Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing

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Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing

Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing


A pharmacy is a place where a clean and polished floor is essential. Cracks on the sealer or very dirty grout lines can be the perfect place for harmful bacteria to accumulate and thrive. Pharmacies and medical centers are obliged by law to maintain a very high level of cleanliness therefore a clean, bacteria free floor is a must. Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the leading floor cleaning companies in Dublin. We deal with hundreds of private pharmacies and also a number of pharmacy chains. We provide a wide range of cleaning services to suit all pockets and all requirements. So what can we do for you?


Depending on what type of floor you have, we can recommend the most suitable and the most cost effective floor cleaning solution. While all floors have to be washed regularly, not all floors have to be buffed or sealed. But a quick assessment will be enough for Floor Cleaning Dublin to make a full plan to restore your floors.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Types Of Floors


Right now the most common type of floor fitted in most pharmacies is amtico flooring and altro flooring. These are the most popular. But many pharmacies have different types of floors like marmoleum floors, some have laminate floors, some have lino or old vinyl tiles, some have ceramic floors, others might have porcelain floors or they might have a combination of floors from the ones listed above. There is not a single cleaning system that works on all of them or a single cleaning product. But Floor Cleaning Dublin have the right technology and employ highly experienced floor cleaning specialists to be able to deal with any type of floor in any condition. Just book a free no obligation consultation and we will restore your floors to a like new condition.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Amtico Floor Cleaning


Amtico floors are a type of plastic floors that imitate other types of floors. You can have amtico floors looking like wood floors, or imitating marble floors, tile floors, lino floors, etc. In many cases our customer could be pretty sure that their amtico floor is wood floor, only to find out that it is in fact an amtico floor. Amtico floors are very durable, very beautiful and very easy to maintain. All amtico floors require regular sealing and polishing. Our company will strip off all pre-existing sealers, we will prime the floor and then we will apply 3 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic. This heavy duty floor polish will provide outstanding protection for up to 2 years. By sealing the amtico floor you will be making sure that the floor cannot absorb dirt and that the pharmacy floor is safe to use. Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the most well established amtico floor polishing companies in Ireland. We have been deep cleaning & polishing amtico floors since 2007.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Laminate Flooring


A large number of pharmacies have laminate floors. These floors are cheap to install and pretty cheap to maintain. A laminate floor does not really need to be polished if it is used for a domestic purpose, but when the laminate floor is used in a pharmacy, the floor surface has to be fully sealed and regularly disinfected. To facilitate easy cleaning and low bacteria levels, you should hire Floor Cleaning Dublin to deep clean your floors with some of the most effective floor disinfectants and then have the laminate floor sealed with a non glazing water based sealer that prevents the dirt from staining the floor and also to facilitate easy cleaning. Floor Cleaning Dublin has completed thousands of laminate floor cleaning & laminate floor polishing projects over the years. We know how to do it and we know how to enhance the look of your pharmacy. Book a free no obligation estimate.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Ceramic Floor Cleaning


The old ceramic floor tiles are still as popular as ever. Ceramic tiles are cheap, available in a wide range of colors & shapes and are very durable. But a ceramic tile neglected can be a great home to a number of harmful bacteria and viruses. Floor Cleaning Dublin will deep clean your ceramic tile with heavy duty alkaline cleaners, we will clean the grout lines and we will seal the ceramic floor with impregnators from Faber. Our amazing products will penetrate the ceramic tile in full without glazing it. The sealer will stop stains from building up and will facilitate easy cleaning. Faber Greslux Sealer is a solvent based sealer that will finish the ceramic floor in a matt finish. Within a couple of minutes you will notice that the liquids stay on the top of the floor and are unable to stain the surface. Outstanding quality sealers guaranteed by Faber Italy. Book a free no obligation estimate today and have your floor deep cleaned and restored by Floor Cleaning Dublin.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Porcelain Floor Cleaning


Porcelain floors are also popular with a number of pharmacies around Ireland. There are two types of porcelain floors, glossy ones and matt ones. Our company has the right technology and the right sealers to deep clean and apply protective sealers over all types of porcelain surfaces. If your porcelain floor is matt, then it can be deep cleaned nicely with the amazing Faber 30 and then sealed with the Faber Greslux. If your porcelain floor is highly polished but dull in specific areas, we can deep clean it with the amazing Faber 30 and then rebuild the lost gloss with Faber Start Shine Easy or Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream. All types of porcelain floors can be restored without any problems. Just email us a picture and the size of the area and we will be able to provide you with a free no obligation estimate. We use only high quality porcelain floor cleaning products and porcelain restoration creams.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Wood Floor Cleaning


Even if wooden floors are not that popular with the pharmacies, some pharmacies do have wooden floors. While a wooden floor could require a bit more care and maintenance than other types of hard floors, the feeling that wooden floors create is unequalled. There are two types of wooden floor sealers that can be used on commercial traffic: wooden floors, floor lacquers and floor oils. Both types of sealers can look pretty similar but they do require a different level of cleaning and totally different cleaning products. Floor Cleaning Dublin can really help you restore your beloved wooden floors to a like new condition. Your wooden floor will be deep cleaned with heavy duty degreasers and alkaline wood floor cleaners to remove impregnated dirt, all kinds of residue, food stains, oil stains & soil. Then the floor will be dried out with special fans and the surface will be sealed. If your pharmacy wooden floor was sealed with a floor oil, we will be using special refreshers and maintenance oils from Carver to rebuild the sealer but if the floor was sealed with a water based or a solvent based floor lacquer, then we will be using water based sealers from Cleanfast, Carver, Bona or Tover. Your wooden floors are in good hands with Floor Cleaning Dublin.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing | Marmoleum Floor Cleaning


Marmoleum floors are the new eco friendly floors similar to lino & vinyl. Marmoleum floors are manufactured from natural components and are highly recommended by the EU. But marmoleum floors require a lot of cleaning and polishing to stay in good shape and to last for long periods of time. Think of the marmoleum as a base for a floor. That base has to be sealed with 3 coats of commercial strength water based floor polish. All the traffic will happen on the polish itself while the floor will be left untouched. From time to time the water based floor polish has to be removed with special strippers and a new protective coat has to be applied. If you respect the correct cleaning and maintenance and if you strip the sealants once every 2-3 years, then you will have beautiful marmoleum floors for long periods of time. Now this is what Floor Cleaning Dublin excels at. Our team of highly specialized marmoleum floor cleaners & marmoleum floor polishers will restore your marmoleum floors to a like new condition. We are happy to deal with unexpected issues and we will always find a solution. Our water based marmoleum floor sealers are Irish manufactured and will protect your floor against commercial traffic, chemical spills, high traffic & other types of damage. Book a free no obligation estimate and have your marmoleum floors deep cleaned and polished by the masters of marmoleum floor cleaning & polishing in Ireland.


Do not just hire anyone to deal with your pharmacy floor cleaning project. After all, the image of your business is at risk. Book a trustworthy local floor cleaning company that has over 15 years experience and hundreds of great reviews. We will not cut corners and we will use some of the most innovative floor cleaning & floor polishing methods available. Floor Cleaning Dublin can create specific packages to include floor washing, tile & grout cleaning, stain removal and all kinds of floor polishing projects. Our prices are fair and our work quality is guaranteed to impress even the most demanding customer.


Pharmacy Floor Cleaning | Pharmacy Floor Polishing

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