Marble Restoration Services

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Marble Restoration Services

Marble Restoration Services

Much of the appeal of marble floors, countertops, walls and the structure comes from their shine. After years of use, this is worn down, taking the appeal of the rest of the premises with it. It’s a normal occurrence, which can be easily reversed with marble restoration services, to bring back that gloss and aesthetic appeal. In other cases, the damage is from chipping and scratches that have formed, and it may even be situations where stains have got so embedded within the structure, that the surface needs be first ground down before polishing and applying a new treatment. That’s where we come in. Our highly trained specialists, coming with years of experience, will carry out a thorough job on your marble surfaces, to restore the lost lustre and appeal- and even set out a whole new finish if so desired.

Products that are designed to deliver

You want the appropriate methods to be used for your particular marble installation. Situations are different. With some cases, only a part of the gloss has been lost, and a quick touch up is all that is needed to restore the glamour of the surface. In other cases, wear effects from foot traffic erode the beauty of the installation, and a fresh new finish is needed. Then there are those cases with scratches and scuff marks, where these blemishes need to be got rid of as part of the polishing process. Add to this those cases of chemical aggression, such as when the marble is corroded due to acidic solutions being used on it, or perhaps there was a spill of an acidic agent which ended up ruining the floor, since marble is sensitive to pH. Whichever the case, our personnel will apply the appropriate products and systems to restore the beauty to your installation. Take the Faber K100 for instance. This one is about giving your marble floors a fresh new start. It is used on surfaces that have been worn down by foot traffic, those with scratches, and where an acid-based substance winded up on the material. It is a water based cream and does not contain any wax. Rather, it chemically and mechanically bonds with the floor, in order to revitalize it. With the Faber A2 Mix, you have a wet polishing powder, that our personnel uses when giving depth and clarity to the shine of your marble surfaces. Here, the main focus is to enhance the vitreous effect. A welcome bonus of this unit is the additional protection it provides the treated surface, enhancing its resistance to dirt and foot traffic. The low acidity Faber Cristal Fab comes in for those touch-up cases. It restores the deep shine to your marble surfaces, while simultaneously boosting its scratch resistance. You won’t have to worry about it overlapping, and it also doesn’t leave behind a slippery finish, ensuring that your floor remains safe.

Units like the Faber A1 Grey have been specifically formulated for the delicate marble surfaces. These range from red marbles and red Verona marble, all through to Bardiglio marble. This product is wax free and has minimal acid content. As such, it can be safely used on the surfaces which have highly sensitive to acids, and those installations that are susceptible to the “orange peel-effect” when aggressive products are used. The A1 Grey will react with the marble surface, boosting its shine. Moreover, it comes with protective attributes, hence it gives the installation a long lasting resistance to soiling, and enables it to withstand foot traffic while retaining its elegance. That way, our personnel are able to treat the delicate installations without any blemishes forming, putting the structural integrity of the installation at risk. It’s also versatile, since it can be employed for the routine marble polishing services, to maintain that depth of shine. What’s more, it can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Grinding Down Surfaces And Buffing Them With Diamond Abrasives

Here, mechanical floor renovations systems are incorporated into the marble restoration process. Take the KGS RENOVATOR™ System for instance. It’s a complete set of diamond resin pads, from the coarse units with grit levels as low as 40, which can be employed when levelling floors- including the installations with 1.5 mm lippage. The system uses  100 mm diameter resin bond pads from the RENOVATOR™ line (hence the name), but also incorporates the 17”/430 mm FLEXIS® range especially in the latter stages when fine grinding is required, where the grit levels can go up to 8000. Using the KGS Stone Shine in the process allows for a deeper gloss to be obtained. The wet polishing during renovation of the marble installations can also be carried out with the silver line KGS Frankfurt. This set of pads is fitted onto the single head machines used in the process, and covers coarse grinding with the 92×90 mm Frankfurt pads where the girt can get even lower to 30, to fine grinding where the FLEXIS® FF pads will come in handy.

When light grinding is being carried out with hand held machines, abrasives like the KGS Swiflex® XX and the Swiflex® CX are used. The dry polishing here achieves superb polishing results, without affecting the colouration of the installation or causing surface staining. The grit levels with these unit range from 60 to 1500. Even the edges are catered to, with high-efficacy edge polishing machines. In this case, they are fitted with the multi-material KGS Speedline® EDGE SF or KGS Speedline® EDGE with QRS backing for the wet polishing. These resin bond discs come in 125 mm and 150 mm diameters, fitted appropriately based on the machine in question. As the edges are being worked on, you won’t need to worry about discolouration occurring. Our crew can also use handpads if needed, such as those from the KGS Telum® and Flexis® lines. Their structure is a diamond coated foam block, with sizes that are easy to work with, 90×55 mm for the Telum® and 85×50 mm for the Flexis®. These handpads can be used for both wet and dry polishing, based on the requirements of the particular situation.

Marble Restoration Services


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