Faber Marble & Granite Protector Review 

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Faber Marble & Granite Protector Review 

Faber Marble & Granite Protector Review 

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How do you keep stains from forming on porous and naturally absorbent stone installations? The Faber Marble & Granite Protector brings its hydro-oleo phobic properties on board to prevent spills from being readily absorbed by the stone structure. This basically means that the formulation has water- and oil-resistant attributes that stop the beverages, wines, ink, cooking oil, greasy residue and the like from soaking into the treated surface. That you get to avoid issues like water damage, oily residue that stubbornly clings to the installation, all through to the stains that would have set deep into the material. Whenever there is a staining agent that gets accidentally spilled on the surface, it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. 

Grouting operations on natural stone also get to benefit from the Faber Marble & Granite Protector. It can be used as a pre-grouting treatment, where it limits the water absorption during the grouting and washing process. These operations typically involve lots of water, so having the surface treated with the formulation before commencing the task goes a long way in protecting the installation from water damage. 

Sets a natural finish

Here you have a formulation that is technically “invisible”. The impregnating agent penetrates into the treated surface, and does not change the colour or tone of the installation. In addition, the Faber Marble & Granite Protector does not set any film on the surface. The treatment preserves the breathability of the natural stone surface that has been worked on. For those substances that are particularly sensitive to colour changes after absorption, this formulation may slightly enhance the colour and aesthetic attributes of the installation.

While it is a solvent-based product, it does not yellow over time. This is usually one of the concerns when dealing with these kinds of treatments, where a yellow hue gradually forms, altering the aesthetics of the treated surface. This will not be the case with the Faber Marble & Granite Protector. 

Easier maintenance

The Faber Marble & Granite Protector treatment takes the load off the routine care processes. Firstly, with the water and oil repellents keeping these contaminants from bonding with the structure, clearing spills on the surface becomes a breeze. Secondly, the formulation also protects the treated surface from dirt build-ups. It does this by limiting the amount of grime that can be trapped in the material, translating into a quicker clean-up of the everyday dirt. 

Ordinary maintenance for surfaces that have been treated with the Faber Marble & Granite Protector can be carried out with suitable products from the same brand. Here the focus will be on the compatibility of the cleaning agent with the particular surface being worked on. You don’t want a case of using solutions like vinegar, lemon-based DIY solutions or ammonia-based solutions, which can wreak havoc on your natural stone surfaces. Faber has provided formulations such as the Neutral Cleaner and the Floor Cleaner, that provide the desired cleaning action without putting the structural integrity of the installation at risk. The choice of product that you go with here will depend on the particular characteristics of the material to be worked on. 

Formulated for natural stone

Installations like marble and limestone are particularly sensitive to the kinds of products that can be used on them. They also still have a porous structure, making them susceptible to staining, since they will quickly soak up liquid agents that wind up on them. The Faber Marble & Granite Protector comes in to protect them, for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It actually features a high resistance to UV radiation and bad weather. Like you can tell from the name, the treatment is suitable for marble and granite, and you can also use it on limestone, sandstone, travertine and blends such as quartzite, all through to agglomerates like marble-cement, quartz-resin, and marble-resin materials. 

The Faber Marble & Granite Protector is certified to be food safe. This makes it a handy asset for protecting areas like kitchen countertops, where plenty of food preparation activities take place. These surfaces frequently come under the threat of staining, and need to be protected. On the other hand, you want to work with a formulation that does not jeopardise the integrity of the meals being prepared. You won’t have to worry about that with the Faber Marble & Granite Protector, since it is safe for use on the food-contact surfaces. 

The product is fast and easy to apply. Simply spread a thick and uniform layer of the formulation onto the target surface and allow it to dry. The treatment will have fried within 1 hour, a feat that is contributed to by the high penetration of the stain-proofing agent into the surface. Here are some tips to enhance the quality of results that you obtain:

  • Before treating the surface with the formulation, carefully clean it and allow it to dry. 
  • 10 minutes after spreading the layer of the Faber Marble & Granite Protector onto the surface, inspect it to check for areas with excess product build-up. Redistribute the product in these sections, continuing to do this through the drying process.
  • Highly absorbent surfaces will need a second coat to be applied. This is done 1 hour after the first coat. 
  • For those cases where a water-repellent primer has been applied, allow this to cure before adding the stain-proofing impregnator to the surface. 

Note that the Faber Marble & Granite Protector should not be mixed with other chemicals. Also, while the surface will have dried 1 hour after the application has been made, don’t allow foot traffic onto the area for at least 4-6 hours.

This product has a 10-15m² per litre coverage rate, with the particular rate for your situation being dependent on how absorbent the surface is. This wide coverage rate, in addition to the pocket-friendly pricing of the 1L bottles and 5L cans that the product is available in, makes it an economical stain-proofing treatment. Moreover, you get to make savings in future as a result of the easier maintenance measures during the routine cleaning, since fewer resources end up being used. 

Faber Marble & Granite Protector Review 

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