Surface Maintenance With Faber Aqua Stop

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Surface Maintenance With Faber Aqua Stop

Surface Maintenance With Faber Aqua Stop

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Natural stone installations – together with their blends and agglomerates, are popular for the elegance they bring to the areas in which they are set up. Worktops, walls and floors in indoor environments, to sculptures, fountains and other outdoor applications, their appeal is undeniable. While they are stylish and durable materials, there is one drawback that their owners end up facing: high absorbency levels that trigger water damage. These structures readily soak up water, whether it is from accidental spills or from their environment, such as through rising damp. This puts the installations at risk of water damage, which can lead to rapid deterioration of the material, calling for expensive repairs or replacements to be done. Formulations like the Faber Aqua Stop come in to provide protection from these threats. 

Water damage is not to be trifled with, especially when it comes to porous stone installations. It can easily turn the living or working premises into a nightmare, while putting the health of those in the premises at risk. Take rising tamp for instance. It is caused when the floors and walls of the building absorb moisture from the surroundings. It makes them damp, hence the name. This gives mould and mildew the ideal environment to grow, triggering cases of allergic reactions and releasing mycotoxins into the indoor space, which lead to a myriad of health problems. The rising damp also causes the bricks and plastering of the building to rot, which destroys their appearance. Treating the structures in your establishment with the Faber Aqua Stop to stop such issues from occurring will enable you to avoid the problems that would have resulted.

  • Water resistance

The Faber Aqua Stop is a solvent-based product that delivers superior water-repellent properties to the surface being treated. It blocks the absorption of water into the structure, keeping off issues like rising damp and the troubles it brings. This protects the installation from issues like efflorescence, surface spalling, as well as the growth of mould, algae and moss. Efflorescence is that white, chalky substance that appears on the stone surface. It’s caused by salts being carried up the structure by rising moisture, and once this moisture evaporates, it leaves behind crystalline deposits. This is particularly notorious for ruining the beauty of the stone structure, and is one of the main kinds of water damage that absorbent stone installations face. This makes the Faber Aqua Stop a key asset in the long-term maintenance of these structures. 

In order to enhance the effectiveness of stain-proofing treatments, the Faber Aqua Stop can be used as a primer when such formulations are used. Remember to allow it to dry and cure before adding the layers of the stain-proofing product. This gives you the double-combo effect of warding off liquids from being soaked into the material, and avoiding causing unsightly stains that would have been frustrating to remove. 

Due to the high performance of the formulation in resisting water, it is a core feature during grouting and washing processes when dealing with absorbent materials like cotto. Here, it cuts down the amount of water that winds up in the material, and also stops the grout from staining the surface being worked on. 

  • Dirt resistance

Dirt remains to be a threat to any surface. By accumulating on the different sections of the establishment on a daily basis, if adequate preventive measures are not put in place, it can rapidly deteriorate the beauty and structural integrity of the affected installations. Working with agents like the Faber Aqua Stop enable you to keep the worktops, floors and other areas in the premises in optimal condition for longer. An additional attribute that the formulation has is limiting the “dirt-trapping” ability of the treated surface. Basically, it applying the Faber Aqua Stop onto absorbent surfaces increases the dirt resistance, preventing the substances that wind up on the surface from being embedded within the structure. This contributes to prolonging the life of the installation, since dirt and grime are some of the leading causes of wear. Moreover, it reduces the amount of time and resources that go into the day-to-day cleaning processes. 

  • High penetration properties 

Being an impregnating agent, the Faber Aqua Stop gets deep into the material, to form strong bonds with the structure. It achieves this effect without changing the original appearance or breathability of the treated surface. The product also doesn’t form a film on the surface. That way, you get to provide the required protection without altering the properties of the installation being worked on. 

Speaking of maintaining appearances, the Faber Aqua Stop treatment does not yellow over time even though it is a solvent-based agent. As such, you can ensure the charm and appeal of the treated surface are retained, unlike the case of the competing products out in the market. This formulation is also resistant to UV radiation. 

The Faber Aqua Stop can be used on numerous kinds of absorbent materials, from the natural stones like marble and its agglomerates, to the likes of slate, sandstone, and even concrete. It’s recommended that you test out the product on a hidden spot before using it on the rest of the surface, in order to confirm that it is compatible with your particular installation. 

To use the product, work with tools like brushes or rollers to apply a layer of the Faber Aqua Stop onto the target surface. This layer should be thick and even. Redistributing sections with build-up if necessary. The equipment used for the application can be cleaned with white spirit. Due to the high penetration properties of the product, and the fact that it is being used on absorbent surfaces, it will quickly penetrate into the surface and dry. In fact, within about an hour, the product will have dried – though you should wait for 4-6 hours before allowing foot traffic back onto the area if you’ve used it on floors. For the subsequent maintenance of the treated surface, use cleaning products that match the particular characteristics of your surfaces. Faber has provided solutions like the Natural Cleaner or Floor Clear for this.

Surface Maintenance With Faber Aqua Stop

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