School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing

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School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing

School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing


A clean and shiny floor in a school will make a good impression on parents, increasing their confidence that the school is well managed and properly maintained. A well maintained floor will actually save money and it will increase the periods between recoating or refinishing. While the regular cleaners can clean and maintain the floor on a daily basis, from time to time, the school floors will require a specialist touch up and some sealant refreshing. For this kind of heavy duty tile & grout cleaning, floor cleaning, floor polishing & floor restoration services, please call Floor Cleaning Dublin. We are your local floor cleaning company and we are happy to provide a free no obligation estimate based on your requirements.


School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing | Types Of Floors


All new schools are fitted with marmoleum floors in classrooms and altro (safety) floors in the halls & bathrooms. The older schools will have any type of floor you can imagine but there are a number of floors that are very popular like:


Lino & Vinyl Floors

Parquet Floors

Hardwood Floors

Terrazzo Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Terracotta Floors

Ceramic Tiles Floors

Porcelain Floors

Laminate Floors

Carpeted Floors

Resin Based Floors


It all depends on how old the school is and when it was built. While some school floors are straight forward floors and can easily be cleaned without complicated technologies or expensive sealers, others are quite the opposite and special care and maintenance is required. Regardless of what type of floors we are talking about, Floor Cleaning Dublin can restore them amazingly.


School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing | Types Of Cleaning


Not all floors require the same level of cleaning so the prices can vary vastly. While some floors are maintained properly and buffed regularly, others are totally ignored and neglected. It is for this reason that Floor Cleaning Dublin has created special packages and deals to fit all pockets and all requirements:


  1. Light Floor Cleaning – If the floor is in a decent shape but a bit patchy and dull in parts, then we can quote you for a light floor cleaning service. A light floor cleaning service will include the whole floor top to bottom, washed with special heavy duty floor cleaning products and scrubbed well with heavy duty floor scrubbers. The waste will be extracted with wet vacs and the floor will be finished with a high speed floor burnisher to increase sheen and make the surface stain resistant. This basic floor cleaning job is suitable for light to medium dirty floors that do not require sealing.

  2. Medium Duty Floor Cleaning – If the floor is in medium to bad condition and it requires heavy duty cleaning, degreasing & sealant removal, then we can present our customers with our special package for medium duty floor cleaning services. Using floor strippers and acidic floor cleaners we will remove old sealers, waxes and deep impregnated dirt from all types of floors. The original floor will be exposed. The condition of the base floor will decide if there is a need to re-seal the floor or if the floor is better off without a sealer. We won’t be able to decide that until we can inspect the floor without residue on it.

  3. Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning & Polishing – This is our main comprehensive cleaning package that will involve deep cleaning of the whole floors, tile & grout cleaning, priming and then re-sealing with solvent or water based floor sealers (depending from surface to surface). This type of cleaning is also called full restoration service. It can apply to all plastic floors, natural stone floors, ceramic floors & wood floors. Regardless of what type of floor cleaning service you are after, we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate on the spot before the work commences.

*** In special cases we also provide training on maintenance and daily floor cleaning to make sure that the surface is cleaned & maintained correctly after it has been professionally cleaned and restored***


School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing | Floor Cleaning & Polishing


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Terrazzo Floor Polishing | Many old schools have terrazzo floors in the halls & bathrooms. Terrazzo floors are a combination of marble pebbles and concrete. The concrete can be white, red, brown, yellow or a kind of dark pink. Terrazzo floors are very expensive, very durable and, if they are maintained and polished properly, very beautiful. The maintenance for a terrazzo floor is not very complicated and it is nearly impossible to damage a terrazzo floor. While dirty, it can look dull and patchy, but after a deep clean and a polishing, it looks amazing. So what is involved in terrazzo floor cleaning & polishing?


We will start the cleaning process by using a combination of acidic and alkaline floor cleaners from Faber. These heavy duty floor cleaners will soften up the dirt and help exfoliate the dirt & grime. Next, a good scrub with our heavy duty floor scrubbers. After the floor is deep cleaned and degreased, the condition of it can be properly assessed. Deep scratches and rough patches will be levelled up with heavy duty Diamond Pads from Diafill. The surface can be chemically sealed or it can be polished with marble polishing powder from Faber. Nothing provides better results than the amazing Faber A3 Yellow Powders. The floor will look glossy, healthy and fully sealed. It can also be sealed with a number of water based or solvent based impregnators. It all depends on traffic and what type of cleaning system is used to maintain the terrazzo floor. We can make your terrazzo floor glossy, semi gloss or matt. All our sealers and impregnators comply with all EU anti-slip regulations.


