Marble Honing & Polishing Services

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Marble Honing & Polishing Services

Marble Honing & Polishing Services

Proper maintenance of your marble installation will be a fraction of the cost incurred when having them replaced. Calling in the professional will ensure that the damage from stains, scratching, chipping and staining has been repaired, and a quality polishing delivered in order to maintain the appeal of the floors, countertops, walls and other marble surfaces. This is vital in prolonging the life of the structure. After all, you don’t want to be forced to fork out loads of cash, and spend copious amount of time looking for replacements necessitated by years of use and neglect. You want a quality job to be done. After spending so much money getting the optimal installation for your establishment, one that brings out the style of your home and gives your business a professional image, you don’t want quacks coming in and causing damage to the marble. Call in the professionals to take care of the task. This will ensure that you get quality results in moments, without putting your installation at risk. With routine care, your marble installations will get to last for the long haul, and have you beaming with pride whenever people walk into the premises and marvel at its condition.

Applying specialised formulations

Marble is not all uniform. There are different qualities of the material, and each has its treatment options. Take red marble for instance. It is a more acid-sensitive option compared to the other marble installations. The same applies to red Verona marble, plus Bardiglio marble. For such installations, the products that would be used on other marble surfaces would cause issues like the orange peel-effect. Our personnel uses appropriate formulations when attending to the various types of installation. For instance, for these delicate styles, products like the Faber A1 Grey are applied. This is a polishing powder that has zero wax, and comes low in acid content. This makes it safe for the installations, giving the treated surface a deep shine. It does this without altering the surface hardness. The product also has welcome benefits such as increasing the resistance of the floor to foot traffic, and also protecting the underlying structure from soiling. With Faber CristalFab, you have a ready-to-use crystallizing fluid that reduces the amount of time spent on the task. This formulation is used when dealing with cases of partial loss of gloss, where you want to restore the deep shine without issues like pitting, yellowing or greying. It revitalises the finished surface without forming blemishes like overlapping with the existing treatments. What’s more, it actually increases the surface resistance to scratches, and when incorporated into the regular marble restoration services, wards off deep down damage to the structure, thus increasing the intervals between when a complete mechanical polishing and buffing is required.

The Faber A2 Mix gives the marble installation a deep vitreous shine, optimising on the polishing processes. It accentuates your marble installations, and performs its task by reacting with the material itself. This formulation simultaneously boosts the protection of the underlying structure from everyday dirt and foot traffic. What of the instances where there are scratches and scuff marks on the marble installations? Those scenarios where the surface has been worn down as a result of the heavy foot traffic handled on the premises, plus issues like damage caused by chemicals? Here, units like the Faber K100 are incorporated into the marble restoration service. This particular one is a multi-purpose formulation, which breathes new life into your installation. It’s not just about applying a coat of treatment. In fact, the K100 doesn’t have any wax. It chemically and mechanically bonds with the marble structure, reversing the damage and restoring the appeal to it.

Mechanical Polishing Action With Diamond Pads

To grind and polish the surface, a mechanical approach can also be taken. Here, brute force is required, with the abrasive action getting through the layers of treatment, levelling uneven floors- in which case coarse grits are utilised. It even applies to the buffing and fine polishing to result in a smooth surface, and for this, diamond abrasives with finer grits are employed for the task. Since it’s a process that involves lots of heat and friction, tough products are needed, and our personnel use KGS units for it. Take the likes of the KGS Telum® and Flexis® hand pads for instance. They are made using flexible foam block which allows them to be easily used, and come in dimensions of 90×55 mm for the former, and 85×50 mm for the latter. The abrasive action here is provided for by the diamond coated surface of the pads, allowing our crew to give the target areas up-close attention.  However, not all regions can be worked on by hand. Machines will need to come into play. These are the likes of the edge polishing units, fitted with discs such as the multi-material gold line KGS Speedline® EDGE SF (Snail fit) and the silver line Speedline® EDGE QRS pads. These discs are used for wet polishing edges while preserving the colouration of the marble installation. The grit levels involved range from as low as 60, to as high as 3000.

We have also invested in state-of-the-art orbital sanders, which are particularly handy for grinding and dry polishing the troublesome corners. These units are fitted with the flexible KGS Telum® or Flexis® Triangle Fein pads, giving a smooth finish. They come in different colours and grit levels, and our crew selects the pads that are most optimal for the situation. What of the cases where the marble installation needs thorough grinding when giving it a fresh new start? Systems like the KGS RENOVATOR™ and KGS Frankfurt come in. They are fitted onto the single head machines. The  RENOVATOR™ specifically uses really coarse pads that can even be employed when levelling floors with as much as 1.5mm lippage, and the Frankfurt silver line has girt levels going as low as 30. In the renovation systems, resin bond diamond pads from the FLEXIS® can also be incorporated into the process, allowing for very fine grinding and polishing with grit levels going as high as 8000.

Marble Honing & Polishing Services

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