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Marble Polishing Company

Marble Polishing Company

Marble installations are known for their beauty. The shine that they have, plus the numerous colourations and styles that are available, plus the fact that since it is a product of nature, no two tiles are ever exactly the same, enhances the decor of the home or business space. Floors, countertops all through to the walls- they all need to be cared for. During their life in your establishment, they come under a barrage of abuse- from the foot traffic beating down the floors, the occasional spills and smudges, scratches from heavy items being dragged over the surface, etching from acidic substances- they take away the appeal. These need to be resolved- without causing additional damage, as would likely be the case with turning to rookie companies or talking on the task as a DIY project. Hiring professional marble polishing services will enable you to restore the elegance to your installation.

Modernized systems for a quality job

You want your marble installations to receive quality care. By turning to the professionals you can have the peace of mind that your installation is safe, and you will get the desired results. The processes and products used are determined based on the state of the surface, the treatments involved, and the gloss level that you want to be obtained. Take wax treatments for instance. These are applied to the surface to increase protective attributes, enhance the degree of shine, and prolong the life of your installation. For example, the Faber B1-920, a wax-resin emulsion, is used to polish the vertical surfaces, marble worktops, bathroom tops, and other areas that don’t handle foo traffic. It forms a highly resistant film that also simultaneously accentuates the colouration of the material.  The self-polishing HidroFab from the same brand is a finishing treatment, being applied to boost the water and oil repellent nature of the surface, while bringing out its shine and tone. The Faber HidroFab AR provides similar protection, but the finish obtained sets a satin-effect on the surface.

Statues, furnishings, stair rises and other irregular surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, are also included as part of the marble restoration services. With these, conventional machines cannot be used for the application. Our personnel turn to products such as the Faber Liquid Wax, which will enhance the surface shine, and you won’t have to worry about yellowing over time. It also boosts the strain protection of the material. The fast drying Faber Solid Wax also protects against wear, and is formulated using top quality paraffin in order to provide a superb shine to the walls and worktops. For protecting heavily trafficked areas such as the busy office buildings, school hallways, dealing with malls and other retail centres, the SHS Wax provides long lasting protection. In fact, the treatment is so durable that is can also be used in areas where there are vehicles, like warehouse, garages and auto showrooms.  Even for those cases were the existing treatment needs to be removed, tough acting agents are applied. In these scenarios products such as the Faber DEC 21 and/or the DECERA P come in for the de-waxing, enabling our crew to get to the bare surface underneath, giving your installation a fresh start.

Marble restoration tailored to your needs

The polishing can also be a wax-free process. Here, there are numerous products that can be used, ranging from the Faber A1 Yellow, a polishing powder that sets a deep shine with a natural effect, and reacts with the surface itself- it even boosts the material’s resistance to dirt and foot traffic; the A3 Yellow which is a wet polishing powder, providing a deep vitreous effect and can also be used in place of the end-stage polishing grans of the mechanical polishing processing order to speed things up; the A1 Grey that is particularly ideal for the marble surface that are more sensitive to acids- the likes of red Verona marble and Bardiglio marble, that way they can obtain the deep shine without the risk of getting the dreaded “orange-peel effect”- and it achieves the desired results without changing the surface hardness of the already applied treatment; the white A2 Mix, which is a damp polishing powder that enhances the clarity and depth of shine by reacting with the finished surface, while at the same time increasing the level of protection against dirt and foot traffic; crystallization agents such as the Faber Cristal FA liquid, which is a low-acidity formulation incorporated into the marble restoration service when needed, bringing back the gloss level to the surface quickly and without any pitting effect; plus the CristalFab White Pad which is also used for the crystallization, but in this case it works with the polishing machines onto which a white pad has been fitted, that way our crew won’t need to use steel wool pads that would have resulted in rusting especially when working on slightly damp surfaces; all through to the K100 which is highly effective in repairing surfaces that have been worn down by foot traffic, getting rid of the scratches and scuff marks that have formed over time, and even restoring the marble installations that have come under chemical attack, as happens when there is an accidental spill of an acidic substance.

Working with diamond abrasives

When it comes to the mechanical polishing, tough and durable discs are needed. For this, our crew utilise tools such as the KGS Diamond pads with the polishing machines. For instance, with the Hybrid R Professional Solution, the discs consist of a diamond flap that is alternated with one of silicon carbide. This makes it an aggressive disc for fast grinding, and the durability of the structure allows the discs to last for long. This in turn lowers the costs of operations, the savings of which can be transferred to you with lower quotations for the marble polishing services. The Hybrid T Industrial Solution is suitable for both wet and dry polishing of the marble surfaces, and ensures a vibration fee process. It comes in coarse, medium, and fine grits available, and can work with machines rotating at 6000- 6500 rpm.

Marble Polishing Company

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