Tile & Grout Cleaning | Tile Polishing | The school bathrooms, changing areas, shower areas & the swimming pool areas are likely to be tiled. All that traffic, all that daily use, all the minerals & salts from water, all those harsh cleaning products etc. will deposit on the grout of the tile and on the tile itself. The end result will be a patchy looking tile floor and really black grout lines. It is not the end of the world but the floor has to be deep cleaned and sealed fast. Our amazing Cleanfast Super Bowl Cleaner & Descaler is just the right product for this kind of challenging project. A  highly effective descaler that will remove impregnated dirt, body fats, urine, sales & food residue from artificial tiles. The product will not affect the tile in any negative way. After the floor is cleaned and descaled, we will prepare for sealing it. Floor Cleaning Dublin uses one of the most advanced and most durable solvent based impregnators from Faber. The amazing Faber Greslux will be used to seal all the pores on the tile and the grout to prevent water and dirt absorption. The sealer is 100% matt and it will not glaze. The floor will look 100% unchanged but it will not get wet again. Special stains and patches can also be sorted with one of our professional stain removers from Faber.


Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Marmoleum Floor Polishing | Marmoleum is by far the most common type of school floor. This type of floor is one of the most eco-friendly types ever invented. Marmoleum floors are available in a wide range of colors & shapes, it is similar to lino & vinyl and if maintained right, it will last for very long periods of time. All marmoleum floors are already sealed, but the level of traffic that a school classroom can receive is way too much for that original sealer. This is why most schools hire professional floor cleaning companies like Floor Cleaning Dublin to apply a number of coats of high traffic floor polish to protect the floor. We can help you out with new marmoleum floor sealing & old marmoleum re-sealing and polishing.



New Marmoleum Floors | While new marmoleum floors are installed ready sealed and ready for traffic, a bit of extra protection is required to avoid deep scratches and staining. Pupils are likely to cause a lot of markings on the floor by moving the chairs a lot, moving benches and spilling liquids on the floor. 2 or 3 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic will sort out the problem. The polish will glaze the top of the floor and it will protect the floor against a wide range of potential damage. Sealing the floor before it gets heavy duty traffic can be one of the smartest ideas you ever had. In many cases, the floor gets badly damaged within a few days after it was installed and then it is very expensive to restore it. We can make your marmoleum floor as glossy or as matt as you prefer. A good floor maintainer should be used on a daily basis to repair small scratches and imperfections on the floor. Once per week or even more often if possible, you should have your marmoleum floors buffed with a high speed burnisher and a red or white pad.


Old Marmoleum Floors | After about a year of use and daily traffic, your marmoleum floor might not be the same. But that is nothing to worry about. If the floor was sealed before it was exposed to heavy duty traffic, then the only damage done is to the sealer. Floor Cleaning Dublin will use a heavy duty floor stripper (Cleanfast Floor Stripper) to remove the old coat of water based floor polish and with it, all the dirt and residue from the floor. Then the original floor will be exposed and it can be re-sealed again. A deep penetrating primer will be used to repair scratches and imperfections and then 3 coats of high traffic water based floor polish will be applied. The floor should be ready for traffic within a few hours. Remember to buff your floors regularly with a high speed floor buffer. By doing so, you will repair imperfections on the floor itself and you will restore the sheen. Wash the marmoleum floor with a maintainer (Cleanfast Multi-Shine) and then buff the floor. The maintainer contains low levels of floor polish. So when you wash the floor, the polish fills up the scratches and imperfections on the floor sealers. The red burnishing pad heats the floor and it helps bond the maintainer with the original sealer. Pretty much the same principle as filing up scratches in a wall and then sanding it up to get rid of imperfections.


Parquet Floors | School Floor Cleaning


While parquet floors are not really that popular any longer, many schools still have parquet floors. Especially old Georgian buildings or buildings from the 40s-50s. A parquet floor is for life. It looks great, it is durable, it insulates the floor and it makes the place look cozy. Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the very few specialists in deep cleaning, sealing & refurbishing parquet floors. So what can we do for you?


Most schools do not have the finances to buy proper wood floor cleaners. So they are very likely to use a large kentucky mop and some kind of heavy duty floor cleaner and disinfectant. While this product might work well on the dirt, it kills the parquet floor. We will assess your parquet floor and we will recommend the most cost effective way of restoring it. In some cases we have to recommend sanding.


Floor Cleaning Dublin will be using a blend of heavy duty alkaline wood floor cleaners to safely remove marks, grime, body fats, food residue, etc. The bare wood will be exposed and then a decision can be taken about the top coat. The parquet floor can be sealed with a high traffic water based floor polish or we can recoat it with a high traffic floor lacquer. It all depends on the condition of the wood itself and on the budget as well. But in 99% of the cases, we can restore a parquet floor to its original condition. Our high traffic floor polishes will guarantee full protection for up to 24 months assuming that the right care and maintenance is respected.


School Floor Cleaning | Lino & Vinyl Floors


Even if the old lino and vinyl floors were replaced by the new marmoleum floors, many schools all over the country still have these kinds of floors. In fairness, the old lino and vinyl floors were very well made, very durable and very easy to maintain. The only issue was the way these floors were manufactured and the pollution generated in the process of manufacturing it. Floor Cleaning Dublin is the master of lino floor polishing and vinyl floor polishing. We can restore it to a like new condition regardless of the actual condition of it.


