Marble Restoration Done Professionally

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Marble Restoration Done Professionally

Marble Restoration Done Professionally

Over the course of their life in your establishment, the marble surfaces are bound to get worn down. After all, no material is invincible, and natural stone is not spared from the effects of everyday life. Whether it’s the foot traffic beating down the marble floors, the food preparation activities on the kitchen countertops that result in the occasional spills and smudges, to the outdoor installation that are constantly exposed to the elements, like the statues bathed in the hot sun, blistering cold and heavy downpours- these structures require regular care and maintenance to keep them at their optimal. Our marble restoration services are here to ensure that your installations retain their elegance, and last for long.

Quality tools for a thorough job

The advances in the surface care industry have brought forth a wide range of systems to address the various needs in both residential and commercial establishments. Our crew keeps abreast with the changes in the industry, in order to apply products and processes that will enable you to get the most optimal results on your marble installations. For instance, when dealing with surfaces that are not subject to foot traffic- and also when conventional polishing methods would be difficult- such as when dealing with vertical surfaces and bathroom tops, products like the Faber B1-920 can be used. This wax-resin emulsion sets a fin and ultra-resistant film which accentuates the full colouration of the underlying surface, even making it easier for the subsequent cleaning operations that would follow. With the Faber HidroFab, you get a self-polishing agent that will seal your marble surfaces and enhance the polished effect, and brings water-repellent and oil-repellent properties on board, in order to protect the surface from staining.

Wax treatments

You may want a satin effect on your floors, while still obtaining the water- and oil-repellent attributes. In this case, the Faber HidroFab AR is used, which is also a wax-resin unit, and does not yellow over time. The fast-drying and solvent-based Faber Liquid Wax comes in when working on those irregular surfaces, such as statues, furniture items, stair risers and other similar installations where applying other polishing would have been a taxing endeavour. Part of the marble polishing service supplies, this particular unit is works fast, restoring the tone and colouration of the surfaces. Faber Solid Wax boosts the surface shine, and is also intended for surfaces such as walls, worktops and other surfaces that do not handle foot traffic. Another unit suitable for worktops is the Faber Top Care, which sticks to the material and gives it increased resistance to water staining and those unsightly limescale halos that have a tendency of forming. It’s a maintenance cream, which enables the countertops to retain their elegance. For the particularly large areas, when you want quality results but still minimise on the costs incurred in the process, units like the durable and dirt-resistant Faber SHS Wax are utilised. It is particularly popular for application on floors that handle high levels of foot traffic, from office buildings to malls and retail spaces, and can also be used where there is medium vehicle traffic- the kind that occurs in warehouses, vehicle showrooms and warehouses. This self-polishing formulation seals the surfaces onto which it’s applied, making regular maintenance a breeze. When applied, it brings out the tone and shine of the marble, and it doesn’t yellow.

Non-wax Abrasives

For the polishing processes, products from Faber also come in handy. For instance, the A1 Grey is a polishing powder specifically meant for the marble surfaces that have a high sensitivity to acids. These are the likes of red marble. It chemically and mechanically reacts with the surfaces, giving them a deep shine, while also boosting the resistance to dirt and traffic. With the wet- polishing Faber A3 Yellow powder, this unit also does not contain wax, but rather the resultant shine is as a result of the formulation reacting with the marble structure itself. It has the welcome benefit of increasing the non-slip properties of the floor when dry. The A1 Yellow allows for quick application, and enhances the natural effect of the treated surface. It also comes in handy when working on worn surfaces in tricky areas where using a mechanical polisher would be difficult, thus enabling our marble restoration service crew to attend to all target areas in the establishment. With the Faber A2 Mix, the emphasis is on aesthetics, providing top performance with the finished results. Since it is a zero volatility wet polishing powder, dust doesn’t end up being released into the air, thus protecting the persons on the premises. Crystallizing agents can also be used. This method can be carried out on calcium-based floors, which include marble. Here, a gloss is created on the surface as a result of the reaction between the product used and the structure itself. As such, the gloss becomes a part of the marble itself. Here, our crew can employ crystallization liquids such as Faber CristalFab. The application is carried out through the quick spray buffing technique for small areas, or the CristalFab White Pad, which is used with the polishing machines.

Tough and Durable Diamond Pads For Grinding And Polishing

For the mechanical polishing, heavy duty machinery is employed. These in turn are fitted with tough KGS Diamond pads, such as those from the KGS Telum® line, which are designed for the grinding and polishing task. They come in different colours and diameters, selected based on the machine being used. The grits range from 60 to 3000, capable of the rough grinding to the latter buffing stages that set an ultra-smooth surface. The Flexis® line is used for wet polishing marble, and the discs here also range from 60-3000 grit levels. In fact, with the Flexis® pad system, it’s a chemical-free process, and only water is needed for the polishing task.

Budget-friendly marble polishing services

You can get your marble installations restored to their elegant state without breaking the bank. Our services have been affordably priced. By using highly effective systems and processes, we get to cut down on operations costs without compromising on the expected quality of results. Coupled with the enhanced durability of the treated surface, you are able to cut down on costs that would have been incurred making extensive repairs or even replacements.

Marble Restoration Done Professionally

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