusting that comes when the traditional steel wool pads are used.

There are situations where the marble surfaces are installed together with other materials, as is the case with mixed floorings. Here, you’d want the surface to still have a uniform polish. Specially formulated products like the Faber Universal Glossy come into play. For instance, if you have a mixed flooring that is composed of both marble and granite, the surfaces get to achieve the same brightness as though they were the same material.  The Faber A1 Yellow, on the other hand, is a wax-free powder that brings out the natural look of the marble installation. Abrasive creams are employed too, such as the Faber ABR 600. This is a creamy fluid that achieves the desired effect due to its micro-abrasive polishing action. It is used in different cases. For starters, there are situations when the area being worked on has obstacles, and mechanical polishing systems cannot be effective- which also happens when the lippage of the flooring varies, or it’s simply not flat. In such cases the fluid as a replacement for the intermediate grain sizes of the resin pads. It also comes in handy when there is an issue with the water supply, such that the amount available wouldn’t be enough to sustain the mechanical polishing process.

Quality diamond pads for effective grinding and polishing

Even with mechanical polishing, the results obtained depend on the quality of the machines and abrasives used. In this regard, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery, and our crew also work with diamond abrasives from the renowned KGS brand. For instance, our edgers can be fitted with the multi-material KGS Speedline® EDGE SF or the silver line or the EDGE QRS from the same range when our crew are wet-polishing the edges on 12 to 30 mm. These units enable the stone surfaces to be worked on without any discolouration occurring; and with the grit levels spanning from 60 to 3000, the desired level of finish can be easily obtained. A different case is witnessed when dry polishing the marble surfaces that have light colouration. Here, the hand-held machines used are fitted with abrasives from the KGS Swiflex® line, including the XX discs and diamond coated CX sandpaper. These are engineered to deliver superior polishing results each time, while being ergonomic to handle.

When wet polishing using hand-held machines the KGS Speedline® line comes in handy. It has been specifically designed for use on marble surfaces in order to obtain a highly polished result. The units are fitted with the gold line Speedline® MM, or silver line CM diamond polishing discs depending on the intended purpose. They each have coloured QRS. Cases like renovation when a more aggressive grinding is required, systems like the KGS RENOVATOR™ System or the KGS Frankfurt are employed. Whether it’s grinding down previous treatment coatings or levelling uneven marble floors, they are up to the task. What’s more, these systems are complete with the fine grit options, thus allowing the entire processes to be completed without needing to switch to other systems, speeding up the operations. Orbital sanders are employed for sections like corners. These too are fitted with pads from the same brand, such as the KGS Flexis® and Telum® Triangle Fein, whose flexibility makes them ideal for the task.

These measures go a long way in protecting your installation. By treating and finishing your marble surfaces, the protection attained against the dirt, foot traffic and staining reduces the rate of wear, and in the process prolongs the life of your installation. It’s much more economical compared to neglecting the tiles and being forced to replace them when they get damaged beyond repair.  What’s more, with our affordable price packages, you will be in a position to hire the marble polishing services without straining your budget. The costs themselves will account for factors that are unique to your particular needs, such as the size of the surface area to be worked on, and the current condition that the marble is in.

Marble Cleaning & Polishing Services

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