Lino and vinyl floors are really heavy duty floors that can withstand a lot of use and abuse. The first operation is the removal of all pre-existing sealers and polishes. We will be using heavy duty floor strippers and very alkaline floor cleaners. Beneath all that floor polish we will find the original floor. Lino flooring and vinyl floors really change after 2-3 coats of floor polish. We will apply 3 coats of commercial strength water based floor polish that will provide years of protection. The main issue with lino floors and vinyl floors is the maintenance. People just don’t maintain it properly and it kills the sheen. A polished lino or vinyl floor that gets washed regularly with a proper floor maintainer and gets burnished with high speed floor buffers at least once per week, will not require re-polishing for at least 5 years.


School Floor Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning


Carpet is the cheapest way of covering a floor. It is installed fast, it is cheap and it looks great. But a carpeted floor is like a sponge. It absorbs dust, hair, food, spills, etc. Everything gets stuck in the fiber of the carpet and it changes the look of the floor. It is highly recommended that all carpeted floors are professionally deep cleaned at least once per year and that it is vacuumed daily with a powerful vacuum cleaner. But whatever you do, after a few months of having thousands of kids using the same carpet, the carpet will look dirty and it will be stained. No need to worry. Floor Cleaning Dublin also provides professional carpet cleaning services and stain removal. So what can we do for you?


We can provide you with a free no obligation estimate for school carpet cleaning, odour neutralizing, disinfection and protectors. We will use heavy duty hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems from Prochem and highly effective eco carpet cleaning shampoos and carpet stain removers from Cleanfast & Craftex. We will inject high pressure hot water mixed up with the shampoo inside the fiber of your carpet. We will use powerful scrubbers to agitate the surface and then we will use heavy duty industrial wands to extract the liquid. Spectacular results guaranteed. Your school carpets will be clean, fresh, disinfected and deodorized.  We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates for school carpet cleaning services.


School Floor Cleaning | Terracotta Floor Cleaning & Polishing


A terracotta floor adds elegance to any building. It creates that unique feeling of cosiness and classic beauty. Terracotta floors are also very durable and very easy to maintain if they are sealed with proper sealers and impregnators. Due to their highly absorbent surface, a terracotta floor cannot be left unsealed. Left unsealed it will absorb all kinds of liquids and residue. But the good thing about terracotta floors is the fact that it can always be restored. Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the most popular terracotta floor cleaning and terracotta floor polishing in Ireland. We understand terracotta floors, we have the right cleaning products and we have the right experience to be able to restore any type of terracotta floor in any condition. If your school has terracotta floors, we can restore it for you. We are using the worlf famous FABER AS 930 Terracotta Sealer as our main sealer.


Terracotta floors are available in all sizes and all shades of red, orange and sometimes black as well. Some are more absorbent than others, some are much more compact than others and some are pretty challenging to strip and seal. But Floor Cleaning Dublin uses some of the most advanced floor cleaning technology available and premium quality impregnators from Faber. We will deep clean the surface, we will deep clean the grout, we will remove patches and imperfections and then we will seal it. We can make it as glossy or as matt as you want it to be. We recommend impregnators for terracotta floors. An impregnator will penetrate the surface without glazing it. By doing so, it can’t be scratched. The floor retains its unique looks and it will last much longer than if it was sealed with a glazing agent. Terracotta floor cleaning and terracotta floor sealing is not cheap at all but the results are amazing. Book a free no obligation estimate today. Have your terracotta floor sealed and restored by Floor Cleaning Dublin.


School Floor Cleaning | Ceramic Tiles


The ceramic tiles are a highly popular choice for the corridors, bathrooms & changing rooms. They are cheap, durable and very easy to maintain. But from time to time some residue will build on the surface of the tile and on the grout lines. We can restore your ceramic floors to a like new condition. We will deep clean the ceramic tile floor with Faber 30 or Faber DECEPRA to descale it, degrease it and to remove deep impregnated stains. While cleaning the top of the tile we will also scrub the grout lines. Then there are two options, you can leave the ceramic tiles the way they are or you can ask us to seal the surface with heavy duty solvent impregnators that penetrate the floor in full and waterproof the surface. A sealed ceramic tile will absorb less stains and will be much easier to clean and maintain. Do not put up with dirty ceramic tiles. Book Floor Cleaning Dublin right now and let us restore your floors.


There are a number of professional floor cleaners out there looking for floor cleaning projects. But none provide the same level of care and the same quality results as Floor Cleaning Dublin. Book a floor cleaning package to include a number of floor cleaning projects & save up to 30%. Deal with a fully insured floor cleaning company capable of contracting small, medium & large floor cleaning projects.


School Floor Cleaning | School Floor Polishing

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